Michael tied Teyla's hands behind her back. His hands were shaking slightly.

"What have you done?" Teyla cried, distraught.

"I got out of Atlantis." He pointed the gun at her. "Walk."

Teyla looked at the gun. Tears were in her eyes as she searched Michael's face, and then started walking. They walked for a long time before Michael started having convulsions.

"The retrovirus is wearing off," Teyla realized. "Michael, it's not too late..."

"Yes it is." The hand holding the gun was trembling terribly. He looked up at her. "I am a wraith." He convulsed again. The gun dropped from his hand, and he ran.

Teyla started struggling against her bonds, but Michael had tied her too tight. She slipped on an exposed root, and she fell, banging her head on a tree trunk, unconscious almost instantly.


Ronon stood up. "It's difficult to track them." he said. He looked back at John.

"You can find them, can't you?" John asked, worried.

"Yes." Ronon started forward. "But the gun is not set to stun."

"What if he uses Teyla as a shield?"

"He'll regret it."


Teyla woke up, her head throbbing. She put her hand against the back of her head, and realized she was no longer tied up. She quickly scrambled to her feet, and looked for the gun. She was not where she had been knocked unconscious. Suddenly, she realized her wraith DNA was speaking to her. She moved to the edge of a small cliff, and looked down at a hive ship, with hundreds of wraith moving up the mountain.

"You're awake."

Teyla whirled around. Michael's voice turned back to the growly tones of a wraith. His hair had turned a whiter shade, and his face was no longer human.

Michael walked over beside her, and looked down the mountain. "This is why I came here. I will rejoin my people."

Teyla was silent. "Why have you not done so already?" she finally asked.

Michael didn't answer.

"When are you going to kill me?" Teyla asked, turning towards him.

"I am hungry." he said softly, looking at the palm of his hand. He turned it towards her, so she could see the slit in his palm.

"Then feed on me," Teyla spat quietly. If she had been thinking, she would have found a different way to be dramatic, but heartbreak is heartbreaking and she wasn't thinking..

Michael looked up her. Emotions flitted across his face. He was obviously struggling between two conflicting thoughts; to feed or not to feed. His arm stretched out, wanting to satisfy his hunger. His heart screamed at him to stop.

Suddenly, shots rang through the forest. Michael convulsed, and fell. Teyla looked up and saw Ronon and John come out of the bushes.

"Are you all right?"

Teyla nodded. She stepped over Michael's body, and joined her two comrades. They ran back towards the gate as Wraith started surging through the bushes.

Michael moaned slightly, and a wraith commander heard him. He prodded the body, checking to see if he was alive, and then turned him over.

"That's one ugly wraith!" he muttered, ordering two soldiers to take the fallen wraith back to the hive.


Carson finished his examination of Teyla's bruised head. "You'll be fine, love," he said.

"Thank you, Carson."

"He's gone back to the wraith with the knowledge of Atlantis," Ronon growled. "We should have killed him."

"I agree!" Rodney panicked. "We have no idea what the outfall will be over this!"

"It's too late to worry about what we should have done," Elizabeth said. "We'll just have to plan for what's coming."


Life returned much to normal in Atlantis. Teams left and returned, gathering Intel, getting into trouble, getting out of trouble. Teyla took some time off, spending time among her people. Halling apologized for giving Elizabeth the Marapotwe plant. Everybody forgot all about Kavanah, who mysteriously disappeared. Rodney eventually found out that if he pasted pictures of Michael on Elizabeth's wall, that the girls, extremely mad, were perfectly able to destroy the entire thing. They ordered in new glass for the office. Ronon hunted down all pictures that had been taken during the time he was drugged by the Marapotwe, and destroyed them. Soon all incriminating evidence was destroyed.

Except for one source.


Michael had turned back into wraith, almost entirely. He was getting ready to burn his human clothes, when he found something hard in one of the pockets. It was the camera that Teyla stole from Carson so long ago. Michael turned it on and started skimming through the pictures. There was he and Teyla, riding the motorcycle. There they were in the cafeteria, baking a cake that hadn't cooked fully. Then there was Hermiod the Asgard looking very put-off when he found that they put pink streamers all over the engine room.

Then there came some other pictures. Rodney, Elizabeth, John and Ronon painting Elizabeth's office. Michael paused, looking at the pictures. He had to chuckle in spite of himself. A two year old could paint better then Rodney. Ronon was putting the finishing touches on a beautiful mosaic portrait of Teyla.

"He stole my poem!" Michael muttered to himself. The next picture made him freeze. E+J=heart4ever. "Interesting."

Michael felt heaviness in his heart. Why did they have to lie to him? Would it have turned out differently, if they had told him the truth? He turned off the camera, and set it down. He stared at his hand, at the slit in his palm that allowed him to drain life out of humans.

He stood and walked to the small window that looked out over the speckled stars in the sky. Was Teyla looking at them, too?


Teyla stood on the balcony of Atlantis, a cold night wind brushing her hair. Her eyes danced across the dusted heavens, searching the stars. So many of them. Which one was Michael near now? Would he ever forgive her for the lies she told? Could she ever forgive him?

"Teyla?" Elizabeth came out onto the balcony. "It's a little cold out here, isn't it?"

"I wanted room to think," Teyla explained.

Elizabeth nodded. "How are you?"

Teyla looked at her friend. "Truthfully? Not that well." She hesitated. "We should have told him the truth."

"That may not have made any difference."

"Perhaps not." Teyla turned back to the stars. "But since we lied to him, this is our fault." A universe apart, but what really separates us is not space. She thought to herself, but didn't give voice to her mind. "I really wish that things had been different," she confessed to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth seemed to understand. "Makes you wonder what you could have done to make the situation better. But the truth is that you weren't the only one who influenced the situation."

"I feel so alone."

"You're not alone, Teyla. You have friends here. John, Ronon, Rodney, Carson, me... We will always be your friends."

Teyla smiled. "Thank you, Doctor Weir."

"You're welcome." Elizabeth went back into the city, and Teyla stared at the stars again. Somewhere out there, a friendship had died.