(Chapter 3) - Arrival Time, 6.18.11, 1:22PM ET

We ate a delicious meal. Fried salmon with rice and green beans - Billy had been fishing a lot this week obviously because that was all Rebecca and Billy had been cooking, anything to do with fish. So far, Jacob and I ate over three times that week, this being our fourth.

The pack is great to be around. They are so laid-back, but at the same time high strung, always making me feel so comfortable. They're practically my family. I'm so thankful to have such a big, wonderful family.

Colby cracked two more jokes about catching Jacob and I together against the shed. Jacob glared at him. I knew Colby was going to only get away with it while Rebecca was there, but as soon as she was gone he was going to get it hard and I thought maybe I could talk Jacob into taking it easy on him. I mean, he was only joking after all.

"Hey Jake! We're going cliff diving tomorrow - you in?" Seth asked while I was eating some more rice as we all sat around the fire. "It's going to be nice and sunny tomorrow."

"Yeah, cool." Jacob said nodding.

I watched Quil cook about five marshmallows on a stick before shoving them all into his mouth.

"You can come to, Nessie!" Seth offered, smiling brightly. "So I can show you how five flips in the air is done!"

"You only did five flips once!" Quil argued with his mouth still full. "All the other times you would do three, sometimes four. Everyone here has done four flips."

"Yeah," Seth said, his eyes dancing, "But has anyone here done five?"

Quil rolled his eyes and Seth laughed.

Seth turned to look at me, "So you in, Nessie?"

I was just about to speak, but Jacob was quicker than me, "She has school."

"So she can skip once, right Ness?"

"Yeah," I nodded to Seth and then turned to look at Jacob, "Once is fine."

"Your dad isn't going to let you honey," Jacob wrapped an arm around me, "And we aren't going behind his back because I do want to live, thank you."

"Jacob," I pouted. "You don't want me to come?"

"Of course but - "

"Then let me come." I pouted some more. "It's just one day of school I'll be missing..."

"You think Emmett is going to keep it to himself that you weren't in school?" Jacob questioned.

"I will tell him to - Emmett wouldn't tell." I sighed. "Please?"

"Maybe not purposely." His arm held me a little tighter. "I want you to come... just we can do it again Saturday too that way we don't have to risk my life."

"No." I argued. "Emmett won't tell. Even if he did, it wouldn't be that big a deal..."

I knew deep down that I couldn't skip school. It just was a very fun thought to have.

"Bring him along!" Jared offered and Seth nodded.

"Yeah," Jacob spoke sarcastically, "So he not only has it in his mind that Nessie skipped, but also has a whole memory what she had been doing all day? No way."

I tried to picture my Uncle cliff diving with the pack and the thought almost made me choke on my rice as I giggled...

That isn't something I could picture until actually happening. Even though the treaty line no longer applies to the Cullen's, it's so rare for any of them to cross the line other than me. So I can't picture Emmett even stepping foot over the line, never mind stepping over and joining us cliff diving.

After spending another hour hanging out with the pack, Jacob and I wondered off, walking along the beach shore of La Push Beach.

The nighttime sky was cloudy, covering the moon and stars for the most part as the moon would sometimes peak out.

I felt Jacob's hand wrap around mine, the heat feeling good against my skin.

"Nessie..." he spoke softly. "I wish you could come tomorrow, but you know you can't. You just gained their trust back from lying to them."

"Yeah, I know, Jake. I knew all along that I couldn't. It was just a fun thought." I sighed. "School gets in the way too much."

Jacob chuckled, giving my hand a squeeze. "Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. I wish I could spend every second with you... but you have to go to school."

I gave his hand a squeeze back. "I really miss you, you know, all those hours I'm in school..."

We both turned to face each other. I watched Jacob's lips part slightly when releasing a sigh.

"I miss you too, Ness..." he gave a faint smile, "You know I do."

I felt a big smile spread on my face, wanting to change the subject. I turned to look at the water, watching it faintly gleam from the moon.

"Let's go swimming!" I exclaimed.

Just when Jacob was about to object, I let go of his hand and ran towards the water very fast, as the cold water was instantly up to my ribs. When I turned around, I was startled to find Jacob right there, causing me to forget how cold the water was.

He laughed as he splashed water in my face and I was quick to splash him right back as we both were laughing loudly, my little high-pitch laugh mixed in with his loud, deep laugh.

Jacob then started to swim fast away towards the shore. I swam after him, but he was quicker than me.

He made it to shore a few seconds before me. He turned around as he stood on the shore and held his arms out for me. I took that as an invitation to jump into them, running full speed...

When my body collided with Jacob's, I was surprised to feel him lose his balance when he fell backwards, his arms wrapped around me the whole time as we both toppled over.

We laughed as I then lain on top of him, my head against his chest.

"Jeeze, Ness," he laughed. "I didn't expect you to jump against me so forcefully like that."

I giggled, sitting up more on Jacob's stomach, my hands placed on his chest. "That explains why you lost your balance."

Jacob's face turned serious, staring at me so intensely. "God, Ness..."

My smile faded. "What is it?"

He still looked at me while he still held that intense stare. "You're so beautiful."

"Jake..." I felt the heat wave through my cheeks as I looked away with a smile.

"It's only the truth."

I looked at him while I still smiled. He then placed his hand on my left cheek, his fingers tracing the skin there, tickling my skin.

For a few moments longer he continued to stare, then I watched his eyes flash down on my shirt. He quickly turned his head, looking away as he gave a quick sigh.

"Nessie," he said. "Your shirt - I think we should go get you changed."

I looked down at my white tank top that was then see-through, my dark blue bra visible and I blushed because of that.

"I-I'm sorry," I blurted out immediately. I took my hands off of Jacob's chest to cross my arms over my chest, embarrassed at how exposed I felt at that moment. "I didn't think..."

Jacob turned his head to look at my face. "No, no, it's okay, sweetheart; Don't apologize. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

I got up off of Jacob, jumping to my feet, then Jacob did the same. I could feel the sand stuck on the front of my legs from my knees to my feet.

I watched Jacob stretching his arms behind him as he brushed off as much sand off his back as he could. I made my way behind him, helping him brush the sand off his bare back, feeling the sand rub against my hand as I brushed it off Jacob's russet skin.

After we got most of the sand off of us, Jacob wrapped an arm around me as I wrapped an arm around him too while we started to head back to Jacob's house.

I felt Jacob stiffen as he came to a sudden halt. I stopped alongside of him, confused.

What's wrong? I transmitted to him.

When I looked up at his face, I recognized that look of alert.

He smelled something... or someone... a vampire?

After a few more seconds, I soon smelt it too, the scent being vaguely familiar to me.

I quickly turned around as Jacob did too. He didn't let go of me... and that's when I saw who the familiar scent belonged to.

They stood perfectly still with a small smile on their face while their black hair blew loosely in the wind...


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