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It covered every inch of the polished surface of the immaculately organised desk, filling every possible space almost to shoulder height in places. Prowl reviewed everything, from the most innocuous report about the twins latest prank to reports from their two Primes. He spend almost half of the day parked here, the rest of it was spent doing his rounds and tending to his other duties, everything logically planned out and making perfect sense.

But this evening, Prowl couldn't help but actually hate paperwork.

He would rather…

Better to not think about it.

Better to forget and ignore it before it because a serious distraction.

Talent night at the Autobot Base, humans and Mechs alike were participating including Jazz, Jazz was meant to be singing one of the new hits he had picked up. Prowl had desired strictly out of 'a need to know everything' to have witnessed that event, but several reports had demanded his attention. The terrible spelling and grammar had grated at his nerves and even his ironclad will was beginning to fray at the edges.

Suddenly his doorwings twitched slightly, the slight flicker of something near the doorway catching his attention for a moment, his sensors humming softly, scanning for a threat. His frame was tired, exhausted, worn out and needing recharge… but also. Doorwings fluttered adorably at the faintest of thoughts about Jazz, the sleek silvery Mech drawing closer to him, the brush of fingers against his arm, a light lean against his side when they worked on something together. The contact had started a tiny craving within him for more of those accidental touches.

But he had denied himself the pleasure. He was not some hormonal Mech who would…

He couldn't deny he wanted it.

Wanted Jazz.

It was illogical and irrational, and it would never happen, Jazz was lively and full of energy, always the centre of attention and always bringing smiles to the faces about him with a good song or some witty comments. Prowl watched, quietly from a corner, he didn't dare approach, sometimes Jazz would catch him, confusion touching those features as he regarded Prowl and wondered what it was the other was looking at. The confusion would fade and would be replaced by a warm smile just for him before Prowl would turn away staring down at his cube of Energon.

"Jazz…" A soft sigh escaped him, helpless, vulnerable against his own irrational desires.

Something seemed to free behind him, but only his doorwings perked up, twitching and begging for something the slightly frustrated and exhausted Tactician didn't acknowledge or understand.

Warm suddenly tickled across the every tip of one doorwing, tentative, light and uncertain. But it instantly melted Prowl back into his chair, his head drooping slightly in relief, doorwings stretched upward, pressing into the contact, definitely not about to let the logic circuits stop them. They knew… knew what was happening and welcomed it with a 'flap' of joy and encouragement.

Fingers were tightening a little more about the very edge of it, rubbing more firmly across the fine seams and awakening sensors, another joined the first on the opposite wing, stroking from tip down close to strong shoulders, caressing slightly as they moved. The thumbs were rubbing tiny circles on the underside, each rotation drawing the tension and stiffness out of Prowl's body, allowing his systems to slowly begin to cycle down towards recharge. Blue optics dimmed as the data pad dropped from his fingers onto the tabletop with a soft clatter, Prowl leaning backwards.

This couldn't be real…

Couldn't be…


Optics shuttered his back arching upwards into those fingers, his head dipping forwards, exposing more of those quivering doorwings, it was a good dream… wonderful…

Servos were tracing intricate patterns across his sensitive doorwings, exploring the contours of them, not quite attempting to arouse, but only wishing to learn, wishing to know where all those sensitive spots where. Wishing to know how to sooth Prowl's tired frame, the whisper of his name something soft against the sleepy Mech's audio, a warmth stepping up closer. Yet, it didn't disturb him, he welcomed it unconsciously. This Mech was always welcome. Prowl just didn't realise this was real.

He was too blissful to know for certain.



"Lemme… please…"


His shoulders relaxed completely, releasing all the stress he had within him, those hands were rubbing at his shoulders, sliding across black and white armour plating, dipping beneath it at times to reach those stubborn spots. A hot frame was pressed against those doorwings, which instantly folded back to press against the strong chassis possessively, feeling the faintest vibration of that Spark. The Spark that called to him… begging for him to take the chance to admit… he liked Jazz…


His frame was leaning backwards, boneless and his helm nuzzled against the warm silver chassis just behind him, his systems humming softly after what had been done to him. Those hands were still working their magic over him, enticing a faint lick of heat to coil up within his systems, heat rising quickly to warm every inch of his frame.

"…Jazz…" The name was whispered sleepily in that hot rather sexy voice, a smile touching the corners of his lips as he rested back like that, unaware and clearly content to remain like that. "… You… can…" A happy sound escaped Prowl, delight and a bubble of so many happy emotions that escaped his control and his logic chips as he just indulged in whatever it was the person was doing to him.

"When ya didn't come… I wanted ta find ya'…"

"So… sorry… wanted… too…" A sleepy yawn escaped him, a mumbled of happiness escaped him as strong arms coiled about him, cradling him back against the silver frame for a long moment. "Re… re… ports… from… pr…ime…" Snuggling backwards, he completely relaxed as he was almost slipping into recharge just like that, the moment those arms curled about him protectively. "… so… sorry…"

"That's okay. Maybe next time." Jazz couldn't help but lean down and just about press a kiss against that helm when the head tipped upwards slightly, and Jazz found himself kissing Prowl softly. The warm one beneath his own slipped open invitingly, tipping his head upwards to deepen the contact between both of them, heat coiling through Prowl like a wave.

When Jazz pulled back, he watched in amazement as a slender glossa slipped across warm lips, catching up the lingering taste of Jazz left on his lips. "More…" But before Jazz could say anything to that, Prowl was deep in recharge against his chassis, face relaxing peacefully with a smile touching the corner of those lips.

The silvery Mech was left staring down at the tactician in shock, not at just the kiss but also at the please for 'more' from him. He knew it was most likely Prowl would not remember this moment together, but if he did he would dismiss it as a dream… But Jazz could live with that, could live with anything now that he knew…

His feelings were returned.

It was going to be a tough battle breaking down those shields about the waking Prowl's Spark and frame, but with the first step on the road to seduction complete… Jazz hoped that soon enough he would have Prowl in his arms… and be able to give him the more that had been requested.

"Love you, Prowler."

He couldn't help but sneak another kiss from those slightly parted lips, lingering there for a long moment before he was pulling away, drawing an almost Spark-breaking sound from Prowl's lips. But knowing he had a lot now to plan. He would win this battle against Prowl.

"I promise to give ya 'more'." A grin came to him suddenly. "Ya won't know what hit ya."