A/N: It's mystery solving time! That's all I'm gonna say. =D Oh, and to prevent confusion, because characters are cosplaying as other characters - I'll add a little list here.

Axel - Miss Scarlett

Demyx - Mrs. Peacock

Marluxia - Mrs. White

Luxord - Mr. Green

Xigbar - Colonal Mustard

Roxas - Professor Plum

Larxene - Detective #1

Kairi - Detective #2

Zexion - Victim

Disclaimer: Disclaimed. Enough said.


[-reading&scheming- has logged on]

[queenOFtheKunai has logged on]

[pirate-with-gun*arrows has logged on]

pirate-with-gun*arrows: What is Demyx going on about?

queenOFtheKunai: As if I care.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Huh. Thought you would have a clue... you're mentioned.

-reading&scheming-: If it has anything to do with a certain novel I found stashed in my Lexicon then tell me where he is so I can strangle him.

queenOFtheKunai: It's cool, Zexion, don't fret over it.

-reading&scheming-: I can "fret" over whatever I wish, Larxene.

queenOFtheKunai: Whatever's clever, darling. =D

pirate-with-gun*arrows: ...

[dance!WATER-dance! has logged on]

dance!WATER-dance!: Hey, anyone wanna play Clue with me?

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Clue?

dance!WATER-dance!: Yeah! It's Clue... but online!

-reading&scheming-: That's idiotic.

dance!WATER-dance!: Is not. [/sticks tongue out]

[princessOFpromises has logged on]

princessOFpromises: Has anyone seen Riku?

-reading&scheming-: Why?

princessOFpromises: Because he's not here.

queenOFtheKunai: Maybe Sora finally did him in.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Ha! As if. More like the other way around.

princessOFpromises: That would NEVER happen.

queenOFtheKunai: Is that with sarcasm or without it?

dance!WATER-dance!: With. She probably hates them both.

princessOFpromises: Do not!

[FLOWER2the2nd!POWER! has logged on]

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Nothing to do...

[keY_of_destinY has logged on]

keY_of_destinY: Go play a board game or something. I'm playing Online Clue.

dance!WATER-dance!: Clue? Like... the detective game?

keY_of_destinY: Yup.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: I see where this is going...

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Oh really?

dance!WATER-dance!: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Marly...?

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: KingdomHearts Clue Online?

dance!WATER-dance!: Bingo! Now, first we need a victim. A corpse. A dead body...

keY_of_destinY: Vexen.

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Saix.

-reading&scheming-: Xemnas.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Luxord.

queenOFtheKunai: Do you want a REAL dead body, or no?

dance!WATER-dance!: NO! Just someone to act it out... Zexion? Will you do it?

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Ooh, yes. Some really hot millionare who is brutally murdered because of greed...

[Xflaming-flurryX has logged on]

Xflaming-flurryX: Hola, mis amigos.

dance!WATER-dance!: OMG. The second you say 'hot', he appears.

Xflaming-flurryX: 'Cause I AM Demyx, and you know that.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Hah! As if.

princessOFpromises: ... Okay. Moving on.

-reading&scheming-: Fine. I'll gladly take that position.

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: And we need some detectives.

princessOFpromises: I'll do that!

queenOFtheKunai: Me too. =D

dance!WATER-dance!: I'll be... Colonal Mustard!

Xflaming-flurryX: We can cross-dress if we want... since I'm more like Miss Scarlett, I'd do that role.

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: You no longer have the right to call me gay. EVER.

Xflaming-flurryX: Shut up and go be Mrs. White or something!

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: ... Good idea! I have the perfect costume for that!

princessOFpromises: Oh, we're using costumes as well? Perfect!

queenOftheKunai: ... Who are you going to be, Xigbar?

dance!WATER-dance!: You can be Colonal Mustard, Xiggy, I'm taking Miss Peacock!

pirate-with-gun*arrows: That's fine with me.

dance!WATER-dance!: We need a Professor Plum. And Mr. Green.

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Hmmm... who to assign that role?

Xflaming-flurryX: Roxas! You can be Professor Plum - and then get Luxord to be Mr. Green.

keY_of_destinY: ... I think you guys are taking this too far...

[lets*go_BERSERKER_mode! has logged on]

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: NUMBER XI!

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Yessss?

queenOFtheKunai: Oh, I know what THIS is about...


FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Wait a moment. What for?

[lets*go_BERSEKER_mode! has logged off]

-reading&scheming-: It's his hair. Someone dyed it pink.

[-reading&scheming has logged off]

queenOFtheKunai: ;D

keY_of_destinY: That was you, Larxene? Nice job!

queenOFtheKunai: Of course I did a nice job, I did it.

Xflaming-flurryX: Don't get cocky now...

dance!WATER-dance!: OMG - what was that?!

queenOFtheKunai: I don't know...!

keY_of_destinY: Uh-oh... we might have an actual case on our hands.

...fifteen minutes and several panicked moments later...

[Xflaming-flurryX has logged on]

Xflaming-flurryX: I can't BELIEVE that... my God...

Xflaming-flurryX: Is anyone online?

Xflaming-flurryX: Oh, COME ON!

[princessOFpromises has logged on]

princessOFpromises: I'm here. What's going on?

Xflaming-flurryX: Saix went and attacked Marluxia! Or he tried to anyway...

princessOFpromises: Since when do you care about Marluxia?

Xflaming-flurryX: Well, he went and got Zexion in the process.

princessOFpromises: Oh.

[dance!WATER-dance! has logged on]

dance!WATER-dance!: Guess what Axel? Our detective just ran off with our victim!

Xflaming-flurryX: Define the phrase "ran off".

dance!WATER-dance!: As in dragged him off into her room to perform an "examination".

Xflaming-flurryX: WHAT? Zexion... and Larxene?!

princessOFpromises: Whoa... interesting clue there! [/scribbles down]

[lets*go_BERSERKER_mode! has logged on]

princessOFpromises: Aha! Our prime suspect.

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: Suspect? I simply missed with my attack, number XI shouldn't have interfered.

princessOFpromises: Who dyed your hair pink, to begin with?

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: I'm not sure. All I remember is....

princessOFpromises: Hmmm... alright then.

Xflaming-flurryX: WAIT! On New Years' Larxene said something about dyeing Saix's hair!

princessOFpromises: Our detective is a suspect? Hmm, interesting, interesting...

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: It's certainly not beneath her.

[pirate-with-gun*arrows has logged on]

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Well, I know that - it wasn't me. And Miss Peacock didn't do it either.

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: Miss WHO?

pirate-with-gun*arrows: I think it was Detective #1 with the hair dye in Saix's room.

princessOFpromises: I agree!

[FLOWER2the2nd!POWER! has logged on]

Xflaming-flurryX: My opinion is this: I think it was Mrs. White with the pink hair dye in Saix's room.

princessOFpromises: Marluxia?

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: I should have hit him.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Well, it is PINK hair dye. C'mon, that can't be his real hair color.

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: It IS my real hair color.

princessOFpromises: Okay then! Who could have done it?

Xflaming-flurryX: Demyx and Xigbar were just - videotaping it! Demyx! I need to go get that camera!

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: AHA! Proof!

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Oh yeah! Where's the water boy anyway?

Xflaming-flurryX: Lemme find him.

[Xflaming-flurryX has logged off]

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: It wasn't me, really. I was in the Grey Area...

pirate-with-gun*arrows: No you weren't. You and the Superior disappeared before the party even started. ;]

FLOWER2the2nd!POWER!: Hmm. Like Axel and Demyx are innocent. And like you and Luxord are innocent.

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Hmm. Good point.

[dance!WATER-dance! has logged on]

dance!WATER-dance!: Case closed folks!

lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: Well? What happened?

dance!WATER-dance!: It was Zexion.


lets*go_BERSERKER_mode!: That's it.

[lets*go_BERSERKER_mode! has logged off]

dance!WATER-dance!: To the videocamera!

[Keyblade_master01 has logged on]

Keyblade_master01: Already taken care of. I was sneaking around the palace taking video the WHOLE time.

dance!WATER-dance!: Oh my God, WHAT?

pirate-with-gun*arrows: Hahaha, good job, kiddo.

dance!WATER-dance!: I have newfound respect for you. Come on, let's go!

Keyblade_master01: Where?

dance!WATER-dance!: To YouTube, of course!

Poor Zexion. He better run if he values his life.

Love, -tayberry&scheming-