1 TITLE: Past and Present

SUMMARY: Jondy's heart is restless. Time to go to Seattle and maybe work out some other feelings while she's there....

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1.1 Past and Present: Family Reunion+1

Jondy took in a deep breath of the polluted Seattle air, and looked over the city. So this is where you live, little sister, and where you've been all these years, she thought to herself. The view, and the serenity she felt from up here felt similar to the way she felt when she climbed to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Her DNA had kicked in the minute she entered Seattle, and before she knew it, she was on top of the highest place there. The space needle was overflowing with signs of Max. The spot in the bushes that was the perfect place to hide a bike, footprints on the stairs that only genetically- enhanced eyesight could pick up, the way all the locks had been jammed open…even the air smelled of the sister she'd left behind all those years ago. Seems Max had the same ideas about perspective as she did.

She'd always had a special place in her heart reserved for Max, like she had a spot for all her brothers and sisters, but the spot for Max, and the one for Zack, had always been a little bigger. On some level, Jondy had always been able to tell where they'd been, and she knew that if she'd let it, her heart would have led her to Seattle a long time ago. But she was scared, scared of what she'd find… what if Max was angry at her for abandoning her during the escape? The memory had always haunted her, and was more vivid then all the other nightmares.

It was a good thing Jondy was nocturnal, or the dreams would over-power her, the same way the dreams had eventually killed Ben. They had eaten away at his soul till there was nothing left but a psychotic killer. Jondy remembered the night Ben died, the way her heart ached and burned, like a part of it had suddenly disappeared. There were several holes in her heart, one for each of her brothers and sisters that had died, and spaces reserved for the ones she left behind, her siblings that were still back at Manticore. One day she'd go back and get them out, and then they could all be together again.


Zack signaled for them to split up. Jondy recalled a brief look of disappointment cross Max's face when Zack ordered her to go with Jondy. As Zack's second-in-command, Max probably felt like she should have gone with him. But ultimately she went with Jondy willingly. Together they'd escape the hell house they called home, and make it over the walls of Manticore. And together they'd find the perfect life, just like they'd always talked about.

But all that changed in a split-second decision, when Max fell through the ice. Maxie! What should I do? It was then that all Jondy's training took over her body, and all she could do was remember the mission: Zack's words ran through her head, run to the wall and get over it, don't look back, and don't let them capture you. Maxie please be okay. Her legs ran without her heart's consent, and every second she ran took her further away from the most important person in her life, little sister Maxie.


If the same nightmares had stayed with Max, she would never be able to forgive herself; she had enough things to feel guilty about. So she'd followed Zack's advice, or rather Zack's warning, and had not attempted to find her little sister. Instead, she was content to just feel for Max's heart every night, and know that she was okay.

And until recently, that had been her routine. But Jondy had sensed that Max had changed a lot over the last year or so, and her cat-curiosity had overwhelmed her. Not long after that, she'd lost touch with Zack, after another one of their fights, and she hadn't been able to contact him again. And then when she couldn't contact Zane, she knew something was up. His roommate had said that Zane had gotten a phone call and shot out of the city, mentioning something about a 'new addition'. Something significant had definitely happened, and it involved Max, she just knew it. "What has happened, little sister? Why is your spot in my heart becoming warmer?" she whispered under her breath. Could it be that Maxie had finally found her prince? The one she'd always wanted. "No, there's more than that." "That doesn't explain all the other changes."

She looked over the city, hoping to find an answer in the endless rooftops of Seattle. Damn Zack for not filling her in…although it really was her fault. Their last fight had been their worse…

It was always the same, Jondy would be in heat and then Zack would turn up, almost like he was punishing her for not being able to control the urge, and tempting her with his fiery blue eyes. She smiled to herself. She'd come to expect him to turn up, always right before she'd jump some innocent guy on the street…Zack's way of protecting her she guessed…better him than a complete stranger. Then after a few hours Jondy would realize what she'd done, and take out all her anger on Zack, all the anger she had for her body, and the way she couldn't control it. Zack would leave soon after that, with a quick, "Be careful Jondy."

He'd leave her alone with the disgust of what they'd shared…wasn't it a rule that brothers and sisters weren't meant to be like that? At least that's what she'd thought.

Her mind drifted back to a few months ago, watching a sunrise with another brother, watching the light reflecting in his dark brown eyes. She'd tried to reject the growing emotion that she'd felt rising, but she had not been very successful. Maybe that's why she was so angry with Zack after their last encounter. Jondy had begun to realize that maybe it wasn't so bad to love a brother on a deeper level. And maybe Zack had picked up on that too. Last time he left, he'd said, "I know there's something going on with you Jondy. Take some time to figure out your feelings, and when you do, call me."

Only she'd forgotten which contact number she was meant to call to talk to him personally, and by the time she'd remembered, Zack had changed it.

That was when she'd pushed her feelings for a certain dark-haired brother aside and made her way to Seattle. Maybe Maxie could help her figure it out; her little sister had obviously had some development in that department.

End of Chapter One

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