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Chapter 38. Forever.


Charlie took the news of our impending nuptials better than we expected. Sure, he thought we were too young and wondered why we wanted to marry so soon, but much to everyone's surprise he warmed up to the idea fairly quickly. My family of course didn't need time or warming up. They were absolutely delighted, Alice and Esme promptly offered to help with the preparations and even Rosalie was genuinely happy for us. Not everyone was so positive, however. Most of our classmates were baffled. They stared and pointed and whispered for nearly a month and only then did they seem to accept it and move on.

Bella's mother had been a different matter altogether. When she learned of our engagement, Renee jumped on a plane and came to Forks as soon as possible. She had been planning to take Bella back to Jacksonville with her but thankfully Charlie came through and prevented that from happening. It was rather shocking to me that such a horrid woman could have given birth to my Bella. She obviously takes after her father.

After all the excitement died down a little Bella and I began planning the wedding. We had decided to keep things small and arrange everything ourselves. Alice had been understandably upset but Carlisle had given her a rather stern talking-to about her tendency to meddle. The wedding would be held at our house. The ceremony itself would take place in the large living room and the reception afterward in the garden. We spent months together working on our wedding which brought us closer together. We had the occasional argument but I can't say I mind that, for I find an angry Bella extremely attractive. I never told her that of course.

Our relationship was more solid than ever. We had learned to completely trust each other and I even managed to talk to her about the darker parts in my past and the darker side of myself. I also spoke with her about vampirism itself and the possibility of Bella being changed. She had talked to my family as well to hear what they had to say on the subject. Two weeks before the wedding it had been decided that Bella would be changed. Not right away, but possibly in a few years. She was still young and there were many things she wanted to do while human. I had made her promise to tell me immediately if she changed her mind.

Another point of discussion was our living arrangements after we were married. Neither of us were particularly keen on living with my family. Bella valued her privacy too much and I was desperate to get away from my brother's teasing about my ever evolving sex life (we hadn't made love yet but Bella was a hormonal teenager and I a teenage vampire). We were wracking our brains for a solution when Esme saved the day. A few miles away there was a small cottage crumbling away on our property. She volunteered to fix it up for us as a wedding gift. It was the perfect solution. We would be alone but not too far away. While Bella and I were on our honeymoon, the family would completely renovate the cottage.

Finally, after months of preparation, today was the day. Bella and I had chosen August first because it would give us plenty of time for our honeymoon.

I had been locked up in my room by Alice who insisted that I stay upstairs and get ready. It took me all of five minutes to shower, dress and comb my hair. I spend the rest of my free time making last minute arrangements for our honeymoon which would be a surprise for Bella. It was the only thing I did alone just as Bella had taken care of her dress without me.

The few guests started arriving soon and I found myself getting impatient. Finally Carlisle appeared to take me downstairs. The large room had been decorated with hundreds of fragrant flowers. A white runner led towards a small archway. Chairs stood on each side of the aisle.

I went to stand next to the minister with Carlisle on the other side of me. I quickly asked him if he had the rings with him which made him laugh.

Rosalie took her place behind the piano and started playing the traditional wedding march with a wealth of embellishments. Alice, then, walked gracefully down the stairs wearing a silver gown just like the one Rosalie wore. Her normally spiky hair had somehow been subdued and had flowers in it. She took her place and grinned hugely.

And then it happened. My Bella appeared at the top of the stairs. I knew Charlie walked beside her but I only saw her. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her hair was braided with flowers interwoven, her skin practically glowed and her dark eyes were large and captivating. The white gown looked nothing like what modern brides wore. It was more reminiscent of something that would be seen when I had been young. The see-through lace showed off her arms and back, the high collar accentuated her neck and the cut of the dress complemented her figure magnificently. She looked into my eyes and I was lost in hers, they were shining with love and happiness.

She stood beside me then and I held both her hands in mine. The depth of my feelings for this woman nearly overwhelmed me and I barely heard a word the minister said. Our vows were the same traditional ones as millions of people had spoken before us. But somehow our union was different. We were different.

Bella's voice was soft but strong when she spoke. "I do." No sweeter words had ever been said.

I responded in kind, nearly chocking on my emotion. "I do."

The rings were brought from Carlisle's pocket and I held Bella's in my hand. It was small of course. The simple golden band was inlayed with rubies sapphires and emeralds. Engraved on the inside were our names, but no date. My ring held no stones but the same engraving. With shaking hands she placed it on my finger and I returned the favor.

The minister soon declared us husband and wife. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her like my life (or hers) depended on it. The sound of applause, laughter and a few catcalls broke us apart but we held on to each other.

"I love you. " She whispered.