It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a flying funnel cake!

I wish.

DISCLAIMER: If I made Kingdom Hearts, I'd be in it. Obviously there is no character named Taylor or Xylorta, so I obviously don't own it. To my dismay.

...blackmail photography...

[Keyblade_master01 has logged on]

[sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN! has logged on]

Keyblade_master01: This seems pretty cool!

Keyblade_master01: Um... is anyone even online?

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: I'm on. Who R U? Roxas?

Keyblade_master01: Nay, tis Sora! Who R U?

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Olette.

Keyblade_master01: =D Hi Olette! Long time no see! How've you been?

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Great, thanks for asking. :) And yourself?

[way2dawn has logged on]

way2dawn: Lovely, if you must know. ;)

Keyblade_master01: RIKKKUUU! [/glomps] YAYY!

way2dawn: What the -? This is EXACTLY why you don't need sugar.

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Same with Hayner.

Keyblade_master01: Oh really? [/scoffs] Puh-lease, I'm better than Hayner.

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Don't tell him that.

way2dawn: Hah. Sounds like Hayner's got an ego, not unlike a certain keyblader I know.

Keyblade_master01: Who, yourself? :P I don't have an ego!

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Okay, okay, Riku, don't get him angry.

way2dawn: What can he do to me?

[dance!WATER-dance! has logged on]

Keyblade_master01: You're don't wanna know.

dance!WATER-dance!: Phew... I'm safe. Axel is so ticked at me, it's not funny.

Keyblade_master01: What'd ya do to him?

dance!WATER-dance!: Larxene knocked him out during a fight of theirs so I grabbed one of her dresses and put it on him...

Keyblade_master01: YOU LIE!

dance!WATER-dance!: I swear on my sitar. I even have pictures.

way2dawn: Nuh uh. Pictures?

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: OMG. Send them to me through email.

way2dawn: Me 2!

dance!WATER-dance!: Got it. =D

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Talk about a perfect blackmailing scheme.

Keyblade_master01: That's evil, Olette. I like it. :)

[bewitching--you has logged on]

bewitching--you: Blackmail? Who are you trying to blackmail?

way2dawn: Naminé! They're thinking of blackmailing Axel.

bewitching--you: What for?

Keyblade_master01: Just because. How are you Naminé?

bewitching--you: Fine, thank you.

dance!WATER-dance!: Sent! Did you get it?

way2dawn: Yup. OH, that is epic! Olette, check these out!

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: I KNOW! Sora, you've got to see these.

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: I'll email them to you too Naminé.

Keyblade_master01: LMAO. Blue is SOO his color.

bewitching--you: No it's not!

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: That shade of blue is. What is that, aqua?

dance!WATER-dance!: Mmm, it goes with his eyes.

way2dawn: Hmmm... do you think that shade would go with Sora's eyes?

Keyblade_master01: Not if you want me to leak those pictures of our Spin-the-bottle game to the world!

way2dawn: ... YOU TOOK PICTURES?!

Keyblade_master01: Kairi did - but it's my camera.

dance!WATER-dance!: SEND IT.

Keyblade_master01: With pleasure, good sir!

way2dawn: OH NO YOU DON'T!

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: What Spin-the-Bottle game?

Keyblade_master01: It was me, Riku, Yuffie, Leon, Cloud, and Tidus. Kairi didn't want to play... probably because Axel wasn't playing.

bewitching--you: Her and Axel? Axel doesn't even like her that much.

Keyblade_master01: Ah, interesting... but anyway, I landed on Riku a few times and Kairi so happened to have her camera on her.

way2dawn: Whatever. The Leon and Cloud pictures are much more interesting.

bewitching--you: ... Leon, and... Cloud?

dance!WATER-dance!: Sounds interesting...

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Not really. I really don't want to see two guys making out with each other.

way2dawn: Gee, you're no fun.

Keyblade_master01: Check your inbox, Demyx!

dance!WATER-dance!: Checking!

dance!WATER-dance!: Uh-uh! That is HOT, Sora.

way2dawn: WHAT DID YOU SEND?!

Keyblade_master01: Nothing...! ... OLETTE! SAVE ME!

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Well, it's your fault Sora! Although those are... interesting photos.

bewitching--you: You're so dead, Riku.

way2dawn: :( Why?

bewitching--you: Roxas came in my room while I was looking through the pictures Sora sent me...

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: HE DIDN'T!

[keY_of_destinY has logged on]

keY_of_destinY: I kinda did.

way2dawn: . . .

keY_of_destinY: I'll say this - you seem like a pretty good kisser, Riku. =D


Keyblade_master01: You have to get through my shield first! [/pushes Olette in front of him]

way2dawn: ...

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: I doubt that's going to work, Sora.

Keyblade_master01: It will if I run and find you in Twilight Town.

way2dawn: You're not going ANYWHERE. Not until you delete those!

Keyblade_master01: Never! XP

[Keyblade_master01 has logged off]

[way2dawn has logged off]

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Riku is going to kill him!

keY_of_destinY: Yeah, I know. I'd intervine, but Axel's screaming his head off about something.

dance!WATER-dance!: He is?! ACK! THE BEAST HAS AWAKENED!!!

keY_of_destinY: The Beast? LOL.

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: OMG. Run, water, run!

dance!WATER-dance!: Good idea! Or better yet hide!

keY_of_destinY: Will someone PLEASE explain why Axel's wearing a DRESS?!

dance!WATER-dance!: That would be my fault.

[queenOFtheKunai has logged on]

queenOFtheKunai: What, and I did nothing?

keY_of_destinY: You did this too?

queenOFtheKunai: And I stuck a Marilyn Monroe wig on Vexen, and I dyed Marluxia's hair black, and I hid Xigbar's eyepatch...


sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Prepare to meet your doom with rose petals and poinsettas!

dance!WATER-dance!: Ohh~! LMAO!

keY_of_destinY: I have got to see this.

queenOFtheKunai: Just check your email... I'm uploading them now.

bewitching--you: That's explains why Vexen is downstairs threatening to kill someone!

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: You have pictures?!

queenOFtheKunai: Of course.

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Wait until Hayner gets online...

queenOFtheKunai: Wait. Don't show it to a lot of people. I've got a plan with the photos.

dance!WATER-dance!: So do I!

queenOFtheKunai: Nine-letter word, two syllables. Starts with a 'B' and ends with a 'L'.

sea=saltFUN!under=theSUN!: Blackmail.

keY_of_destinY: Blackmail. =D

bewitching--you: Blackmail.

dance!WATER-dance!: Black to the mail.

queenOFtheKunai: What else would I use them for? =D

dance!WATER-dance: What about that file on your desktop I found? The one will all of the yaoi fanfictions and pictures and stuff. And isn't one of those pictures your wallpaper?

queenOFtheKunai: Stay away from my computer.

dance!WATER-dance: Why? I kinda like the picture you have of Zexion...

keY_of_destinY: Picture... of ZEXION?!

queenOFtheKunai: DEMYX!

dance!WATER-dance!: Heh... bye!

[dance!WATER-dance! has logged off]

OMG. You know what's better than funnel cake?

Seeing Axel in a aqua blue strapless dress with ruffles and sparkles. =D LMAO. The mental image is killing me.

Below is a sneak peek of the next chapter... "happy crack and pixie stix". I thought you might want one.

--- Tayberry

Keyblade_master01: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Xflaming-flurryX: ... What a weird kid. What's gotten into you?

Keyblade_master01: Pixie Stix are gooooooooooddd!

dance!WATER-dance!: OME! Especially with Sharpies!

Keyblade_master01: OME?

dance!WATER-dance!: Oh. My. Edward.

Keyblade_master01: British guys are smeexxxy, aren't they smexxyyy?

dance!WATER-dance!: I KNNOW! [/fangirl spazzout]

way2dawn: What. The. Hell.

Xflaming-flurryX: Riku... shoot me now.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Gladly. ;D

Xflaming-flurryX: No! I swear to God, Xigbar, I didn't take your eyepatch!