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Chapter One

We got older, and should've known, that I'd feel colder and I'll walk alone. So I may as well ditch my dismay

I stood there thinking "Why me?" but I couldn't come up with any answers, my brain was too busy focusing on everything else happening right then. Naturally, I stare at Edward expecting support. His face made my stomach drop, it was positively the worst I had ever felt. Even being beaten by James couldn't beat this. It wasn't love. It wasn't remorse. It was hunger.

My eyes widened in shock as Edward leapt at me. I always thought he was the one who would protect me, from what I had no clue, but it was all a lie. I held my arm protectively in front of my face taking a quick glance at my family. Jasper only mere steps from me, Esme with her arms outstretched in a half scream, Emmett lunging forward at Edward, Carlise rooted to the spot with surprise, Rosalie shockingly running towards me and Alice. Alice nearly surprised me as much as Edward she just stood there, with a smug look on her face. I crawled into the foetal position and waited for the collision, but was alarmed when I heard none.

I got up from the glass covered carpet and searched for my family. I looked at the room where only seconds before we all shared a blissful moment in pride and unconditional love. I was amazed at how different the room looked, no longer were there birthday streamers and the presents were scattered all over the room. I walked over to a card half covered in blood, presumably mine own. This was the card that had caused the pain, just one simple paper cut. I opened it up and read the dark block letters.

"Dear Bella, we are so happy for you to have walked in our lives at the time when we both needed it the most. We hope this will help convince you that you truly belong. With all our love Carlise and Esme."

I picked up the blue and gold square present that lay on the ground at my feet. I turned it delicately over in my porcelain hands feeling the smooth texture make soothing patterns on my shaking skin. I carefully opened the paper to expose a jewelery box with delicate carvings on the dark blue box. I slowly opened the rectangular box expecting something extremely expensive and uncharacteristically Bella. I was immediately breath taken when I looked down at the leather woven bracelet inside the golden cushion. I picked up the bracelet between my fingers and turned it over, to inspect the brooch like pendant woven into the leather. I soon realised that the pendant was decorated with the Cullen crest.

I chest heaved with the sudden overwhelm of love that had presented itself in this small bracelet. I slipped it over my shaking hand and dropped the box on the coffee table. I stepped over shards of glass and plaster to the sudden boom of voices that presented itself from the kitchen only two rooms away. I quietly sneaked to the thin wall separating me and my family. "That isn't the issue here Carlise!" yelled the familiar voice of Alice. I'd never heard Alice yelled before let alone at Carlise, her father. Just as I leaned in to listen closer I heard presumably Carlise slam his fist onto the table shattering it. "Yes Alice it is! We can't just leave a member of our family just because you say your "visions" say we should!"

By this point I had collapsed to the ground with fear. I knew deep down they were talking about me.

I had guessed by then that it was only Carlise, Alice and probably Edward in the room as there were three sets of feet pacing. One feather light,
one slightly heavier, and one heavier than that. I heard Edward murmur something to Alice and her stamp her foot. "Dammit Edward, think rationally for once please! You've seen my visions just as clear as I have and you know it! One day, whenever it is, Bella will become a vampire and the Volturri will want her! She will be more powerful than all of us combined! So don't you chicken out now, you promised me the month before she moved her you would play it out!" I heard Carlise intake a large amount of breath as Alice yelled this.

"Alice, what is going on! What has this got to do with my daughter?!" Carlise said closely to the door. I could hear someone place a strong hand on the door and start to twist. I gasped and pressed myself against further to the wall, not sure whether or not I should be hearing this. "Carlise stop, let us explain. Please, we owe you that." Edward pleaded. The grip on the door soften as the final note of Edward plea drowned out. I heard them start to whisper too inaudible for my human ears to hear only hearing small glimpses like Jasper, blood, turned and often my own name.

My world seemed to collapse in those few minutes, just sitting there, listening as my future was planned out for me. After five minutes had passed Carlise had let go of the door and I stood up to hear better. "So, let me get this straight Alice. Jasper didnt attack Bella, Edward did?" Carlise mumbled. "Yes Carlise, for the thousandth time. With Bella a vampire we will be the strongest coven in existence. She will believe us. We will tell her she died from something as simple as Jasper supposedly not being able to restrain his thirst she'll accept it and stay with us.
Believe me. Carlise I've seen it." Alice said with an impatient tone.

It was quiet for a good ten minutes before Carlise spoke again. "But, what about you's two? Bella will not get over that quickly, I mean Alice your her best friend!" Carlise exclaimed. Alice snorted at his remark. "Honestly Carlise you've known me what? A century? Do you believe that I would ever be friends with a human. I am certainly the worlds best actor. And as for the whole Bella/Edward thing that was all part of the act." Alice said with a smile in her voice. Edward then chose then to speak. "Carlise, remember what we said. We leave Bella with Jasper in Forks with a note from us saying that Jasper felt so bad about changing her that he decided to stay and help her transition into the world of the immortals. We come back in 50 years and we take her to our coven." Edward said matter of factly. They sounded awfully sure I would come willingly.

My insides were ripping up inside me, I couldn't figure out what was worse; the fact that they were leaving town, changing me without my permission or that Alice and Edward were together. I wanted to think it was the latter, but I couldn't think that selfishly. I wasn't the only one being hurt here, I wonder if Jasper knew. I always knew deep down that Edward and I wouldn't last. As much as I wanted to believe it I knew it wasn't true. We were just two different people, he was controlling and over-protective. And me? Just as he often reminded me, I was breakable and a tiny porcelain doll. I was independant, I didn't need to be protected 24/7.

I turned to leave and noticed Esme and the rest of the family staring at me with so much grief that I buckled under my own. It wasn't until then I realised a trail of tears streaming down my face into my lap. Almost as immediately as I touched the ground with my forehead I was swept up in cold reassuring arms. It wasn't the ones I had grown used to, it was either Jasper or Rosalie, of that I'm sure. I looked up through strangers eyes up to the golden beauty holding me in an understanding hug. I en haled deeply in her scent, Rosalie smelled of apricots and roses.
Whereas Edward smelt of honeysuckle and elderberries, Rosalies' was something much more comforting. I leaned into her soft yet hard skin,
and hugged her back.

"You smell of roses and apricots." I whispered into her shoulder. I felt her body shake with laughter. "Bella, were not leaving you. I know it seems weird that I am the one comforting you and not Esme but you don't need to be babied at the moment you need a friend who will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. So please forgive, Alice told me everyday that I had to be mean to you, that one day we would be best friends and that now wasn't the time. But I have had it up to hear believing in her so-called visions. There is no way I am leaving my brother and my sister here without me to look after them." Rosalie said softly into my ear. That was probably the longest thing that she had ever said to me,
let alone nicest thing.

"If Alice and Dumbward want to go off and root like rabbits and use you as their trophy, they will have to go through me first." Rosalie grinned. I chuckled into her embrace and lent in closer. "Did Jasper know?" I whispered hoping he wouldn't hear. "He has known for a while now, he always knew that he would never be with her forever. He never felt, what you humans call "chemistry". Its similar for vampires, we feel a pull. He has mentioned to me once that he has felt it recently but he still has some feelings for Alice left." Rosalie ended.

I looked up through clouded eyes at Rosalie seeing her pain reflected in her eyes from my own. I wanted nothing more right then to make her feel better and take all the misery away. ''I am so sorry Rosalie, I've ruined everything." I whispered. I got up dusting the broken plaster off my faded grey skinny jeans. In an instant she was standing up with me, arms around my shoulders. "Bella, do you remember what Jasper told you just a few months ago?" Rosalie asked barely above a whisper. I hadn't talked to Jasper all that much except for at the hotel in Phoenix before James attacked me. But I had a feeling it wasn't anything from there. I closed my wet eyes and thought harder. "You are worth it." And with those words flying through my ears like wind I crumpled into Rosalies' arms and sobbed.

I know that I should be grateful that I had such a loving family that actually was willing to protect me but somewhere deep inside me it was to hard to realise that I had lost what I thought was my world in just a few minutes. With those final thoughts I closed my eyes and drifted into a fearful slumber.

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