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So this was it. She couldn't take it anymore. Of course she had her doubts before their marriage but she couldn't just dive into this without caring for anything else. She had her heart smashed after her husband died and she wasn't very keen on repeated performance. She needed to be careful for both of them. When he had proposed, he was ready to risk everything, she was wiser than that and now it appears that she was right. At first she just couldn't believe that he was capable of such deed. Then an unsettling feeling crept into her heart – not only he killed Dibala but he didn't trust her enough to tell her about this. After this realization hit her she knew that their marriage was over. Even though she offered him to start a new life somewhere else, deep down Cameron was certain that she was the only one to leave Princeton. And once again she was right. After packing her belongings and short meeting with the lawyer she was ready to close this particular chapter of her life.

Only one thing left to do - she had to say good bye to House. For all those years he was here – unattainable but still within arms reach. For the first three years of her fellowship in the PPTH she had deluded herself with hope that one day he would open up to her and she would be able to offer him all the love and tenderness that she was hiding. Even after she started a real relationship with Chase, she knew that one sign from House and she would have dump Chase without hesitating a minute. The pull of that man was excruciating. The moment she met him she was sure that they would have been great together. After only one kiss she couldn't calm herself for hours. Yes, Gregory House could have been her beginning and her end, and what was even more important she had a feeling that this wasn't one way street – on numerous occasions he let her know that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Unfortunately he constantly refused to simply admit that and act on his feelings. After three years of waiting, yearning and hurting she dived into relationship with Chase and ended up married to him. House stayed aside. Except for the longing looks he never told her that he was unhappy with her choice. So maybe there was nothing between them from the beginning? Heading to the hospital she knew this one thing for certain – she will do anything to find the answer, otherwise she is screwed for life. Any other relationship that she might have would pale in comparison to this one existing only in her head. She was determined now and ready to do whatever it took to get some truth from his jerkiness himself. It was already very late, but that was exactly what she wanted. Talking with House about his feelings was a hell of a task. She needed all the help she could get. First of all – the basic condition was to make sure that they will be left alone – appropriate time with House was essential. Mornings were definitely out – he was cranky after waking up in pain, his leg always seemed to bother him the most in the wee hours of the day. Beside it was unusual for him to show up in the hospital before the rest of the team and she needed to talk to him in private. Visiting his apartment was pointless, especially that he lived with Wilson nowadays, and no matter how she liked the Oncologist, she definitely didn't want to become the hottest piece of gossip on the PPTH grapevine. The only reasonable choice was to catch him in his office late in the evening, preferably after solving another fascinating medical mystery. The perfect opportunity presented herself after Chase signed the divorce papers. It was already 10 P.M. and he mentioned that their last case was closed now and he was going to sleep for at least one week. After that he added that House was still in the office and according to Chase he was readying himself for the night with celebratory bottle in the office. She couldn't just past this kind of chance.

She wanted this to be over and done but on the other hand she dreaded to kill her dream. Her relationship with House was in so many way special and actually perfect.

"Are you going to come in and talk to me like a normal person or going to stay there and watch all night. I don't bite – unless I'm asked and I don't think you would want me to, so you're pretty safe". His words startled her but still she wasn't this naive and shy girl from five years before any longer. So she was able to retort swiftly:

"And how do you know I wouldn't ask?"

"My, my Dr. Cameron I never pictured you as a cheating kind?"

"Oh, so you pictured me, huh? And you were right, I'm not into adultery, but you can't commit one when you're divorced, right?"

"So it is true what little birds sang through the whole morning? I knew it wouldn't last - he isn't damaged enough for you"

"Stop the crap House. You know exactly the reason why this marriage is over!"

"So this is all about Dibala and the fact that he didn't tell you? I can't believe this Cameron...."

"It has very little to do with Dibala and the fact that my ex just killed this bastard. Would you just for once stop playing games with me? It's because of you. It's because every single day of my relationship with Chase I had to convince myself that he is the one I want to wake up next to every morning and that I don't stay awake in the night thinking how it might be if it were you instead of him lying next to me.... I had to fight really hard to convince everyone around that I don't regret marrying him because after a while I accepted the fact that I couldn't convince myself. And now I'm just tired of pretending. I don't want to. Not any longer. And I know that you...".

"Cameron stop. Don't go in there" he looked scared. For sure this very uncomfortable for him, probably even more than to her. She came closer – now only one step away, his scent attacking nostrils, making her dizzy and weak "Cameron what in hell are you doing?" He tried to step back, but was stopped by her hands, trapping him. "What is wrong with you? Are you high? I think I made myself perfectly clear that I don't like you". She smirked nervously at this admission: "Oh, yes you did. I mean I haven't believed you but this doesn't matter any longer. I came here to free myself from your spell and you're going to help me – and trust me – you will love it. I don't want you to admit that you have secretly been in love with me through this whole time – I'm not that naive any longer – I know that you would have to hit your head really hard to come close to saying something like that. All I need right now is that you acknowledge that you want me – and don't even start to bullshiting me that you don't". House was looking at her in surprise still not sure where this conversation was heading: "So, what exactly do you want me to do?". "I... Since the day I met you I thought of you as an amazing man. Sexually fascinating, intellectually stimulating and emotionally frustrating. I was mesmerized by you and I want to break this spell so I just want you to take me home with you. Then I want you to give me the best sex of my life and then let me go. I want to stop imagine how it would be, I want to know for sure and since I'm leaving tomorrow, you won't be threatened by any unrealistic expectations of the relationship from my side".

"Basically you want me to shag you, then you will leave in the morning and we will never ever see each other again? How is this going to help you with anything and why I should agree to that". "Oh, stop it House, since when you care about what is healthy? And what is there for you – come on give me some credit – I'm fifteen years younger and I go to the gym – often, so believe me – you won't regret it. As for what is in it form me – I'm pretty sure that you're not really that interested but I just want have a real thing, I don't want to base my comparisons on my imagination, not any longer. I expect you to be good, but you're only a human being and this is the part I'm interested in storing in my memory". House glanced at her briefly before turning toward the door. "So you don't have guts to do it, huh?". "No, I think I'll pas". With this he left.

She felt her cheeks burning. How dare he – she had swallowed her pried and basically throw herself at him and he what – decided that he is not interested. He found her attractive, he admitted it on numerous occasions. What is wrong with this guy. She is young and beautiful and she told him he could have her – no strings attached, so .... She was fuming now, she was going to get what she wanted and she was going to get this now.

Thanks to crispy New Jersey weather, she was able to catch him at the parking lot: "House wait, please". "Cameron – I told you already that I'm not going to this, how much more direct do you want me to be?". "It's just not you – the House I know would never reject the offer of a free sex with young woman, so what's the big deal...". He interrupted her, his voice laced with now evident irritation: "Have you even listened what had said? If it is not me refusing free sex, then it is even more not you to offering it in the first place. Cameron what the hell happened. I can accept that you might be hurt, but hurting Wombat by sleeping with me won't solve anything..." He didn't get it – this was getting more ridiculous with every minute. How someone as brilliant as him, could be sometimes this dense: "This is not me trying to play some stupid games with Chase. I told you that our marriage was over. So don't try to make it something that it's not. I want you and I am pretty sure that this is not one sided desire – I'm offering you a fun evening and this wouldn't include inevitable headache tomorrow, as it would be if your fun evening was consisted of bourbon". "Well, I'm not sure if it's not going to hurt even more". After that they went to his place. In the morning she was gone and he was faced with the deepest shit in his life.