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The constant burn scorching my throat had yet to fade. Nearly a decade had passed since my change and the need had yet to subside. Neither Carlisle nor Esme had ever suffered as much as I had and I could not figure out why. Their constant reassurances and love only caused me to loathe myself more for my inadequacies. With each day that passed, my resentment grew, until one day I had enough. I had to get away. I needed to be on my own. I needed to feed my hunger of the unknown, quench my overwhelming thirst for fresh human blood.

So I left. I left in search of a new life. A life where I could stop fighting the monster that I had become.

After months of running and putting hundreds of miles between me and the Cullens, I began to prey on humans, yet every time I would attempt a kill their thoughts would invade my mind. The second my teeth grazed the tender, warm flesh of their necks, my victims would scream for mercy as their histories began to flash before my eyes. Frozen in a trance, I could do nothing but watch, as their lives hung precariously in the balance of my grasp. The increase of blood flow beneath my lips would bring my attention back to my task at hand, as the steady beat of their heart began to hypnotize me.

Tha-thump, tha-thump.

Flashes of families and loved ones would begin assaulting my conscience as the sharp edges of my teeth would niche the fragile flesh, releasing the sweet nectar within. My tongue flat against their skin, I would allow myself the tiniest of tastes, teasing my senses. Then, just as quickly as I had appeared, I would go. I would run and hide in the shadows, wanting to beg for forgiveness and mercy, yet knowing I had no soul to redeem.

As I sat there, shrouded in darkness, horrific scenes began to flash before my eyes. Such horrific acts of inhumanity that my stone skin began to crawl and a low growl rumbled within my chest. Small chunks of brick scattered about my feet as I tried to force these images from my mind physically I did not choose to hear their thoughts, to have their actions burned into my memory, but that did not stop them. They still invaded my brain like some infectious disease eating away at my last remaining sliver of humanity. I could not decipher if these were memories or fantasies, but each one seemed infinitely worse than the last. I could not bear the horror anymore; I had to make it stop.

The fallen brick turned to dust under my shoes as I began scanning the dark alley, my eyes easily focusing on every particle within each darkened corner until they came to rest on the source of my terror. His rag-clothed back facing me as his quivering body rested against a mold-covered wall. He did not notice my presence as he continued to live in his fantasy world. As I stepped closer, his stench and sweat filled my nostrils, lingering on the back of my tongue before I could stop any unnecessary air intake. His dark, greasy hair lay plastered to his saggy, weathered skin as the yellow of his teeth shown in the dimly lit street. The soft scrape of skin against cloth brought my attention to his lap. He thought of a young boy playing in the streets; something about the boy's laughter aroused him more. His movements quickened as images of a broken body lying crumbled against wet soil sent pure rage coursing through my bones. Within seconds, my hands were on either side of his head, exposing his filthy neck before his mind could replay his actions with the cold body. My teeth sank quickly into his dirt-crusted neck as the warm liquid of his life began coating my throat. His thoughts showed me no remorse or grief for the innocent lives that he stole; instead, he was saddened that he would no longer receive satisfaction at their torture. The sharp snap of bones and flesh ended the assault against my conscience as the weight of his lifeless body rested against the cold cobbles. This man, no, this waste of existence, would not be missed from society.

I stood silently, fists clenched against my sides as I waited for the guilt to overtake me. Yet, I could not bring myself to feel remorseful for taking this man out of the world. I did not berate myself for being a monster, a coward; instead, I had removed a monster from society. Had I finally found a solution for my need? I could consume the blood of murderers and other foul deviants to avenge the blood spilled on their hands.

My body continued to quiver with rage as I stared down at the lifeless heap curled into the fetal position at my feet. I knew that I had to clean up any evidence, but I could not bring myself to give this man the dignity of even an informal burial. Thankful that breath was not a necessity, I hoisted the body off the ground and quickly ran deep into the woods.

The noises of bone against damp foliage echoed throughout the quiet forest. Scavengers would smell him and then they could slowly peel his flesh from his bones as nature took its course on any other remnants. No one would miss this man, or would they? What if he had a family that did not know of his evil secrets? Who was I to hold judgment against this human? How could I, a being without a soul, think that I was in any place to punish any man for his crimes?

I could feel the damp leaves beneath my knees as the images of his thoughts caused me to sink to the earthen floor. He took the lives of children; he prayed on them and used them to his advantage. He had no concern for their pain or the pain of their families, his only concern was his own sick, demented need. They were too naive and weak to fight back. Most of them did not realize what was occurring until it was too late.

My fingers gripped tightly into my hair as I attempted to pull the images from my brain. I did not want to see their faces, or hear his amusement at their cries. He deserved what he got. He deserved worse than the ending that I gave him. For the crimes he had committed, the death that was dealt to him at my hands was merciful.

The leaves crunched under my feet as I stood to make my way back towards town. I needed to distance myself from the body, get his wicked thoughts out of my head. Focusing on the noises around me I continued to walk, drinking in the feel of the warm sun against my stone skin, I avoided returning to town, choosing instead to isolate myself once again. As the clouds began to dull and the clear blue began adding oranges and reds, I followed the scent back toward civilization.

The high-pitched squeal of children playing replaced the screams echoing in my skull. I sat in the branches of a nearby tree and watched the children play a game of ball, laughing, smiling, living. In that moment, I had found my resolve. That man was no longer able to hurt anyone. His blood still warmed me as the slow ache began to build again in my throat. Not only was I able to calm the burning flames of my thirst, but I was also able to fill my yearning need for a purpose, a place. No longer was I hiding in Carlisle's shadow, waiting for the day when I would let him down.

I had finally emerged on my own.

With my newfound resolve, I continued to watch the children play as the last rays of sunlight began to fade into the trees.

Twilight was upon us.

One of the deadliest times of day.

The two worlds of good and evil began to co-mingle at this hour. The light and purity of youth, pleading not to be locked in the safe confines of their homes, as the dark, seedy walkers of the night began to emerge from their shadows, sneering as they targeted their latest prey, anxiously awaiting for their chance to pounce.

The conflicting thoughts filled my head as I began to filter the good from the evil. I was slowly able to cut off the pure, innocent thoughts as I began to concentrate and distinguish the minds of my prey.

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