While the Romodome falls Vincent is standing in a pole while Real, Pino and Kristeve is waiting for him in the Rabbit.

" The new race of people are here but remember I'm the emissary of Death". Vincent said to himself.

Vincent went went to the Rabbit and he was greeted by Pino and Real.

"Vince!!". Pino said while running towards him.

"Vincent welcome back..." Real said..

"Yeah I'm back." Vincent replied

After the conversation Vincent and the others started to rest so that they can regain their strength except for Kristeva who's still driving the Rabbit. The next day they stop in a forest and start to build a tent. Vincent is the one preparing their tent while Pino is exploring the place with Kristeva. While preparing the tent Vincent saw Real walking forward to his place.

"Vincent are you okay now?" Real asked

"Yes thank you for caring." Vincent replied

Then they both look each other's eyes and suddenly Real rolled her eyes down to the ground to avoid Vincent look. But Vincent hold her tight in her shoulder and said

"Real the reason why I'm still alive is because of you.." Vincent said to Real

"Why?" Real asked

"Because Monad asked me to die with her but because of you I change my mind because you told me that I must return to you." Vincent answered

"Because.. Because I love you.." Vincent cried..

"I love you too.." Real answered

"I dont know what will I do without you by my side.." Real said to Vincent

Then Vincent started to pull Real next to his body and they started to kiss each other. They kiss angrily and suddenly Real break the kiss to take some air but Vincent pull her again and kiss her. While kissing they heard Pino's voice.

"Vince! Real-Real! " Pino shouted

Real pushed Vincent to break the kiss and wipe her lips but her cheeks are still red and still not satisfied. After the dinner Vincent went outside the tent and start to watch the environment while guarding their place he was kind a shock when some one is walking and when he turn around he saw Real in his back.

"Vincent.." Real called

"What is it?" Vincent asked

Real seat next to him and rest her head on Vincent shoulder. Vincent check the place if there are other people beside them after making sure that they are alone Vincent started to move his right hand and put it on the waist of Real pulling her closer. After pulling her closer his left hand started to move from Real's knee to her legs. Real look at him and they started kissing, Real can feel Vincent hand advancing to her flower until he reach it and suddenly Real saw Pino walking outside the tent then she pushed Vincent away. Because of that their love making were canceled.

Next morning Vincent ask Kristeva to take Pino in the City so that he and Real can be alone in the Rabbit. After Kristeva and Pino leave the Rabbit Vincent open the door of Real's bed with a slam and because of that Real was awaken she saw Vincent walking closer to her and start to kiss her, their body are lying on the bed and they spend their whole day in the bed making love.

Dinner come Pino and Kristeva went home while Real and Vincent is eating Pino tell her adventure in the city and while Pino is talking Vincent and real is looking with each other's eyes. Their eyes is telling that they should have another session of love making.