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Chapter 6

During short trip back to House's apartment they stopped at a little diner to pick up a dessert that Cameron promised, the bottle of scotch was waiting securely in her bag. She was going to meet all the ends of the deal.

After they finished the dessert and coffee, Cameron handed a full bottle of the most expensive scotch she could find. He looked at her, a little bit startled.

"You might be just the perfect woman" he said smiling.

"Oh, come on – it's nothing. – she dismissed – I just thought that if you want to poison yourself at least it should be something decent".

"If I end up with a bottle this class each time I invite you for a sleepover, I should do this more often".

"Right, like you ever invited me – it was all my doings. If you had actually invited me I might be even more grateful" she smiled saucily. Her face dangerously close to his.

"Stop Cameron. I… we need to talk"

"No, we don't. Actually I could think of many, many other, more amusing things that we could be doing right now…" she took his face in her hands, stroking his stubble cheeks.

"I said stop it Cameron. I'm not going to let you do this to me again"

"What exactly you don't want me to do to you again. Cause as I remember correctly you weren't complaining the last time".

"Yeah, you just weren't here to hear me complain".

"What is your problem? – he could tell that she was angry – When we met at the airport it was you who suggested that we meet again, and it was you who asked me for this dinner. So what exactly do you expect me to do now? Because honestly I don't know. I'm done trying to read anything from your glances and unfinished sentences. What is it that you want from me House?" she was shouting now and he knew that there were only two ways to shut this woman up – first one was to kiss her senseless. And as tempting as it seemed at the moment, he already tried this one and all it gave him in the long run was a broken heart. The only alternative wasn't that enticing because it consisted of actual talk. He would have to reveal his feelings, show her that he was vulnerable. Shit, he would have to admit that their night over two years ago meant something to him, that it meant hell of a lot. And that scared him.

He was brought back from his reverie to the sound of her stepping out of the door.

"Cameron wait"

"Wait? Really – for what House? I have waited for years and I'm tired, you know. I have had enough waiting, so enjoy your scotch and don't call me or e-mail me ever again". With that she turned with every intention to leave. He couldn't let her disappear from his life once again, he had to stop her, he had to at least try to make this right.

"After you left me two years ago, you owe me at least one conversation. You promised during the dinner that we return to the more serious stuff afterwards."

"OK, but I have a last train in one hour, so you better be quick".

"You left without one word. I … When I woke up I thought that you just went to buy us a breakfast. I deluded myself for two hours waiting because I couldn't believe that you of all people would treat me this way. Like, I don't know… Like I was a meaningless and faceless guy who you met at the bar. I mean, what were you thinking, Cameron, really…"

"And what do you want to hear, huh? I was hurting, OK? My marriage was ended. I… I just didn't know what to do. I needed some comfort and… I needed a closure and you weren't totally against the idea so stop pretending that you've got hurt" hearing her words House got up and throw almost full glass against the wall. Shreds of glass were shuttering everywhere.

"What do you know – he shouted – You want to know how it affected me when you left? I felt unworthy. You always claimed that you loved me but the moment I decided to give it, give us a try you left. God I was pathetic. I mean you would love it. I cried and drunk and I was … I still have some letters I tried to write to you back then. I tried to forget you – boy I really tried, I guess that every hooker in Jersey knows about you by now. No worries I hadn't had sex with them shouting your name – nothing like that. Actually I couldn't get it up. I just talked with them about you, I told them how wonderful you were and how stupid I was and how much I loved you, even though I didn't want t…"

He couldn't finish this sentence. She was all over him. Kissing him, nipping, brushing , stroking…

"Allison we have to finish talking"

"Later" her voice husky, laced with desire.


"No but – I heard what I have waited for and we can talk about details later, ok? Right now I want your mouth doing something different. I missed you so much that it physically hurts me to wait even a minute longer. I won't go anywhere in the morning – if you want you can even band me to the bed"

"Hmm – kinky, I like it. So – cuffs are fine with you?"

"Whatever just come here already"

The end

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