It was midnight. Low, grey clouds drifted past the sinister moon lighting
the night sky. The location is Westchester, New York. It is here, in a
small town known as Salem Center, that she has been sent. She doesn't
know anyone here (at least, that's what she thinks), she just knows what
she has been sent to do. She has found the location of her target. Her
target lives here, inside a large, yet somewhat hidden mansion known as a
school for gifted youngsters. Though she has been trained not to care,
she fears for her target. She doesn't know if they have a family;
children that they will be leaving behind. She may be a trained assassin,
but she still has raw emotions. Lord knows she has experienced her load
of hardships over the years.

She swiftly darts over the gates of the estate without disrupting any
security systems that may be monitoring the grounds. Her black ninja
wraps make her almost invisible in the shadows. She has a notion that
this school has a high class security system, and she needs to be ready
for whatever may come. After all, she has heard a rumor that an outlaw
band of mutants occupy this place. She knows that if she is not careful
the Fantasic Four or the Avengers may find her on their property. The
last thing she needs is to be discovered. Being caught on a mission like
this could cost her her life, or worse.

She makes her way to the side of the building and molds herself to the
brick as if it were a second layer of skin. She begins to move, then
suddenly a noise! She stops breathing. The front door opens and what
appears to be a rugged, white male exits the house with a large cigar
between his lips. He reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls out a
lighter. She doesn't move, but her eyes are fixed on him. She sees his
serious eyes, worn face, and rugged facial hair as he lights his cigar.
He looks familiar, though definitly not a member of the Fantasic Four or
the Avengers. He stops. He holds his cigar tight in his hand and he
doesn't move. He twitches his nose like a beast trying to sniff out its
prey. Suddenly, he snaps his head to the right and looks directly where
she is hiding in the shadows. She swears that he is looking her dead in
the eyes, but he turns away. He puts out his cigar and returns inside the
mansion. Did he see her? Why didn't he make a move? Nevertheless, it
was time to move again. She was free and there was no one else outside
that she could sense.

She follows the wall around to the back of the house. Above her there is
a window. This is the window. She can be in and out in a matter of
seconds if all goes well. She uses one of the devices on her belt her
shoot a rope up the side of the house. It catches near the roof top. She
checks its stability and begins to climb. She scours the wall with an
ease that can only be accompished by a trained ninja. When she reaches
the window she wraps the rope around herself so that she won't fall. She
reaches to her belt ro retrieve lock picking devices. She works the
window lock without making a noise. The window is open. She enters.

She spys her target asleep in bed. The target is female, and no trace of
anyone else in the room. She reaches to her belt now to retrieve a
sarringe and a vile of liquid that is the cloak of death that will be used
to end this woman's life. She prepares the dose as she hovers over her
target. She watches the target for a moment. She can see her breath as
the sheets rise and fall. The target reminds her of herself in a way.
She takes in the piles of purple hair that drape across her target's
pillows and sheets. Most interesting about her target is a red tattoo
that goes across her left eye. Interesting.
Enough! It's time to finish the job. She moves in to puncture her
target's skin with the needle, but then she feels an extraordinary pain in
her head and falls to the floor in agony. Her target rises out of bed and
turns to her. The target's name is Elizabeth Braddock. She, too, is a
trained ninja assasssin (thanks to her unfortunate jaunts with Mandarin
and the Hand) and she knows every trick in the book.

"You are a clever little one aren't you? Thought I was asleep, luv?
You'll have to do better than that, I sensed your thoughts the minute you
began scaling the wall outside my window."

She grabs her assailant by the collar and pulls her closer. Her silky,
white night gown glistens in the moonlight.

"What are you, deaf?" She asks, "That little mental bolt didn't hurt you
too bad did it? Poor baby."

Her assailant does not respond with words to the crack that Betsy made.
Instead, she catches Betsy off guard by punching her square in the jaw.

"OW! You bloody little urchin!" she yells as her grip on the assassin

Her assailant backs away from her in battle ready position. Betsy holds
her jaw to numb the pain as she examines this girl before her. She can
now see her plainly in the moonlight. She is a girl in her mid-20's
(perhaps), she has long, black hair, and a build that...
Before Betsy can finish her thought the girl attacks. Luckily, for Betsy,
she has quick reflexes. She moves out the way and grabs the girl's arm,
pinning it to her back and pushing her against the bedside.

"What are tou doing here? Who sent you?" The girl remained silent as she
struggled with Betsy. "Tell me or I'll break your bloody arm off girl! I
am sick of playing games!"

The girl breaks free and hurls Betsy onto the bed. The girl pulls out a
knife and dives at Betsy, but Betsy rolls out of the way just in time.
She jumps on top of Betsy with knife in hand trying to puncture Betsy's
heart with it. There is a great deal of fear and determination in the
girl's eyes. Betsy kicks the girl onto the floor and the knife flies from
her grip. She crawls to get it but Betsy grabs her from behind. Betsy
jams her arm around the girl's neck, hoping to slow her. The girl elbows
Betsy in the stomach and grabs her knife. She lunges at Betsy and pierces
her shoulder. Betsy responds to this by crying out in pain like a wild
animal. The girl become more anxious. That yell was loud enough to wake
everyone in the house. If she was going to die anyways she might as well
get pleasure first by killing this horrible woman with the purple hair who
insists on fighting her. But as she thinks she is caught off guard.
Betsy is sick of playing games. She uses her mutant powers, what some
call a gift, to wield a blade made completely by her telekinetic
abilities. The girl draws a blade in response, though it is clear she is
a little thrown off by the glowing blade that this woman has created from
nothing. With a blink of an eye the combat begins. They move faster than
the human eye can respond to. The rooms looks like a blur of action. The
eye could catch the sight of a few limbs gliding by quickly, or the glow
of Betsy kinetic blade. Then the action stops. Betsy has sliced the
girls sword in half. The girl backs against the wall as she sees Betsy
inch towards her with the glow from the blade making the hate in her eyes
very apparent.

"How many times do I have to ask? I don't want to kill you, it's usually
not my style. But you've pissed me off. If someone wants me dead at
least they can give me the courtesy of telling me who they are. So again,
who sent you!!!??"

The ninja assassin says nothing. This fight is over. She reaches to her
belt to grab the only thing she has left, her kitana. She raises it high
in the air and beings to bring it down fast towards her heart.

"NO!" shouts Betsy as she reaches out her hand. Suddenly the blade stops
centimeters away from the girls flesh. She doesn't know that happened.
All she knows is that she can't move.

"Don't do it. I know that you would rather kill yourself than face your
employer, but that's not how we do things here. Now, surrender willingly
and you won't have to die. We can help you." The girl just gazes at
Betsy while trying not to pass out. The sounds off her heaving breath is
the only sound that fills the room. "Look, you've made a big mistake by
taking a job to kill an X-Man..." An X-Man? Her employer sent her to
kill an X-Man? No wonder this place was slightly familiar. "...but maybe
it isn't a mistake. Maybe we can help you get out of whatever deal you
have made. You can get your life back, you just have to give us some

"You better listen to her darlin'", says a voice at the door. It's the
man she saw on the porch. "It's for your own good."

Betsy turns back to the girl. "What is your name." There is no response.

"Her name is Elecktra," the man, also known as Wolverine of the X-Men.

"You know her, Logan?"

"We had a run in once. She won't respond. You know what to do."

Betsy nods. Before the girl regains her ability to move she sees another
glowing object form out of Betsy hand. Betsy reaches back and plunges the
psychic knife into Elecktra's head and she passes out.