1. Alice.

The wind blew, disheveling my hair as I ran through the dark forest. Trees were covered by moss. Fallen leaves cluttered the ground. The sky was almost black, with only the slightest of moonlight.

I picked up my speed. Leaves rustled as I passed. Blurred, and leaving nothing in my wake but the unnatural breeze of my movement.

A lone deer drank greedily from the nearby creek, only a couple of miles away. It's heart beat, the heavy sound of blood being pumped through it's veins. The smell was inviting, though not overly so.

I made way to the small creek. Moving silently as only one of my kind can. I stalked the unsuspecting animal, advancing slowly as not to betray my presence.

It was a beautiful animal.

I launched myself at my prey. In a sixteenth of a second, I had the animal on the ground underneath me. I snapped the neck instantly as not to cause my prey any unnecessary pain. Instinctually, I found the main artery. Blood flow was rapidly slowing down and I hurriedly cut through the skin as easily as a human would butter.

The warm, sweet liquid flowed down my throat. Warming my cold body, filling my empty stomach.

I hummed contentedly as I savored the last drop of blood.

I discarded the corpse and straightened out my clothes. Alice would be mad if I ruined these jeans. She had them shipped over from Paris. Ridiculous.

I ran home in forty-three minutes and eleven seconds. A personal record.

I heard my families thoughts as I approached the large white house.

Ooh, Edward's home, I wonder if he'll play chess with me? … Yup he will. Alice.

These so called historicists are nothing but a bunch of idiots, that is not what happened. I should know, I was there. Jasper was frustrated about some faulty history book. He usually found it quite amusing to see the humans make mistakes. Not today, though.

Maybe I'll go tune Edward's Volvo. It could use a bit of love. And he hasn't been that annoying lately. Rosalie was in a good mood lately.

Oh no, you idiot! Go left! Left! Aaaghrrrrrr!!!! Emmet was playing some kind of new video game.

Hmmm, should I redo the kitchen? Or maybe on of the bedrooms. Edward's could use a feminine touch. Oh how I wish he would find someone to love. I sighed. Esme was forever hoping I would find love. I had given up by now. It seemed there was no one for me. Or maybe she wasn't born yet. Either way I was in no hurry.

Heart rate was too high. Blood pressure elevated. Yes, he would need the medication. I rolled my eyes. Even at home, Carlisle couldn't let his job go. Vampire workaholic.

I entered the house only to be ambushed by a bouncing Alice. Come on! Chess! Her thoughts held child like excitement.

"Come o-o-one!"

"Yes, Alice." I chuckled.

Esme shook her head indulgently. "What are you two up to?" She smiled at Alice.

"I'm going to kick his butt at chess." Alice stated proudly with her nose in the air.

"Come on then." I said "Let's get this over with."

Just as I was about to get the chess board, Alice's eyes went wide and she was swept into a vision. I watched through her mind as images swirled and came into focus.

A girl was lying in a small bed, sleeping. She had very long brown hair which was tangled around her head. Her face was pale and relaxed. There was someone lying next to her. Not sleeping, Just watching the girl. It seemed like a man but he was blurry, unrecognizable. Just then the vision changed and the girl woke. She opened her eyes and smiled a beautiful smile at whoever was in the bed with her. The girl stretched and reached for the man in her bed. He snaked his arms around her and kissed her lovingly. The couple got out of bed and slowly the man became clear.

He was tall and lean. His hair was short and disheveled. His skin was pale and smooth. His eyes were… No… It couldn't be… The man was me. He… I walked up to the girl and threw her over my shoulder. She latched onto his, no, my back and I walked down the stairs with the now giggling girl on my back.

Alice's mind returned to the present and she stared at me wide eyed. I just stared back.

I couldn't comprehend what I just saw. Was that me? My future? But the girl, she was human, yes definitely human. And she seemed to know that I was… not. It looked like I loved her. But how… This was so confusing. The vision must have been wrong. Alice wasn't wrong often, but she wasn't infallible.

The thoughts around me went from curiosity to concern to panic in a matter of seconds as Alice and I stood motionless. Our eyes locked. For once her mind was completely silent.

Alice was the one to recover first, after Jasper shook her shoulder.

"Alice what was that?!" His only thought was his mate's safety.

"A vision." Alice answered. Her eyes still as wide as saucers.

"No shit Sherlock!" Emmett boomed. He looks like he's in shock.

"Alice" I choked "What…" I couldn't even finish a sentence.

Alice looked at me with brilliant, happy eyes. Didn't you see? She's your mate! You're going to love her and she's going to love you! Isn't this wonderful! Her mental squeal was painfully loud.

Slowly, I regained my brain function. Wonderful? She thought this was wonderful?!

"What is going on?" Carlisle asked patiently. But his thoughts were just as confused as the rest.

"Well, as I said, I had a vision" Alice started "I saw Edward". She paused here.

"What? What's wrong?!" Esme was panicking. She placed her hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. Better than fine." Alice smiled hugely.

How could she be so happy about this. She saw that I was going to love a human girl. This was not fine. I would surely ruin the poor girl. Either I would kill her, or she would be condemned to an eternity as monster. I could not, no, I would not do that to her.

"Alice explain slowly exactly what you saw." Carlisle was trying to calm Esme down.

"Hmmmhhhmmm," Alice cleared her throat dramatically "I saw…" She was enjoying this entirely too much "Edward fall in love." She finished. She looked expectantly at her audience, as if waiting for a round of applause.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Esme gushed. He deserves happiness.

Aah, finally, he won't be alone anymore. Carlisle was happy as well.

About time he got some action. Emmett of course.

I wonder what she looks like. She's not prettier than me, is she? Rosalie was vain as ever.

Hmmm, he doesn't seem too happy about it. What's the matter, Edward? Jasper sensed my obvious discomfort.

I couldn't stand it all their happy thoughts. I had to get away. So that's exactly what I did, I ran.

I was out of the house before anyone could say anything. Alice would explain. For now I just had to be alone.

There was no way that I could love the girl in the vision. I wouldn't allow myself to love her. Nothing good could come of it.

I had to change the future. But how?

I could leave. I could go somewhere, alone. So I would never meet the girl. Yes, that was a good plan. I didn't like acting like a coward, but her life was more important than my ego right now.

I decided to go into town. It was still early, but not too early. If I ran into someone they wouldn't ask questions.

I walked at a slow human pace. The sun was up but it was covered by a thick blanket of clouds, casting the town in a gloomy grey tone. It fit my mood.

I let my mind wander. I listened to the sound of the small waking town.

Ugh!! No, too early!

Why won't he wake up? It's six already and he's still sleeping.

So much to do today. groceries, laundry, dinner, Oh and I have to start painting the nursery.

I was completely engrossed in the trivial thoughts of humans when I collided with something small and warm.

I instinctively wrapped my arms around it. I looked down and did a double take.

It was a girl. No, it was the girl. The one from Alice's vision, the one I'm supposed to love.

I looked intently at her trying to analyze what she looked like.

She was very small, five foot nothing and she couldn't possibly weigh more than a hundred pounds. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a high pony tail. She was very pale, and had a kind face with soft features. A small button nose, and full dark pink lips. I couldn't really see her eyes from this angle but they seemed dark.

She was beautiful.

Not a full second had passed. She looked up at me with wide brown eyes. On first sight they might seem too big for her petite face, but it fit her.

I inhaled deeply as I became aware of her small warm body pressed up against me, and I was greeted by the most delicious smell I had ever come across. Though she smelled wonderfully intoxicating, I felt no desire to drink her blood.

She blushed and it set of her porcelain skin beautifully.

"I'm sorry, Miss." I started. Her eyes widened and her heart stuttered. Was she afraid? "Are you alright?" Had I hurt her?

"I'm fine" She said in a soft soothing voice. It was a slightly scratchy and husky. " I wasn't paying attention." She explained.

She looked down, her blush deepening. It was only then that I realized I was still holding her. I let her go and took a step back.

"I'm Edward Cullen." I introduced myself. It was the polite thing to do, and I wanted to know her name.

"Bella" She said "I'm Bella…Swan." She tacked along.



It suited her.

"It's nice to meet you, Bella." I loved how her name felt on my lips. Bella.

"Um, you too." She seemed embarrassed.

I wanted to read her mind to find out why. I suddenly realized that I couldn't read her mind. She was completely silent. Was there something wrong with me? I could hear all the other thoughts around me just as clearly as always. So why was she silent?

"I should get going." She said, looking down at her running shoes. I noticed her attire. She wore bleu, fitting yoga pants and a snug, light blue hoodie. She must have been running.

"Alright, goodbye." I said uncomfortably.

"Bye." She put the ear buds of her IPod back in her ears and started running.

I stood there staring at her. What had just happened? Was she the one I was destined to love?

The one who's mind was silent.

The one who's blood was not tempting me.

The most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

I walked home slowly, in a daze. My previous plan to leave all but forgotten.

I had to see Alice.