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Chapter 13

You cant be too careful anymore, when that all that is waiting for you won't come any closer. You've got to reach out a little more.

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It's funny how you can want everything, but nothing at the same time. Or how you can want completely different things. I guess it just comes down to what the people around you want, because really, we don't want we want we want what everyone else says you should want. But then there are the times where you want something you know you shouldn't have and you should just settle with the achievable. But that isn't how it goes.

For instance, I didn't want to go to a family event in another city where there was going to be other vampires. But I did want to be there for my family. Everyone said I should want to go because there will be a lot of powerful vampires that I could "absorb" powers from. I really wanted to get more powers but it felt wrong, but there was the attractive appeal of power. Which everybody wants.

Carlise insisted that I would be fine and that he knew most of the people that were going and that I wouldn't be found out about my power. It was then I realised I could indeed be very powerful, not just to me but the Guard. So the idea of me going to a place where I could easily take peoples powers frightened me just a little.

So thats why travelling to Seattle on March 17th in my Audi with Jasper I was driving very slow, slow for a human even. "Babe, what's the matter?" Jasper said placing a soothing hand on my leg. "Nothing," I said shaking my head. I sped up a little so that Jasper would forget it for now, he let it slide for now thank god.

"So what's the big dinner evening for?" I said without taking my eyes off the road. "One of Carlises' friends are engaged and are having an engagement party in Seattle before they continue on with their trip around the world," Jasper said changing the song. "Do I know them?" I said curiously.

"Don't think so, her name is Maggie, she's from Ireland. She's about in her early "twenties" with red hair," he said using quote marks. "Really, Ireland? That's cool. What's her fiance's name?" I said with interest. "Scott, he's really nice. He's a shapeshifter too, its pretty cool," he said without looking at me. "Oh, how many other people will be there with powers?" I said voice cracking.

"Oh well, Maggie can tell when one is lying, Siobhan can will things, Derrick can change the weather, Cassie can mimic noises-," he said ticking off on his fingers. "Stop, stop! I get it a lot of powerful people! Jasper what if-" I said stopping the car on the road. Jasper took my face in his hands and rested his forehead against mine. "Bella, I know you want to make everyone happy by learning new powers but you should only be trying to make yourself happy. We both know that the powers would be handy but no ones saying you have to take them."

I sighed, "I want to take them, but I'm scared of myself, and the Guard." Jasper chuckled and patted my shoulder, "baby, with those powers you could be the guard." I froze and stared at him, "honey I'm joking. The Guard may want you but if they have any idea what powers you have I doubt they will be coming anytime soon," Jasper said with a serene smile.

"That's true, thanks," I said pecking him on the lips. The rest of the drive to Seattle went smoothly with Jasper and I singing classic road trip songs and playing Zitch Dog. We had to take the long way around Forks and went through other small towns where we achieved a lot of glances for my Audi.

We arrived at the hotel after everybody else so we got the last room on the floor above both the Cullens' and the Denalis'. We said our goodbyes to the family and told them that we would see them at 5.30 in the reception room before we headed out to the "dinner" party. The "dinner" was just a guise for the humans, there would be appetisers and wine but it was up to everyone to slyly dispose of them all.

I had ordered a cobalt knee length dress that bunched up down the middle, it was simple but I liked it. I found some silver shoes to match so I was ready to go. After putting my hair down naturally I went out into the bedroom to see Jasper in a black tuxedo with cobalt vest and tie, the sight was breathtaking.

"Wow," was all I could say. Jasper chuckled and gave me a one armed hug. "You ready for this?" he said handing me my clutch. "As I'll be," I said nervously. Jasper placed a kiss on my temple and pulled me to the door, "everything will be fine, I promise."

I gave him a smile and got into the elevator to the lobby. I held his hand rubbing circles over the back humming to a song I'd long forgotten. We entered the lobby to see Rosalie in a long emerald halter kimono delicately patterned with gold and Emmett had matching green and gold vest with tie. Rosalie had her hair pulled up into a bun with green studded chopsticks and bright red lips and heavy dark eyes. She truly looked like a blonde geisha. Kate was wearing a deep purple wrap around one shouldered dress with a long slit up the right leg and matching bow heels. When I looked at Tanya and Irina my confidence dropped.

Tanya was wearing a gorgeous long scarlet dress with a cross over front and halter back, it wrapped around the hips and had a gap at the toes, and in the cleavage. With a beautiful beaded belt under the breasts. Irina next to her was a sight, she had a beautiful pink short dress with short sleeves and a drape of material that clung at the top and dropped over the middle black belt to the scrunched up bottom. They both looked unbelievably sexy.

Jasper squeezed my hair and gave me a small smile. Even Esme and Carmen had stepped up to the plate, Esme wearing a beautiful medium length black dress glittering with small jewels with no straps. All down the side were delicate ruffles making the dress impeccable. Carmen wearing a short silver dress with a scrunched up breast with a beaded middle and long flowing skirt bit.

"Who's ready to get their freak on?!" Emmett boomed earning him a slap on the back of the head. Everybody laughed and followed Carlise out to the limo rented for us, "still think we should've got a hummer stretch limo," Emmett muttered. When we got to the "dining hall" we were greeted by a short redhead in a black dress who introduced herself as Maggie giving us all hugs and kisses on the checks. She then showed us to her fiance Scott who gave hand shakes to the men and hugs and palm kisses to the women. "Hello, my name is Scott it is, how do you say it, pleasurable to make your acquaintances," he said with an Italian accent.

I could feel my insides humming at the overwhelming sense of power in the room, I closed my eyes and could see about ten people on the other side of the room on the other side of a brick wall. There was Scott, Maggie, who I assumed was Siobhan with her arm around Maggie, two blonde girls, a redhead woman, an older man, two twin brunette girls and a male. I started to break down the wall slowly with each person passing through and telling me their name and power, which I really wish they didn't do, I didn't want to know them. I felt bad enough as it is.

The three I knew came over first then there was blonde haired Cassie who mimicked me saying hi, Derrick the older man came over and made a sun shine, the two twins Ida and Lake who could conjured fire and ice, the brown haired male Connor who temporarily turned invisible, Sally the other blonde who called over a bird and spoke to it and lastly Dianna the redhead who kept erasing the last 5 seconds of meeting me. When I opened my eyes I gasped and shook my head, that was so much power, I doubt I'd ever use it. I was shaking just a little so I went and stood in the far corner with Jasper until I stopped.

"They are so powerful, it's so mindblowing," I said shaking my head. Jasper was watching me with a cautious stare, "watch this," I whispered. I held out my hand and focused on trying to make it invisible. After about three minutes my fingertips were starting to become see through. "Oh my God Bella, that's amazing. Who's it from?" he said looking around the room. "Connor," I said pointing to him who was now talking to Kate.

"Bella, how many more did you get?" Jasper said a little scared. "Jasper don't be afraid please, if I could I'd get rid of them all." Jasper took my hands in his, which were back to normal, "Bella, I don't care about the powers I'm just wondering what some people may do if they find out you copied their power." I sighed, "I know Jas, that's why I am going to not bring much attention to it."

"So, what else did you get?" Jasper said smiling. "Well, the ones you said earlier, fire and ice conjuring from Ida and Lake, speaking to animals from Sally, and amnesia from Dianne," I said pointing to each of them who was oblivious to me completely. "Wow, that's pretty cool Bella, try to look like me," Jasper said laughing. I looked deep into his eyes and focused on trying to change my hair the same dark sandy blonde as his, after four or so minutes Jasper laughed and picked up a strand which had blonde tips. "I guess I'll have to work on them," I said chuckling.

"You look much better brunette anyway," he said tucking it behind my ear while I willed my hair back to brown. I leant in to kiss Jasper when we were interrupted by Carlise and Eleazar coming over. "Hello Jasper, Bella what's the news?" Eleazar said getting straight to business. "Ten nifty new powers," I smiled. I held my hand and tried to imagine a fire ball but only my fingertips started to smoke. "Well, that was meant to be a fire ball," I laughed.

Well all laughed and started with general talk before breaking up and going to talk to everybody. I walked by Emmett interrogating Maggie. "...but, how do you know he's not actually a big old smelly Italian?" Maggie laughed, "well I can easily tell if he's lying, that simple." Emmett nodded and stroked his chin, "now I see what your saying, but what if he somehow found a way to confuse you?" Rosalie slapped him on the shoulder, "he's joking Maggie, I'm sorry."

At the same time Maggie and Emmett both said "No he's not," and "No I'm not," causing everyone to laugh. Jasper and I went to go talk to Dianna who was standing by herself near a window. When we approached her I held my hand out for her to shake, "Hi I'm Bella Swan from the Olympic Coven," I said smiling. "Sorry, I'm so rude sometimes, I'm Bella Swan form the Olympic Coven," I said apologising. "Excuse me, I must seem like a creep just standing here. I'm Bella Swan from the Olympic Coven," I said while Jasper was laughing and Dianna who was smirking.

"Ahh, I just got tricked by your amnesia didn't I?" I said smiling. "Yes I'm sorry, I'm Dianna Potential from Canada. Your a animal drinker too?" she said amazed. "Yep, it's nice to see another vegetarian around here," Jasper said handing out his hand. "Jasper Whitlock, Bella's boyfriend," he said grinning. "Your a very cute couple, how did you meet?" Dianna asked. Jasper and I froze, we had never discussed what we would say whenever asked this.

"I moved to Forks last year to finish my senior year at Forks High living with my father. I was his brothers', Edward, singer and I soon discovered what his family were and Edward and I went out for awhile but he left with my best friend Alice to work with the Guard," I said without letting any emotion out. "Oh, I'm so sorry Bella, you didn't have to tell me. Everybody has heard about Alice and Edward splitting, I should've assumed so very sorry," she said giving me a hug. I looked at Jasper and he nodded letting me know she was genuinely sorry. "It's fine, it's kinda how I got turned into a vampire too," I said shrugging.

We talked to Dianna for a awhile before exchanging numbers and going to mix with the rest of the party. By 1am it was "bedtime" so we all had to leave and go back to the hotel. When we got there and said goodnight to the rest of the family Jasper took me up to the roof to watch the stars. He lay down a blanket and a curled up to his side.

"You were very brave tonight Bella," Jasper said still looking up at the stars. "Oh, I think I'm over the whole power thing," I said shrugging. "No I meant, with Dianna," Jasper said looking me in the eyes. "Oh," was all I said.

"Bella, you are the bravest woman I know, not to mention smartest, beautifulest, inside and out, and most caring. You always think about everyone else before yourself and always know how to make me smile. You set me free and love me for who I am, scars and all. That's why I'm sorry to ask you to be imprisoned for all of existence, but Isabella Marie Swan will you do me the honour of being my wife?" Jasper said getting out a little blue box and looking me in the eyes.

I flung my arms around him, "yes, a thousand times yes!" I said kissing him. Here again with wants, when I was with Edward I told myself that I didn't want to be married because I thought I would end up like my mother and father but with Jasper I wanted to be his. I wanted completely different things but I had chosen the right one.

We broke apart and Jasper slid the ring on my left finger. It had a brilliant blue stone in the centre with a curved band studded with diamonds, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. "It's so amazing Jasper," I said leaning my forehead against his. "There's only one other thing that shines brighter Bella," Jasper said smiling. "Really, what's that?"

"You," he said kissing me. We spent the night on the roof top in silence just staring up at the stars waiting for the sun to come up, which an hour before it did we went down into the hotel to get our bags and leave. When we entered the lobby the family was already there smiling at us and before I could say anything Rosalie and Kate slammed into me giving me hugs.

"Come on let's see it!" Rosalie squealed. I held out my hand where all the women minus Tanya and Irina cooed over it. I look over at Jasper who I received many man hugs and slaps on the shoulders, I gave him a grin and mouthed I love you.

We all checked out and got into our cars and headed back home with Jasper driving this time. During the drive I tried to improve my new gifts. When I tried to make ice my hand got covered in a sheet of ice and it started to snow in the car causing us to have to pull over and clean it out. I didn't dare try fire. I mostly practiced invisibility and by the end of the trip I could make my whole arm invisible for five minutes. I mimicked Jasper whenever he sung causing us to laugh because I could make myself sound very deep, I could even mimic singers through the radio. Not that I didn't already sing pretty decent now.

Jasper also told me it wasn't a good idea to try and call any animals while in the car and I took his word for it. "You know, controlling the weather is a good power, once I'm no longer a newborn and we need to go in town for something I could just make it rain," I said smiling. Jasper kissed my head, "that's my little genius."

Jasper and I spent the next two months as usual with the exception with talk of the wedding, which Jasper told me could be whenever, no deadlines. Which was fine by me but we also had another silent agreement, we were going to wait for our honeymoon, so therefore it was decided that December 13th would be the date for the wedding. We decided the basic things, outdoor wedding, Eleazar being the minister, stuff like that.

Everybody except Jasper and I were going for a hunting trip further up north because Jasper and I went yesterday. I needed to go to the shops to pick up a wedding dress book this lady said I could borrow so I told Jasper I'd be back in an hour or so. I travelled down there and back just on the hour dot and parked by car in the drive. I froze immediately, I could smell a new vampire in the area.

Musk, cotton and sunflowers. A distantly familiar smell but there was something bad about it. I walked slowly up the steps and pushed open the ajar door and saw a face I thought I'd never see again. And I saw it just in time to see them putting their lips on my fiance. My stomach dropped, what was Alice doing in my home? She was the bad guy, and what was she doing kissing Jasper?

I let out a whimper and started to walk backwards out the door, Alice broke away giving me a sly grin. "Hello Bella, it's nice to see you again." I kept shaking my head telling me this wasn't happening. I felt like I needed to be crying, I wanted to cry so much. Jasper punched Alice sending her flying into a couch turning it over. "Bella I swear, I didn't."

I didn't hear the rest of what he said as I ran out the house into my car reversing the whole way down the drive seeing Jasper standing on the porch watching me with a heartbroken face. I saw Alice jump out through a side window and into the forrest laughing like mad.

My phone was ringing within seconds of turning out view of the house, knowing it was Jasper I let it go to message bank. I got my phone out of my bag and turned it off throwing it into the back seat sliding on the floor. I was shaking with sobs I couldn't cry, but I kept driving south. I pulled over once and got out $1000 from an ATM so they wouldn't see where I was going. I left my car about three blocks from the ATM taking my belongings and heading to Seattle on foot.

When I got there bought the first ticket to Italy and boarding the plane within the hour as I only had a carry on. The plane ride was nearly empty so it was easy to control my bloodlust, I guess all the training I'd had with Carlise worked out. Once the plane landed I bolted out the airport and got in a taxi still slightly shaking with anger and gave him directions. I changed the weather to cloudy and changed my eye colour to brown all my powers enhanced with my emotions. I barely took notice of this though because I could not focus properly.

What was Alice doing with my Jasper, why did he even let her in the house? But there was a small part of me saying that maybe she snuck in and surprised him but there was a bigger part of me that was so surprised and hurt that I didn't care.

"Wow, it got cloudy quick didn't it?" the cab driver said looking out the window. "Yeah it did." I paid the taxi driver and walked through the crowds of people gathering and instinctually knew my way. The more clean and deserted it got the closer I knew I was. I saw a hard dark door and pushed it open following the faint smell of musk and cotton knowing I was here.

I continued down a dark, dank tunnel until a burst of light shined through an archway. I walked straight past a receptionist and through two enormous doors opening up into an even bigger room with three chairs with three pasty vampires and a guard of people behind them including a Godlike face I had learnt to hate.

Edward was just like I imagined him but completely different. His eyes were no longer the colour of melted topaz but the colour of rubies, but they didn't sparkle with life they were dead. Empty. All humanity seemed to be drained from him. His skin had taken on the grey sunken pallor that the rest of the guards had taken, it looked horrible and painful. His face was creased at the frustration of not being able to cancel my mind even as a vampire, to which I couldn't help but internally chuckle at.

Some unconscious part of me lead me here, I don't want to be here, but I felt like I needed to be here. To find answers, an escape, something. I needed to clear my head and put my soul at rest.

"Bella darling, you are finally here," spoke the vampire with dark hair sitting in the middle chair I knew to be Aro. "Yes Aro I am here," I said grimly. Aro got up and walked over to me standing two feet in front of me, resting a hand on my cheek. "Such a beautiful soul, we're very happy to have you here in Volterra," he said smiling. "Wish I could say the same."

"Then why are you here Isabella?" he said sadly. "I wish to work with you," I said in a monotone.

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