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Optimus Prime stumbled, his entire body jolting slightly as he bumped against the wall opposite one of the rooms along the wide corridor, barely able to keep his balance. Blue optics glittered for a moment as he moved, his shoulder scrapping along the wall as he lifted a hand to his mouth and traced his fingers over his jaw lightly, remembering the brushes of dark hands over his frame, the slide of fingers creeping between his plating.

Jazz stood watching his commander move with keen interest, his lips twitching upwards slightly, green optics blazing brightly behind his visor, staying perfectly still and not attracting attention to himself. It was extremely amusing to just see the usually graceful Prime stumbling along with an almost wistful look on those handsome features. Something had happened, something very interesting had occurred just moments before and he wanted to know what. Glancing to the doorway from where Optimus had come, his optical ridges lifted in bemusement. The armoury.

"Should Ah be askin' if all of Ironhide's toys were put away?" The silvery mech bounced on his heels as he moved down the corridor towards the weaving Prime, looking him up and down and noting that the mech looked like he'd just been in the middle of a battle with a pair of Decepticons, if the plating beneath the armour was anything to go by. There wasn't a scratch on the armour itself, but he could see the scrapes across the silvery metal of the Prime's protoform.

Optimus froze, vivid blue optics staring at Jazz, catching the amusement in his expression and gritted his denta knowing that he had just been caught. "I was not the one to make the mess."

"Mess?" Jazz perked up. Sidestepping the Prime swiftly, wanting to get to the doorway of the armoury and be able to look inside.

But a massive hand caught his shoulder and drew him backwards sharply, preventing him from making it the last few steps to the door, his head twisting slightly to gaze upwards into the blue optics of the Prime. "You do not need to concern yourself with..."

A curse echoed right through the door, something high, slightly squeaky and to any other species ears would have sounded like an angry computer. Jazz's smile widened into a beaming grin, recognising that particularly nasty curse anywhere.

"This particular situation."

"PRIME!" It was a roar, a husky one though, sexy and clearly frustrated.

Jazz twisted in the Prime's grip, his visor lighting up brightly as he olfactory sensor twitched sharply at the scent that clung to the Prime and made him almost want to cover his mouth.

"I think it would be must better if both of us vacated the area before..."

Something came flying out of the doorway, slamming hard against the opposite wall, leaving a rather large dent as it dropped instantly to the floor. "You get back in here, Prime or I'll..." Another curse had Jazz laughing and Prime looking as if he had just been caught very red handed at something.

"What did yah do, Prime?" Jazz couldn't help but ask.

"For once Jazz, do not ask."

"Get yah aft back here, Prime!" Ironhide bellowed, not quite realising that Jazz was out there. "Release me."

Before the Prime could catch Jazz's shoulder the mech had darted away and the door hissed open as he paused in the doorway, his optics widening as he gazed inside at the sight before him then turned his head back towards Optimus with surprise on his features. "Ah didn't know yah had it in yah, Optimus." Leaning against the doorframe for a moment, Jazz let out a low whistle of amusement before ducking sharply as another piece of weaponry was flung directly at him, aiming to catch him square in the face. "Ah didn't know 'Hide was a submissive."

"I'm going to kill you, Prime." The raven black mech snarled as Optimus peeked into the Armoury over the top of Jazz's head at the sight before him that made his entire frame heat up from pedes to antenna just watching Ironhide squirm like that. There was nothing sexier than a riled up and aroused Ironhide.

"Ah wanna see that."

Suddenly a black and white helm appeared in the doorway as well, Prowl's doorwings flaring up and wide as he blinked at the scene before him inside of the armoury and the question died on his lips. "Oh my."


And they never did get to find out how Optimus had done it...

Hehe fuzzy cuffs... gun oil and solid surfaces.