Saturday shifted uncomfortably. She had called Hego yesterday to let him know she was going to camp out at Cammie's and go to class with her tomorrow, hence she was sitting on an odd chunky leather footstool in Cammie's living room, said room decorated with animal heads and weird rustic furniture. It was well into Monday, and she and Cammie had skipped out on school because Kim had yet to rise. The short haired girl had been comatose to the world the entire night, and it was now fading into one in the afternoon. Cammie and Saturday had been notably worried, and both had fussed around the younger girl the entire time.

Saturday finally lost her cool and burst to her feet and stormed back up the stairs to Cammie's room. She stormed in the door to find Cammie sitting huddled with her feet on the seat of her computer chair hovering close to the bed where Kim lay bundled under a couple blankets. When their eyes met, Cammie merely shrugged.

Saturday sighed explosively before dropping onto the beanbag chair by the TV in the corner of the room. "Your living room is seriously creepy."

Cammie gave her a faint smile. "You say that every time you come over."

"Well, it's only gotten worse since I started coming!" retorted Saturday, throwing her black hair over her shoulder so she wasn't laying on it. "I mean, how many dead animals does he need in there?! And is your family's fashion sense that dismal?!"

Cammie giggles. "Well, to be fair, they think I'm quite bizarre for my unique interests."

"What, because you're normal?" Saturday groaned and closed her eyes. "I'm exhausted. I wish she came with a timer."

Cammie glanced worriedly at the young girl still oblivious to the world. "We did startle her pretty bad. Do you think we should take her to the hospital?"

Saturday grunted. "No. I have a feeling she'd only be more upset." She massaged her temples with her thumbs. "She acts so damned cagey…" She groaned again. "I swear, she acts like a sneak thief. She's all smiles until you do something too personal, and she freaks out. I don't even know why she was so angry with us. We really were just in the area, and I…" she trailed off.

"Thought it would be fun to show her the invisible hovercraft that GJ let you toy around with after it was confiscated from a villain," finished Cammie. She shrugged. "It really did seem harmless at the time. Obviously, we should have waited until we saw her at school and told her about it first."

The raven haired girl rolled over to her stomach and pivoted around so she could look at the other two teens. Her face was tense, eyes filled with worry. "You don't think she'll be angry when she wakes up, do you?"

Cammie sighed. "Right now I'm more worried about when she's going to wake up. Most people who startle don't knock themselves out this long." She reached out and brushed a lock of dark hair out of Kim's eyes. "It's like she wore herself out completely, and the scare just used up the rest of her energy."

"Do you think we should call the principal? He could get in touch with her folks."

Cammie hesitated. "Maybe?"

Saturday gave her a flat look. "Are you hesitating because you don't want him to know we pulled the stupid stunt that knocked her out, or is it because you actually like having someone around other than me?"

Cammie flashed a hurt look at her. "I like having you around. You're the only one that keeps the ghosts away."

Saturday pushed herself up to go comfort the blond when a third voice spoke aloud saying "ghosts?" startled her and she tripped on the beanbag chair and face-planted awkwardly on the plush blue carpet.

Cammie shot her a huge grin before a red faced Saturday clambered over to the side of the bed on her knees. Both focused on the bleary green eyes blinking at them from the pillow.

"'s ghosts?" questioned the younger teen as she rubbed at her eyes with a dazed sort of detachment.

"Metaphorical stuff," cooed Cammie, a sweet smile on her lips at the adorable display the wild haired sleepy youth was making. When Kim yawned, it was all Cammie could do not to swoop the younger teen into a bone crushing hug. "So cute!"

Saturday gave her a flat stare, even though her cheeks were faintly pink. "Stop being weird."

"But she's adorable!" protested the blond, waving emphatically at the teen watching them blankly.

Saturday sharpened her stare. "Weird."

A giggle broke apart their stare down, and both turned to find Kim snuggling further into the pillow with a faint smile on her lips. "Silly…"

"Ah-hey! Er, wait!" Saturday stumbled over her words as the younger teen closed her eyes again, the older teens face flush with embarrassment. "Don't go back to sleep yet!"

Cammie gave her friend a shushing wave before leaning over to gently shake Kim's shoulder. "Hey now, wake up sleepy head. We have some stuff to discuss and phone calls to be made before you go back to sleep."

"'s warm…" protested Kim, a petulant pout pulling at her features.

Saturday looked away quickly, while Cammie bit her lips to restrain her squeal. "I know," soothed the blond, blue eyes laughing as she smiled. "But you really need to wake up for a bit, okay?"

A very pathetic moan followed that comment, and Kim pulled the blankets completely over herself to hide from the other two teens.

Both older teens exchanged amused looks before the blankets were suddenly thrown back and Kim was sitting up and staring at them in alarm.

"Where am I?" she asked quickly, green eyes wide with alarm.

"Whoa sweetie, slow down. You're at my place. You passed out yesterday and we don't know where you live." Cammie gave her a reassuring smile. "Saturday's house is… a little wild, so we thought you'd get some actual rest here."

Kim's eyes darted back and forth between them, looking for the truth in their expressions. "How long…?"

"It's Monday, and…" Cammie glanced at her nightstand. "It's two fifteen in the afternoon." She carefully reached out and put her hand on Kim's. "We would have called your parents to come get you, but we don't have your number." Cammie smiled at Kim's long intense look. "We figured you wouldn't want us finding out any information that you didn't give us yourself."

Some of the unease faded from Kim's expression. "Why did you follow me?" Her voice was low, cautious.

"I wanted to show you the hovercraft. I got called on a mission while Cammie and I were in the area. I was allowed to keep the hovercraft for mission use, as I am often going off on missions solo and don't have any reliable transportation."

"How did you know I was there?" asked Kim, voice still defensive.

Saturday flushed in embarrassment again. "Mego got this new tracker working so we can find each other if something important is going on. I… may have put a hair from you and Cammie in it?"

Kim frowned. "Meaning?"

"I can track you both based on DNA 'cause once a sample has been given I can find you anywhere?" She was staring at her hands fidgeting in her lap.

"Can they find us?" asked Cammie, her voice disturbingly frosty.

"No!" startled Saturday, hands leaping into the air to wave around frantically. "My brothers can't use it to find you! No one can! I locked it so only I can access it! I pulled the program and implemented it for my own use on my laptop! If someone tries to hack it, everything gets deleted!"

"So they can't find us?" repeats Cammie, her voice a bit warmer.

"No, only I can. I haven't really used it. Didn't see much point. I just wondered how well the program worked, as I haven't heard of anything that can track people by their DNA before. Mego said there's a special satellite the government uses for breaking down the genetic makeup of animals around the planet, to see if any new species or lost species can be found. From my understanding, it's by luck alone that no one else has thought to use it to track people. From what I saw when I tested it with your DNA while we were at school, it works rather well. It shows your location within a two mile radius."

Kim shivered. "That's dangerous."

Saturday grimaced. "Yeah, it's why I totally destroyed my brother's copy with a virus and have a virus saved to send to the satellite should the government get uppity with it."

"How would you know if they did?" asked Kim, expression somber.

Saturday winked to lighten the mood. "Cause I put a tracking program on it. Soon as they try and use it for human DNA I will know, and I'll end the whole thing." She nodded forcefully. "I even know who designed it, and lucky for us, the person passed away last year from a heart attack, so he won't be able to re-design it for the government if this one gets broken."

"No copies?" asked Cammie, looking surprised.

"No copies." Saturday smirked. "He said he didn't think more than one should ever be built, and reports say he was leery for the first one to be completed, even though he never voiced why."

"He probably didn't trust the government either," mumbled Kim as she rubbed her thumb across her knuckles.

After a beat of silence, Saturday snorted. "Who the hell is dumb enough to trust the government? Too many differing opinions that shift every time someone new takes charge."

"Says the super hero," remarks Kim dryly.

Saturday scoffs. "I work to save the people, not dick around with the government."

"Language," chimes Cammie, once again all smiles.

"So even if they pay for all your stuff…"

"I'd drop them in a heartbeat if they so much as toed the line of my morals," responded Saturday sharply. "It's one of the things Hego is always arguing with me about. His opinion is that the government is all good guys and we should always do as they say." Saturday rolled her eyes. "I don't trust a government who watched a comet fall from the sky on a city and didn't tell said city they should evacuate before it hit."

Kim blinked at her several times. "What?"

The two teens stared at each other before Saturday visibly shook herself and gave Kim a strained smile. "Another time, yeah? It's already past noon and your folks have no idea where you are. Plus, you need to see if they called you in at school, or Principal Matters will be personally looking in on you to make sure you're okay."

Kim blinked. "He would do that?"

Saturday laughed. "He is a mother hen when it comes to his students, especially ones he likes. He'll be sure to call your folks to ensure you're all right if the secretary doesn't give him a reasonable answer." She smirked. "I know it's something that has gotten a few students in trouble for ditching."

"You being one of them," mocked Cammie.


Cammie and Kim laughed as Saturday huffed at them and stormed off to find a phone.