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Last time…

"Aw, quit your bellyachin'! Beefcake tastes better with a little salt." Scaraboss said with a flex. "Anyway, which one do you want me off first? Which one did you say you hated the most, Sugar Britches?"

That made the rangers struggle even more because they knew who Camille was going to say.

"Little Miss Panther over there." Camille said with dripping contempt of her rival. "Take her out first... slow and painful."

"No, don't!" Lily screamed.

Gwen struggled to break free, but she, like the others, was still too weak from the beetles.

"Okay, little kitty cat! Kiss your nine lives goodbye!"

Scaraboss crept closer to the helpless black ranger as RJ watched from his loft. He wished he could do something to help her, but he didn't know what.

"Come on, Keenan. Where are you?" He whispered in the hopes that the eagle would live up to his name and swoop in for a timely rescue.

Camille cackled evilly as the rangers struggled to free themselves from the rocky prison that held them. Time seemed to move in slow motion as Scaraboss skulked closer to the helpless Black Ranger. Casey, Lily and Theo tried in vain to even move a pinky as they unwillingly watched as the hulking insect moved within striking distance. He raised his arms to deliver the deathblow to Gwen when two silvery streaks whizzed through the air. The entities slammed into Scaraboss and knocked him away from the Panther Ranger just in the nick of time.

"Whoa! What was that?" Casey asked in shock.

"I won't let you or anyone else destroy my family!" A voice rang out.

Everyone, including Camille and Scaraboss turned to the source of the voice.

"Who said that!?" The mammoth bug growled. Camille knew who it was and she stood in utter disbelief when the figure emerged from around the corner.

"No… it can't be!" She muttered.

"I think you called me a canary last time we met!" The Silver Ranger said, a smirk evident in his confident voice.

"Keenan!" Lily shouted happily.

"Actually, he called you a pigeon." Theo corrected.

"Not the time, Theo!" Gwen snarled weakly.

The two silver axes flew back into Keenan's hands as if on command. The wily chameleon just looked on semi-impressed.

"Well, look who flew back to the coop!" She taunted. "I thought you would have turned tail and flown South for the winter by now."

"And leave before I got to squash the two of you? That's no way to start a vacation!" Keenan shot back. The axes in his hand gleamed as the sunlight hit the blades. "Now, who's up for Round 2?"

"Now' you're speaking my language, pipsqueak! Game on!" Scaraboss laughed.

"Get 'em, bro!" Gwen shouted.

Keenan gave a nod to his big sister before charging at both enemies. With axes in hand, the silver eagle slashes at Camille and her armored henchman as they battle. The others still struggle to free themselves from the debris when a large figure appears behind them.

"Need a hand?" Master Bise grinned.

"I was wondering when you'd show up." Gwen chuckled wearily. The bovine master smirked as he effortlessly removed the heavy refuse from around the rangers. He grabbed Gwen first and helped her out before moving to the others. "Thanks."

"Yeah, thanks. But who are you?" Casey asked in a daze.

"Pai Zhuq Master Bise. Holder of the Bison Spirit." It didn't take much for him to show his master stripes since he didn't have any sleeves. Gwen and the other rangers bowed to him out of respect but being that they were still severely drained of energy, they almost fell over. Thankfully, Master Bise caught them before they kissed concrete and leaned them up against a wall that wasn't destroyed yet..

Scaraboss took some time out from fighting with the Silver Ranger to address the newest warrior on the field.

"Bison Spirit, huh?" He scoffed. "Bull! There ain't a spirit stronger than I am!"

"I must agree with him." Camille said as she fanned her hand in front of her nose vigorously.

"Oh, really? We'll see about that!" Keenan replied confidently. With renewed energy, he fought harder against Scaraboss and Camille. As the battle waged on, Master Bise noticed something in the giant bug's stances that revealed something important. He was protecting his horns.

"Of course! Keenan! Aim for the horns!" The muscular teacher ordered. "It's the only way to release the energy he stole!"

"I'm on it!" Keenan gripped his new weapons tightly and shouted… "JUNGLE AXES TAKE FLIGHT!" With two mighty heaves, he threw his axes at Scaraboss… but they whiz past him.

"HAHAHA! You missed!" The hulking beetle laughed. "You may be an eagle but you're as blind as a bat! That was pathetic! You really thought you were gonna beat me with aim like that?"

Just as he taunted Keenan, who just stood there with his arms folded, both axes changed direction and hurtled towards Scaraboss like a couple of runaway buzz saws. They came from behind and chopped of the beetle's horns much to the chagrin of Camille.

"Actually… yeah." Keenan smirked.


Streams of energy flowed from the stubs of his decapitated horns and wafted throughout the city. One by one, the people he stole life energy from were revived, including the rangers.

"Yeah, you did it, man!" Theo cheered.

"That's impossible!" Camille snarled.

"You just don't get it, do you?!" Keenan asked with a shake of his head. "As long as we're here, you guys will never prevail!" The Silver Ranger stood tall with his axes in hand as the others joined him.

"You wanna take him out, bro?" Gwen asked.

"Actually… I want all of us in on this."

Casey and the others gave their silver teammate a pat on the back as Master Bise nodded from the sidelines. He was pleased that his former student finally got the message.

"You heard him, guys! Let's get in on this!" Casey agreed. "SHARK SABERS!"





One by one, the rangers attack using each of their secondary weapons with the precision of a drill team. Keenan followed up the assault with a criss-cross slash with his new weapons.

"I CAN'T BE BENCHED LIKE THIS!" Scaraboss yelled as he fell backwards and exploded on the spot.

"It is better as a team." Keenan nodded.

"Don't rest on your laurels yet, rangers!" Master Bise warned.

As if on cue, indigo lightning and violet flames engulfed the beaten body of Scaraboss and he emerged from the rubble large and in charge… literally.

"It's gonna take more than that to keep me out of the pros!" Scaraboss snarled.

"That sounds like a challenge to us!" Casey shouted up to the now towering beetle. "Guys, time to hit the big leagues!"


Their namesake zords arrived en masse and come together to form the Primal Fury Megazord. And whenever the large robot appears, a small announcer makes his own entrance.

"And we're back with another epic battle between those resilient rangers and the lost member of the Beetles! Which one is he. that drummer Ringo replaced?" Flit asked as he buzzed around Camille's head.

"Not those Beatles, Flit!" Camille snarled in annoyance.

The Primal Fury Megazord goes on with a punch and a kick, but they get blocked my Scaraboss. It didn't help that his armor protected him from every attack.

"Keenan! Now's the time to use the power of the bison. Take it and crush him!" Master Bise ordered.

"Yes, Master!" Keenan nodded as he cracked his knuckles. "This is gonna be fun!"

"CALLING THE SPORIT OF THE BISON! COMBINE!" All of the rangers shouted. The sound of hooves echoed through the sky as a tan-colored mechanical bison thundered towards their megazord. He let out a loud bovine snort from his nostrils as his body glowed from within. The robotic bison's body split apart and reformed. The hind quarters snapped onto the Megazord's legs to form chaps while the head snapped onto the chest. The horns came off and formed the axes. "PRIMAL FURY MEGAZORD WITH BISON POWER!"

"Oh, I think someone's shell's about to get cracked!" Flit commented with a slight John Wayne impersonation. "With their new Zord power, these kids are an even more powerful force to be reckoned with, I reckon!"

"Don't you ever get tired of this?" Camille asked with a grunt. "In any rate, there's no way they can withstand Scaraboss' beetles at this size."

"Keep your eyes peeled, everyone!" Casey warned.

"Right. If he grew, so did his bugs." Gwen nodded.

"Ain't it amazing how fast kids grow up!?" Scaraboss asked. "Take a look!" The giant bug opened up his wing coverings and a horde of energy-sapping beetles is unleashed ready to steal the rangers' energy again.

"Great! And me without a bug zapper!" Lily cringed.

"Who needs bug zappers when we have these?" Keenan smirked and the Megazord held up its large axes in preparation. When the swarm closed in, the Primal Fury megazord used its cheetah speed and chopped every bug out of the sky before they reached them. "Better than flyswatters anyday!"

"INCREDIBLE! Those axes split up those beetles faster than Yoko Ono!" Flit shouted in excitement.

"Who?" Camille asked.

"Pop culture, Camille. KEEP UP!" The fly commentator scolded.

"NO! Not again!" Scaraboss growled. "You cut my babies from the team again!"

"Now we're about to retire you permanently!" Gwen chimed in.

"I'm about ready to wrap this up!" Theo nodded.

"Yeah. Let's put these horns to proper use! Stampede?" Keenan suggested.

"Stampede!" The others agreed.

"Oh, my! I see the megazord taking a runner's stance and that can only mean one thing! They're gonna do my favorite move!" Flit buzzed around like a model plane with a busted controller. "And with the addition of those horns, this one's gonna be a doozy!"


The megazord's body rushed forward in its usual fashion but this time, it rammed into the towering bug's body. Its horns impaled the beast and took him for a ride. What made this stampede unique was how the megazord skidded to a stop. The inertia caused Scaraboss to fly off of the horns and crash into the ground.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" With that, Scaraboss exploded and his run in the big leagues was finally over.

"And another one bites the dust!" Flit danced in celebration. Camille just growled and grabbed her buggy friend before vanishing to deliver the bad news to her superiors.

"Well done, Keenan!" master Bise praised.

"Thanks, Master." Keenan bowed. "And thank you for sticking by me, guys."

"Anytime, bro." Gwen said with a nod. "Just remember you're not in this alone."

"I know. I've learned my lesson." The Silver Eagle replied.

"Good. Now let's get back to the loft. I'm sure RJ wants to meet Master Bise." Casey chimed in.

Back at the loft…

"Did you see us, RJ?" Theo asked as he ran in.

"Did I ever? I couldn't keep my eyes off of the screens." RJ answered in his Zen demeanor. "It was mind-blowing! You taught him well, Master Bise."

"It wasn't easy. The boy has a stubborn streak like you wouldn't believe." The bovine master chuckled. "But he's got a good heart."

During the post battle pep talk, Keenan sat on one of the workout benches and admired his new weapons when Gwen walked over and sat next to her younger brother.

"So… you finally got your new weapons." She began. "Was it worth biting all of our heads off?"

Keenan looked up to see his sister smirking at him and the eagle knew he was going to eat some crow.

"No. I get it now. I know it's not the weapon that makes a great warrior." Keenan admitted. "I'm sorry for snapping at you guys. Especially you, sis."

By this time, the others walked over and stood around the siblings.

"Well, what do you guys think? Should we forgive him?" RJ smirked.

"Yeah, I forgive him." Lily smiled brightly.

"Me, too." Casey agreed.

"Me, three." Theo added.

Gwen wasn't in a rush to put her two cents in yet and it worried the younger cubs.

"Gwen?" Theo prodded.

The black panther just looked at her brother and put him in a headlock before giving him a noogie.

"HEY! WATCH THE HAIR!" Keenan laughed as Gwen let him go.

"Consider that payback for earlier!" Gwen smirked. "But yeah, I forgive you." The two siblings hug in front of a compassionate audience.

"Thanks, sis. Now, on to other business." Keenan smirked. "I was at the animal hospital and one of the nurses told me that a certain cheetah cub was missing." He, and everyone else, cast their eyes right at Lily. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

"About what?" Lily asked.

Gwen just folded her arms and uttered three words to the yellow ranger.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Lily fibbed.

Gwen was about to say something when she heard a familiar chirp. Everyone followed the tiny sound and found the source. It was everyone's favorite furball, Makomba playing with the laces of Master Bise's boots. The head vet and black ranger turned to face Lily and cleared her throat.

"Really?" She asked.

Lily's eyes darted back and forth and she stammered:

"See, the thing is… uh… what I mean is… it's a funny story!" The cheetah laughed nervously before bolting out of the room.

"GET BACK HERE, LILY!" Gwen laughed and soon they all gave chase… including a frisky cheetah cub.


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