The Wraith commander singled his squad to move in. The Queen wanted these humans alive. They wanted to find the new location of the residents of Atlantis. The Wraith snarled in anticipation, seeing the four humans move ever closer. They were treading carefully, wary, watching for their foes. Three of them were male, and one was female. The Wraith's gaze felt drawn to her. She was different then any human he had before seen.

His squad attacked. The humans took cover, one of the males screaming his head off as if he was already being fed upon. The Wraith made a mental note to suggest that one be the first to be interrogated. Another of the males, the one with scruffy dreadlocks, was firing with an expression that looked half gleeful and half hateful. The third male was firing his weapon rapidly with the blanked-out look of a soldier. But the female was fighting for survival, and that, the Wraith could respect.

He flung a bomb into their sheltered place, separating them. His squad had the snively male. The other two were still fighting, avoiding the stunner blasts sent at them. But the female was working her way around to help her companions. The Wraith jumped at her, sending her weapon flying. She quickly grabbed two sticks and expertly prepared to fight. She faced him defiantly, and for the first time he clearly saw her face.

Their eyes locked. Seconds became hours. The Wraith could see her soul in her deep brown eyes. He gasped.

"Be still my heart!" he whispered breathlessly, and fainted.