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So anyhow. It's 4:30 am. Couldn't sleep. An after I finished off season 5 of Gilmore Girls (no this is not a Gilmore Girls "story") I had a load of thoughts running around in my head. Emotions, bla bla. So instead of laying there uselessly I thought I'd take a crack at...something. And this is what pop'd out. Enjoy, critic and reviews (pleasant or otherwise) are greatly appreciated.

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It's all about a Man.

Beating, pounding in her chest. Her heart.
It aches. Emotionally, physical.

With each pulse pressing on her lungs. Her breath labored.
She feels...
Is the only sensible? Logic...? Human; Word she can come up with.

Though surrounded by those, whom love her. Whom she loves. There is a feeling she can't seem to shake.
This need, this urge. To have this one. Particular human being, this man. With her.
To hold her.
To care for her.
To love her.
To be there for her. When she needs him.

Someone who will understand what she needs without her having to say a word. A small motion of her body: the way she sits; a soft sigh.

She's strong. Independent.
Most definitely can make it on her own. Knows who she is. What she's to do with her life.
Is...capable of being, herself.

Though apparently a paradox, isn't whole without him.

Circumstance prevent them from being together. From loving one another. To have there moments.

Time, distance. Rules.

The inability to get ones thoughts across.

So for now. Things go on as they must.

...for now.

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