Occupational Hazard

Summary: SG1 has a close encounter with a sniper offworld and one of them is wounded. Investigation leads to a shocking discovery. Now the SGC has to investigate both on and off-world before whoever's hunting them gets more than an unlucky shot. But what they'll find will both deeply disturb them, and pit them against an enemy they had never expected to face.

Categories: Missing Episode

Characters: Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Cameron Mitchell, Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, various other recurring characters

Spoilers: (as if it matters anymore) Spoilers for Season 9/10 of SG1

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Humor

Season: Takes place in Season 10

Warnings: Violence, Coarse Language, Constant teasing and the razor sharp edge of sarcasm.

Crossovers: VERY minor Atlantis Crossover. Unless you know Atlantis characters you'll miss it.

Challenges: This was a plot bunny I had over a year ago that I finally decided to write.

A/N:So thanks to "Sealurk" on gateworld, I've decided to write this. I'm taking a break from my "Dark Frontier" SGA series and dedicating the next little while to writing this :D

This is the first true SG1 Fic I'm taking a stab at (mostly I've done Atlantis stuff) but this is an idea that just kept nibbling at my brain so I HAD to get it on paper.

I'll be posting a new chapter every couple of days, so while it is WIP it's not a hugely long story. I expect to get the whole thing done relatively quickly since I'm dedicating my writing time to it.

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"Well folks, 'fraid this looks like just another lush forest the ancients seemed to love…" Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell made no attempt to hide his disappointment and looked to each of his team members. "…With no ruins we can hang out in…"

Daniel Jackson scoffed softly at the tease. "Ha."

"…no hidden treasure…"

To Daniel's side, Vala Mal Doran visibly deflated. "Drat."

"…and no ancient technology that goes ping."

Rolling her eyes, Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter gave a low chuckle. "I thought you hated Monty Python."

Cam rolled his eyes and kicked away an errant branch stuck to his leg. "Photographic memory isn't all it's cracked up to be."

Beside Sam who silently chuckled, Teal'c spoke as he walked along the path with the team. "It does not appear that there is anything of value or interest on this planet."

Sam cocked her head and said. "Well I'm not so sure about that. I mean… we've only explored a few miles around the gate."

Ahead of her, Cam turned and stared right at her. "Well unless the SGC decides to start sending the Ori flowers in the hopes of giving them allergies, I think we're done on this planet."

Sam looked around and sighed, the area around the gate was in the middle of spring and lush plant life and flowers covered the entire landscape. But it was true, they had a mission to do. "You're right... I think it's time we headed back too."

None of the others offered any argument, and soon SG1 began to retrace their steps and headed back towards the Stargate.

Vala moved over to where Daniel was with a big smile, Daniel instantly knew his day was about to get worse. "Yes?"

A big toothy grin, the kind Vala knew was both enticing and obvious. She'd learned to only be slightly vampy with Daniel as he was much more in control than any other men she'd known in her long life. "Daniel…"

A warning flashed in Daniel's brain. "Vala…"

To the side, Sam and Cam both watched and silently placed bets on whether Vala would get what she wanted. The former Goa'uld host spoke eloquently and almost ladylike. "Daniel… I was watching this wonderful program the other day about a group of teenagers who have way too much sex and angst issues. I believe it was called 'The OC."

Teal'c remained stoically calm as he walked beside Daniel, though the muted smile behind his lips was only noticeable if you really looked closely at how his facial muscles tensed ever so slightly. Daniel raised an eyebrow and replied. "Oo-kay."

Sam stifled a snicker and whispered something to Cam. The southern lieutenant colonel snorted and nodded. "You're on."

Vala remained blissfully (and actively) unaware of the happenings around her. "…anyways. One of the characters, a Ryan something… his girlfriend has a best friend named Summer who…"

Already Daniel knew what it was. "How much does it cost?"

Taken aback (or at least pretending to be) Vala became comically indignant as they neared the gate. "It isn't a thing. It's a place! Disneyland!"

Cam couldn't help it and snorted hard using his fist to obscure his smile. Teal'c simply smiled and remained silent as he dialed Earth on the DHD. Sam on the other hand turned to Cam with an expectant face. "I'll add it to your IOUs."

Daniel winced hard and wished for the umpteen-billionth time that Alien Women didn't find him so attractive. His only consolation was that Jack was in Washington and couldn't tease him mercilessly (Somehow he still found out about these things every now and again and mentioned them during their meetings every so often. He suspected Sam as Teal'c would never gossip, but he couldn't really blame her.)

It happened so fast that Teal'c was the only one to react instantly. They'd just stepped through the wormhole when a cloud of dust suddenly blossomed out the back of Sam's vest along with a loud crack and thwack sound, propelling her forward almost 10 feet onto the ramp in a crumpled mess.

They didn't hear anything, but an instant later Sam screamed in agony and choked trying to catch her breath as she flopped on the floor. Teal'c was at her side instantly using his own body as cover; Cam the next to react.

Cam spun around and aimed at the closing wormhole, along with the SFs and security in the Gateroom. Pandemonium reigned as the team took cover, dragging a now bleeding Sam off the ramp.

"Medical Team to the Gateroom!"

The sheer power and almost rage behind Landry's voice was reassuring. Cam instinctively secured the area with a quick sweep of his P90, then realized that whatever had happened had come through the wormhole with them.

Daniel screamed for a medic, his hands now coated with blood. He pressed down on Sam's wound trying to keep the blood flow minimal, his confusion over the state of her vest evident on his face.

Cam recognized the kind of wound, only a projectile weapon would make such a thing. Staff wounds didn't bleed and the Ori used energy weapons that cauterized as well. Blood meant a bullet. General Landry barked through the intercom. "The hell is going on SG-1?!"

The rapid response medical team came in right as he spoke, a stretcher was quickly laid out and the now delirious Sam was put on it and rushed out. "Don't know sir! We didn't see anything on the other side!"

Daniel looked at the blood on his hands, the seething rage in his body muted through everything but his eyes. "Something saw us."

Vala seemed unhinged as well, and running back from seeing Sam off, racked a round into her P90. "Dial the gate! Whoever did this is back there!"

Landry shook his head and barked. "Not on your life! Get cleaned up and up here on the double!"

Cam was shaking, it had been a long time since his basic training but a once familiar feeling came back to him from so many years ago.

Silently he led the majority of his team up to the armory to secure their equipment, then up to the briefing room to talk with Landry. The entire base was still on alert and SF's moved into formation around the gate as they began some unknown work.

Cam realized with a delayed reaction that his team had just come under sniper fire.

"We're dispatching a UAV as soon as possible. I'm not risking anymore men if the gate is under guard."

Vala insisted. "But General…!"

Landry turned his head and barked. "No buts! We're still waiting on Colonel Carter's condition and I won't risk any of you without some assurance that you won't get gunned down as you exit the gate."

Cam was angry, and when Cam was angry, Cam was verbose. "All due respect sir, it's like that anytime we go through the gate. Someone shot at my team and I want the bastard."

"You and me both Colonel…" Landry gave his typical rough sympathy. "…but until that UAV clears the area around the gate, that world is off limits to SG personnel. Now, What'd you find there?"

Teal'c answered in his typical calm voice, but the muted rage beneath was noticeable. "The planet appears to have avoided colonization by either human or Jaffa. The paths we encountered appeared to have been made by the wildlife in the area."

Agreeing, Daniel leaned forward with an obvious rush to his tone. "The area around the gate had been cleared away so it's possible that at one time there was some kind of settlement, but we didn't find any ruins or even evidence that anyone had been there in years."

Vala interjected seeing how the other two were keeping succinct. "Before you ask, no. Neither Samantha, Muscles or I could sense any symbiotes in the area. Whoever shot at us must have been far away for Muscles not to hear them."

Teal'c growled softly and nodded. "I concur… Colonel Carter was targeted from a great distance. Given the available cover around the gate, I would estimate at least a 500 foot shot."

Cam summed it up. "A sniper. Someone was watching us and they waited till we were going through the gate to fire." In his mind, Cam was only grateful whoever had done it didn't aim for a headshot… or if they did, that they sucked enough to hit Sam's vest.

Landry could see the entire team was on edge, he sighed and nodded. "Alright… get your reports to me in 2 hours. Go see how Carter's doing. The UAV should be taking off soon so don't go far."

The team nodded and got up as one, all of them obviously eager to see their wounded friend.

Landry took a moment to himself. Colonel Carter was one of the most valuable resources Earth had… Once he was sure the planet was safe, he'd bring down the entire force of the base to find the culprit of this cowardly attack.

It had been hours now, and the team still waited outside the infirmary for Dr Lam to come and tell them Sam was okay.

These were really the hardest parts of being on SG-1. Watching others risk their lives and come close to death. Cam sat next to Teal'c, both soldier and warrior silent as they waited.

Vala sat with Daniel, both worried and fidgety about their friend. Daniel was nursing his third cup of coffee to Vala's dismay. "That stuff is horrible you know?"

A shrug was Daniel's reply. "I'm used to it... you could probably use my blood as a stimulant the amount I drink."

Vala smiled, Daniel always had that effect on her. "Ha… we could market it and make a fortune."

Daniel rolled his eyes and smiled softly. He appreciated Vala trying to distract them all from the obvious discomfort of not knowing how Sam was. Cam on the other hand kept pumping his fists desperately trying to burn off the anger the surprise attack had aroused in him. But he was a soldier, and soldiers don't lose their cool.

The door to the infirmary opened slightly, and Dr Carolyn Lam slinked out wearing her surgical gown.A few small splotches of blood decorated the sleeves.

Instantly the team was on their feet, peppering her with the same question. She held up a hand to silence them and after waiting a moment nodded. "She's alright. Her vest caught the majority of the damage. It's a good thing the new Naquadah laced ceramic plates are being issued or this would have been 10 times worse."

The team breathed a collective sigh of relief, Daniel was the first to recover and ask a specific question. "Can we see her?"

A hesitant shrug, and Dr Lam nodded. "Yes but only for a few minutes. She needs to rest and I just gave her mild sedative. Be quick though, General Landry will want to see you soon… I'm sure of it."

The group looked at each other with confused expressions, but none cared nearly as much as they cared about Sam. They silently followed Dr Lam and waited for a moment as she moved into the privacy curtain.

A moment later, the curtain opened and Sam's slightly stoned smile shone brightly, although her right arm in the sling didn't accentuate her features any. "Hey…"

Cam raised his eyebrows. "Uhh… how much morphine did you give her?"

Sam snickered and winced slightly. "Morphine is my friend."

Carolyn rolled her eyes and resisted laughing. "The injury isn't too severe but it is painful. The bullet penetrated the ceramic plate and imbedded itself into her musculature near one of the nerve endings. It'll take a few weeks to heal completely, but she'll be on light duties by the end of the week."

Sam snorted softly and winced at the pain in her shoulder. "The things I have to endure to get some leave."

Daniel groaned and unabashedly sat down next to Sam. "You had us scared for a minute there. How you feeling?"

"Like I just got shot and fell down a ramp." Sam smiled sweetly, the edge in her voice only accentuating her real meaning.

Cam chuckled and shook his head idly. "Never doubted you'd be fine, though I can't say I want to see it again."

Vala jumped over next to Daniel and leaned in towards Sam. Her half smile half sad scowl punctuated her words. "You need anything Sam? Jell-O? A tablet? A TV? Cosmo?" She furrowed her brow and leaning in, whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear. "…Playgirl?"

Everyone but Teal'c and Sam snickered softly. The blonde Colonel blushed a little and shook her head. "No…! I just need some rest… I know it's not often I take a break but this is an exception. I feel like I should ask if anyone got the license plate."

Teal'c cocked his head and mused. "Then are we to assume you shall litigate the other driver? Judge Judy would be most interested to take your case."

Years of watching the different TV shows Earth offered had given Teal'c a strange sense of humor. Sam understood that Teal'c was just offering his own support in his unique way and smiled. "I'll sue the pants off 'em."

Seeing that she was in high spirits despite the tender bruise and recently stitched injury on her shoulder, the group chuckled at Teal'c distinctive humor and after a little more reassurances, left the room.

Landry couldn't believe the report in his hands. Even more, the little baggy in front of him that held the round that had been taken out of Sam's shoulder was even more proof.

It was impossible, Coincidence didn't work that way. The mathematical probability of this was astronomical. Sure, other planets had projectile weapons that could rival HK, Colt, and even FN in design… but to be the same caliber and propellant? He was sure that if he asked Dr. Lee he'd get some verbose and non-committal answer that in the end would just reconfirm what he was seeing.

The round that he held in his hands now was manufactured on Earth… A .338 Lapua Magnum… A bullet that if it hadn't been for the Naquadah Laced ceramic plate of Carter's armor…

Landry picked up his phone with some violence. "Walter… get SG-1 in the briefing room in 30 minutes. And get me Homeworld Security on the line ASAP."

A .338 Lapua Magnum… A round designed for one purpose.

To kill.

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