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I walked down the hallway, head down and clutching my books to my chest like always.

At this school I was invisible, I was a ghost that lurks the halls ever so quietly, I was at the bottom of the social food chain, I, Bella Swan was a nobody.

I have attended Forks primary since my first day at school, the first few years were fantastic but time flew past and girls learnt to become bitchy and guys became playboys and out of all this sprouted the 'popular' clique and their job was simple, to make losers lives miserable, my life being the main attraction.

Boys thought I was ugly and girls thought I was too weird to hang with them so here I am, the weird nerdy chick at your service. My short fuzzy brown hair bobbed up and down as I walked down the hall to my next class. I tried my hardest to ignore the name calling and kept my head down. I knew better than to make eye contact, lower class people like me did not have the privilege to look at those in higher class.

I had told my mother that getting braces and glasses was practically committing myself to social suicide even though I was a nobody already. It made everything a lot worse, more names to call me.

I rounded the corner only to crash into the worst of them all, Edward Cullen.

"Watch where you're going four eyes!" he yelled and walked past me not bothering to help me up and casually strolled away like nothing happened giving winks to the school ho Tanya.

I sighed and got up, something would never change. I hated Edward Cullen; he picked on me the most out of everyone. I suppose he enjoys my pain, to see me cry would proberly brighten up his day.

Who knows how their minds work, at least I know I've got one.

I shuffled down the hall once again but this time watching where I was going to make sure there weren't any moreā€¦ technicalities.

I entered the biology classroom and sat down, oh crap I had to sit next to Edward in this class. He complained a lot when we were first seated together, but it seems hardly fair on blaming him, I complained too.

I went and sat down in my spot waiting for my stupid Lab partner to come to class, maybe I would be lucky and he would wag but that was way too optimistic.

I slumped into my chair as he entered the classroom, school bag slug over his shoulder, books in his hand.

"Sorry I'm late" he said addressing no one in particular.

And before you ask he didn't say it to me at all, all I got when he came over was a glare. I could still tell that he didn't like this seat arrangement. I slumped lower trying to blend into the chair. Sometimes I wish I was actually invisible, and then I wouldn't have to put up with the shit I get now. Class whizzed past in no time it was over, all we did was read but Edward did call me a few names in between a few monologues.

He was all too eager to leave the classroom, to get away from me.

I packed all my books up and dumped them into my locker on the way to the cafeteria.

I didn't feel like eating today so I just sat at my table by myself as usual and stared out the window at the rain pouring down outside.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't hear Tanya come up behind me and the next thing I know a slimy substance was just dumped on my head. I reached up to my hair and touched whatever it was, yoghurt.

I turned around to see Tanya standing there innocently with a small tub of Diet Strawberry yoghurt holding her hand over her mouth.

"Omg Frizz face, I'm so sorry, I thought you were the rubbish bin" she giggled, at least I knew she had no future in the acting career.

I mumbled something unintelligible and stomped out of the cafeteria followed by the echo's of laughter from everyone who saw the incident. I could feel tears threatening to spill over the edge as I ran to the bath room. Luckily for me the bathroom was completely deserted, I just stood in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection for who knows how long. The loud shrill of the bell brought me out of my thoughts before I quickly wiped out what I could from my hair and ran to my locker.

Luckily for me I had a beanie in there and last hour was just library so I could wear the hat.

Library went by quickly as well; I read my favorite book 'Wuthering heights' for the 600th time.

I walked slowly down the hall way just letting people pass, taking my time going now where in a hurry.

I put on some gloves and opened my umbrella as I walked into the rain towards the yellow tattered school bus.

I was almost there when I felt something shove into my back making me fall forward into a muddy puddle. I turned to find none other than the wonderful Edward Cullen.

"Thanks for the umbrella brace face" he teased as he snatched my umbrella and ran for the bus leaving me soaking wet in a dirty puddle. I sighed and pulled myself up just in time to see the bus drive off in the distance.

Thanks to Edward Cullen I had no umbrella and I had to walk home in the pouring rain.

The rain disguised the hot tears streaming down my face, what had I done to make them hate me so much.

My arms were numb and legs itchy when I finally reached home, I was completely drenched.

"Bella!" my dad yelled from the kitchen.

I turned to see suitcases at the bottom of the stairs. I dropped my school bag on the floor, "What's this?" I asked.

He ran out of the kitchen "Bella your mother has been in an accident and she wants us to go down there" he said in a quick breath.

I was outraged "Then what are we still doing here?!" I asked literally pushing him out the door.

"Bella wait, the suitcases" he pointed out.

I pushed him back inside only to push him back out again as soon as he had picked them up.

We were going to Phoenix.

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