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False Meanings


Days past in a fog.
I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't even think without Edward's face
haunting into my thoughts. It was just like in middle school…he tormented me constantly.
After everything we'd been through the past weeks, it didn't matter in the end. As soon as he found out who I really was, he bolted. Seriously, who does that without a second thought?
I had come to Forks with the intention of making Edward Cullen's life hell.
Instead, he ruined mine. And I was stupid enough to let it happen.
I sighed at stared at the rising sun. I really didn't want to go back to school today. I didn't want to face Edward. Especially after he just dumped me. Charlie was already gone, thankfully. Ever since he noticed the tiny scratches on my hands from where the glass had dug into my skin, he'd been particularly hovering.
Maybe he thought I was going to turn out suicidal or something. I sighed and massaged the red lines over my palms, then dropped my towel and went to find some clothes for the day.


They say love is overrated, and I didn't really understand what that meant until now. I felt so stupid. How could I just leave the most protected part of me-my heart-to a stranger who was out to seek revenge? Why wasn't I thinking? Alice and Rose were bickering about some shit outside my door. I hadn't spoken to them this whole weekend. They knew exactly who Bella was and what she was
after…and they didn't even bother to stop her. Some sisters I had.
I sighed and raked a hand through my messy hair before opening the door.
"…don't get what his problem is?" Rose snapped, cutting off when she saw
"Why don't you tell me?" I snarled, starting down the stairs.
"What an ass." Alice muttered.
I glanced up and flipped her the finger, "I can hear you, Alice."
"Whoops. My bad" she scoffed.
I glared at her and continued to the kitchen. Esme was cooking, as usual. She
looked at me with disproval, before returning to flipping the omelet.
"You're fucking against me too?" I asked incredulously, slamming my hand on the
She threw down the spatula and gave me her mom-glare, placing her hands on her hips.
"Don't you think that you should find out what her intentions were first? And then go acting like an immature brat?" she asked sternly.
"Fuck her." I muttered, slinging my bag over my shoulder and grabbing my keys.
"Edward, where are you going?" she called as I slipped out the door.
"Where the hell do you think? I'm going to bloody school" I yelled, storming
Alongside Alice and Rosalie, she was siding with Bella.
Thanks a lot mom. Thanks a fucking lot.

In my haze of anger, I didn't realize I'd arrived to school almost an hour
early. I slammed my head against the steering wheel and trudged into the
hallways. Staring into the empty space, I was hit with a burning memory.

I was back in middle school, walking with Tanya, laughing. A hunched over form
bumped into us, and sprawled to the ground. I looked down to see Bella hanging
her head in humiliation. I felt my lips curl up into a sneer while Tanya
cackled beside me.
"Walk much, fucktard?" I spat, kicking her book.
Her bottom lip quivered as she adjusted her glasses and reached for her
"Watch where you walk, next time. Or there will be trouble, Brace Face." I threatened,
wrapping my arm around Tanya and heading off.

I shook my head, trying to clear the memory from my mind. Was I really that
bad? A guy from the basketball team came up to me and clapped my back.
"You alright, Cullen?" he asked. "Yeah, just a headache, Dylan." I muttered, shrugging him off.
I trudged to the cafeteria and went up to the counter.
"Coffee, please. Small, black, one sugar." I sighed, raking a hand through my
"Sure thing, $2.50 please." she drawled, swiping my Amex.
"Rough night?" she asked casually, preparing the drink.
"And morning." I groaned, taking the coffee.
I thanked her and took a scalding sip, relishing in the hot liquid seeping down my throat. The burn provided a distraction from the hole in my chest. I slouched in one of the booths and stared at the filling parking lot. A few minutes passed, and then I saw her. She was getting out of her flashy car,
swinging her bag over her shoulder. She looked great today, as usual. Black skinny jeans that were so skin tight you could see every contour of her legs and ass, a red, low cut lacy top with a band logo across the chest, and a pair of beat up Converse on her feet. Her wavy mane of hair fell down her back casually.
Why was I thinking about her, again?
I finished up my coffee and glanced around. Students were entering the cafeteria to grab a quick breakfast. Noise filled the room.
Suddenly, a pair of chocolate brown orbs locked with my dull green ones.
The spark she usually had in her eyes was gone, replaced by a cold, hostile stare. Her gaze was fucking off and I could tell that behind the fake smile she plastered on, she was seething. She brushed past me, but I grabbed her arm. She tensed underneath my touch and turned her glorious head to stare at me.
"We need to talk." I said calmly as I could manage.
She wrenched her arm away, "Really? NOW you want to talk? Screw you." she spat
"What's that supposed to mean?" I growled, narrowing my eyes.
"Are you really that stupid?" she mocked.
My hands balled into fists. Stupid little-
"Fine. Go on and have your laugh. Fuck off." I grumbled.
"You give up so easily. For someone with so much energy to ruin my life, I'd think you'd have enough energy left for this." she snickered.
Then, she leant in right next to my ear. Tingles erupted all over my skin.
"Or are you just embarrassed that you, the great Edward Cullen, fell for Brace Face." Bella whispered coldly.
And with that, she swept out of the cafeteria, leaving me, and the idiots
who'd overheard us, in a daze.


Damn, Cullen is such an asshole. How could one person possibly have so much ego? And that
arrogance! It was mindboggling. He had to be crazy. There was no way he was
normal. I stomped grumpily through the school day, too annoyed to talk to anyone. They all stayed away from me, not wanting to test me. Unfortunately, some people
didn't understand that.
Tanya fucking-Denali. She'd been laughing at me all day, snickering with her little
Barbie friends.
"If you have something to say, bitch," I snarled at the end of the day, "Say it
to my fucking face!"
I slammed my locker, trying to scare her.
"So are you really Brace Face, freak?" she smirked, leaning against another locker.
"Seriously, name calling." I scoffed, "Is that the best you can do, Tanya?"
Her blue eyes narrowed into squinty slits, the whites hardly noticeable from all the makeup she wore.
"You may have changed your looks, but your still Brace Face and Four Eyes to
everyone…especially Edward." she drawled, "By the way, how much did the
plastic surgery cost?"
I rolled my eyes. Shouldn't I be asking her that?
"Tanya," I smiled sweetly, "You may have gotten a few implants and passed to
high school, but you're still a little immature whore, and you will always be."
"You bitc—" she snarled, but I cut her off.
"Also," I continued, "just to let you know. Unlike your body, my body is all
natural. You know…I've always wondered what that squeaking sound was when
you walked in the hallway. Now I realize it's your plastic boobs rubbing
I smirked at her outraged expression, and raised an eyebrow. "If you stay with your mouth open for longer, you'll attract flies. Poor things." I sighed.
"I'm not afraid of fucking flies." Tanya finally replied.
"No, I was talking about the flies. They'll get stuck in the massive amount of cheap sludge you slap on your face. Is that really makeup?" I giggled.
She didn't reply, just stared at me dumbly.
"Okay…so this conversation is over. See ya!" I said, spinning around and walking off, swaying my hips intentionally. Yeah, that's right bitch, stare.

I laughed when I saw her whispering to one of her friends, but accidentally
crashed into someone.
"Oh, I'm so sorry." I mumbled, looking up to be met by a pair of intense green
"It's you." I muttered sourly, "If you wanted to touch me, you could have just
His eyebrows knit together, and his mouth opened. Before he could speak, I leaned up close to him and grazed his earlobe with my
teeth, relishing in the small shiver he let out.
"See what you're missing out on…" I purred, biting his neck. I let go
suddenly and tossed him a little wink. Then I paraded myself out of the
building. Oh yeah, that asshole does not know who he's messing with.

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