The Last Chapter....

She didn't even really have to forgive Gleen not really. She understand it was an accident. That's one of the things that make her great.

Nancy:hey Gleen:how are you Nancy: Gleen you have you're gown on the wrong way around.
Gleen: Ah yeah the nurse told me it was supposed to go like this Nancy: oh they were lying to sit keep me company Gleen:hospitals suck huh Nancy yeah they truly truly suck Gleen: no wonder you didn't want to become a doctor I don't blame you Nancy: no wonder

She would be a great Doctor. She knows that but I guess she loves what she does.

Rabbit:hey are you standing me up I got a game to get to Nancy:Yeah I think I might be missing that Rabbit:maybe not (to gleen) can you work that thing me Gleen: for what?
Rabbit:now you young lady are about the the only thing that's stopping me from going completely insane so don't scare me like that no more Nancy: It's all about you isn't it.(rabbit whispers in her ear) lol lol ow ow it hurts do not make me laugh Tyler: we need help stat over inflated ego I don't think his sense of humor's going to make it

For such an awful day everything turned out 's going to be okay for a while anyway.

Tyler: Hey guys Booon: whats going on

I'm looking at them all Doctor's, Paramedics, Pilot's, Interns, all here for her. For Nancy.

Nancy:come on guy's I need some joy Tyler: how you doing yeah.
Marisa:what up players Group:hey lol ohhh hello right here

In the End it all seems to be alright. All of them sitting around a bed eating pizza listening to the game. It ended all right for once. Score one for the good guy's.

Okay that's it hoped you liked it.