Perhaps Love

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For the first time in his existence, Giou Kanata, the last of the lost royalty was punched directly on his utterly handsome face. It was definitely new to him, but he took it as a new experience in his life… Being punched and hunted by some random ninjas…

A smirk formed on the raven haired man's lips at the first kunoichi who dared to punch him. He was the last descendant of the lost royalty, the Giou clan, known as the 'Time Manipulators'. Kanata asked himself what the Leaf ninja wanted from him. While seeking a reason for her actions, he took a scroll from his pouch and put some of his blood on it. He was waiting for that woman to fall into his trap. Poor little kunoichi, he punished those who dared to disrespect and harm him, be it physically or mentally. Giou Kanata will show her just what his clan's secret talent is capable of…

He stopped running when he finally finished the seals and waited for her to step on the invisible circle he made a while ago. In a matter of moments, he was successful in trapping the female ninja when she unknowingly stepped into it. Kanata chuckled when he saw the expression that on her face.

'This is will be interesting…' he thought to himself.

In the past hundred years that he lived, he knew of everything that happened in his immortal existence. He enjoyed it immensely, the amusement and mystery was part of it.

Sakura suddenly found that she cannot move her body and felt like thousands of chains were surrounding her body.

"You fell for it, and now you shall receive my punishment." Kanata said while smiling coldly at her.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked furiously and Kanata stepped closer to her and whispered into her ear.

"You shouldn't worry; I suddenly feel like you will be thanking me in the future." He paused and finally, Giou Kanata cast his clan's technique on her. "I'll see you later then…" said Kanata and waved at Sakura as her existence disappeared little by little…


Naruto and Sasuke had suddenly stopped in their tracks.

Why were they running like there is no tomorrow?

The blond turned to look at his best friend to ask something.

"Hey, teme, why are we here?"

"I should be asking the same." Sasuke replied.

"I feel like I lost something important to me, but I can't remember what…"

"Yeah, me too…"

"Better go back, what do you think?"



Sakura felt as if she was running in an endless circle. Why can't Sasuke and Naruto hear her voice? She cannot feel anything and her senses were not working. Sakura decided to stop running when she realized that it was futile for her to continue her fruitless attempts to escape from the unknown dimension. Suddenly, a man with long raven hair and silver eyes came towards her.

"I would stop it, if I were you. They had already forgotten your existence…"

"What are you talking about and what have you done to me?" She hissed.

"You shouldn't be like that Haruno Sakura. Or should I say Uchiha Sakura…" Kanata laughed. "Oh no, I shouldn't give any hints!"

Sakura suddenly felt the numbness seep through her body; slowly her eyes felt the heaviness as she finally submitted in to unconsciousness…


When she opened her eyes, a person with long spiky raven hair and onyx eyes was looking directly into her viridian orbs. Sakura tried to sit but felt the pain that course through her body. Where the hell did she get those wounds on her body? Unable to find her voice, the man had spoken and stopped her attempt to get up.

"You should rest; you are injured." He said in his velvety voice. Sakura felt that she had seen those features before. Onyx eyes and hair, the features of a typical Uchiha. Wait, Uchiha? Her eyes widened in realization, she was caught by Giou Kanata. She remembered that he cast a strange jutsu on her. She questioned herself what was it and where was she now?

"Where am I?" Sakura asked.

"You are in my house." He said, stating the obvious.

"My teammates, where are they?"

"I didn't see anyone beside you." He replied.

Sakura stared at the man in front of her; she thought that he might be a stoic-type like Sasuke's older brother. He did look like Itachi and Sasuke, although his hair is longer, but the spiky strands at the top remind her of Sasuke. 'Will Sasuke look like this if he had his hair longer?' she thought.

"Do you know who you are?" he asked and sipped his lukewarm herbal tea.

"Yes. My name is Haruno Sakura."

"I think it is better to for you to rest first, we'll talk later."

"Thank you, umm…"

"Madara, Uchiha Madara."


Hearing his name, Sakura suddenly sat up, forgetting she was wounded and her eyes widened in surprise, she was talking right now to one of Konohagakure[MP1] 's founders, who was supposed to be dead. He was startled by her and Sakura winced when she felt a pang of pain course through her.

"U-Uchiha, Uchiha Madara?" she asked, eyes still slightly widened from her discovery. She noticed that he wasn't amused at her antics, his eyes slightly narrowing at her.

"Yes, you seemed to be surprised upon hearing my name, May I know your reason, Haruno Sakura-san?" he asked and a sigh escaped from his mouth as he tried to put her down.

"You were dead a long time ago and why are you still alive?"

Madara stared at the woman in front of him; he was slightly stunned. Why she was saying things like that? He being dead and asking why he's still alive and kicking.

"Dead you said? Why should I be, when I just turned nineteen five months ago? Are you sure that you didn't mistake me for other person?"

Nineteen? Sakura realized that she shouldn't say those words at him; she looked at him who was waiting for her response. She bowed her head feeling embarrassed at her antics.

"I-I apologize, Uchiha-san, I am just confused." She said in low voice, unable to look at his eyes. She was surprised when he suddenly tilts her chin to make her look at him. She has bright viridian eyes and pink tresses that match her name he observed.

"Apology accepted, but are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, and I think I just need rest." She replied and activates her jutsu to heal her wounds.


Three months had passed and she still didn't know what to do in her situation. She was glad that Madara let her stay at their estate. The Uchiha family home was a traditional one. Well she was in the past after all. She liked being at the garden where she could do her meditation.

She was looking at her reflection on the water, when she noticed Madara at her side. Looking at him, he seemed to be in deep thought, his expression betraying him.

"Uchiha-san, is there something troubling you?"

Madara looked at her and sighed. He always told her that she didn't need to be formal around him.

"You don't need to be so formal, Sakura." He stated.

"You looked like there is something troubling you, pray tell?" she asked.

"The elders pressuring me to marry someone; and I am truly annoyed by their bickering."

"You are one of the candidates to lead your clan, right? Then it is only normal, Madara-san." She said in her carefree voice. The woman in front of him was really dense; doesn't she notice that he was interested in her? He always gave her a lot of hints and yet…

Sakura tensed when he put his arm around her waist and leaned his head to her shoulders. Looking at him, he seemed to be unperturbed when he was around with her. She knows that her cheeks were reddened by his actions and her heart's beating faster than normal. Yes, he had the common attributes of an Uchiha but Sakura felt that he was different and she wanted to know him more, but it wasn't right, she didn't belong in this time and it will be painful if she becomes emotionally involved with him.

"Umm, Madara-san..." she was stopped when he tugged her closer to him and held her possessively.

"Let me stay like this for a while, and I don't care what they think." He said as if he was able to read her mind.

Sakura let him and didn't push him away, she was the only one whom he treated like this, and she heard that he was the aloof type and a power seeker. With her he wasn't like that, perhaps he only wanted to be himself and not the prodigy they expected him to be, which makes him, perhaps, suffocated. She just nodded at his statement. They stayed like that and without a care about what the others think…

It had always been such a delight to see her smile and to be with her. She didn't judge him for being aloof, she indeed saw his true self despite the fact that he tried to hide it. And that's why he had fallen for her charm. He really loves to see her smile. A genuine heartfelt smile…

He didn't know why he took pleasure in such a simple thing, though. And he doubted he'd ever fully comprehend. He was Uchiha Madara, son of the affluent Uchiha clan. The moment he had been born, he had been destined for prominence. But, still, as it is, he could surely find something more majestic than she to serve as a form of amusement; someone with more class, more stature—someone more suitable of an Uchiha.

Ever since Madara had met her, the whole thing he had been just came crumbling down—the discipline, the façade—the sick obedience.

The following days were a little bit difficult for him; he received a lot of portraits of marriageable women for him to choose from.


Today was the spring festival, so he decided to go out with her; he was waiting for her at the Phoenix garden. Suddenly he heard her soft voice.

"Umm… sorry for the wait, this is quite difficult to wear." She said and walked towards him. Sakura was wearing a red kimono embroidered with flowers and she looked so stunningly beautiful.

"It is alright. It suits you, Sakura." Madara said.

It was a good thing that he asked her to come; he cannot afford to lose her to one of his relatives. Especially to his cousin, Raitei, one of the candidates to be the next clan head, who took an obvious interest on her.

"Thank you, Madara-san." She said. Madara took her hand as they walked together. But his moment with her was ruined when Raitei came towards them and smiled at her.

"Good afternoon Sakura-san, had anyone told you that you are especially beautiful today?" He said and took her hands and planted a gentle kiss on it. Sakura greeted him in answer.

Raitei had the common features of an Uchiha, the onyx eyes and raven coloured tresses, but she was startled when the first time she saw him. He was a carbon copy of Sasuke, even the hairstyle, but their attitudes were completely opposite. Sakura could not imagine Sasuke acting like this. She can see his obvious liking for her and he was competitive towards Madara.

There was a time when Sakura healed Raitei's wounds, and to show his gratitude for her, Raitei suddenly kissed her cheek. Madara saw them and got a little angry at her, to pacify his anger, she also kissed him on his cheek. She didn't want to think that he was jealous and thought perhaps something not so good happened to him that day. So she let it go.

Madara was surprised at his reaction that time. Yes, he knew that he was quite possessive. He didn't want anyone else and he only wanted Sakura. It had almost been eight months since the day he found her. He decided to confess his feelings for her.

Sakura, on other hand, decided to tell him the truth that she concealed for almost eight months, and hoped that perhaps he might able to help her to return on her own time. Unknown to her, someone was waiting for her…

Raitei left them when he was suddenly called by his father, he bid farewell to her and glanced at Madara. Madara just stared him in the same manner.

The night was quite cold; the fireworks display had begun at twilight. Sakura noticed that Konoha was a little bit different in this time but she loved the cherry blossom viewing, it was as if the flowers were giving its final tribute to the tree.

She was alone now as Madara asked her to wait a while for him.

She missed his friends and family but that man had erased her existence in her time. Suddenly the wind blew colder and she was surprised when she had an unexpected visitor…

"You seem to be enjoying your time here, Haruno Sakura." A familiar voice said. Sakura's eyes widened in surprised when she saw the man who caused her disappearance in her own time.

"You are-." She was interrupted by him.

"Do you want to go back at your own time?" he asked seriously.

"Of course, I want to but are you going to let me?"

"Well, you shouldn't say that, you are the one who can decide…"

"Why did you trap me in this time?"

"Honestly, it was supposed to be punishment but, it looks like a reward to you, what do you think?"

"What do you mean?"

A sigh came from his mouth, and then he replied "I can see everything and I should tell you, you should decide in the new moon, whether you want to stay or go back…" he smiled at her and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

She saw Madara walk towards her and decided that she didn't need to tell her secret to him…

"I apologize for the wait." He said.

"It is alright." She replied.

After watching the fireworks display, Sakura gave him her favorite necklace, she noticed that he liked things that sparkle. She decided to give it to him to show her gratitude.

"Thank you for everything, Madara-san."

"I am the one who should say that, Sakura." he said in his velvety voice and pulled her towards him for an embrace. Madara was the one who broke the contact to stare in her eyes. A smile formed in his lips as he loved watching her facial expressions.

With a swift movement, Madara pulled Sakura into his embrace again. But this time, he didn't stop there. Madara had lowered his head and caressed Sakura's fair cheek with his right hand. Just as she was about to protest, he pulled her closer and pressed his lips passionately into hers. He could feel her struggling arms growing weaker by the moment until she finally gave in. She had closed her eyes, and Madara smiled in delight as he put more pressure to his lips and felt the softness of her lips gradually sinking against his. She felt his arms tangling unto her hair, caressing it.

But suddenly, as if another force was present, Sakura returned to her senses and opened her eyes as she pulled herself away from Madara's intensifying kiss. It was like she had awoken from a dream, and had pushed the dream away from the corners of her mind. Bitterly, Madara turned away from her. Strangely though, both remained standing in the Sakura Park in awkward mood.

It was then that Madara faced the very crimson Sakura and braved the words that he had sealed for eight months. The words came out heavy, frustrated, and thick with emotion, as Uchiha Madara's entire mask and firm resolutions had crumbled to the ground like wilted sakura petals.

"Do you have any idea how much I'm fascinated by you, Haruno Sakura?"


Sakura's hands trembled as she touched her lips. The place where Madara kissed her last night felt like it was burning. The passion that he induced into that kiss still lingered. To her utmost horror, the moment Sakura touched her lips, the moment replayed inside her head. She remembered his heavy breathing and the longing in his eyes that she couldn't decipher. She remembered the strength he had in his arms when he pulled her closer and closer. She pondered how he was so close, that she could hear both their heartbeats.

It wasn't right; she doesn't belong in this time. How would she ever face him again?

A sudden knock on the door interrupted her thoughts, and Sakura hastily lifted her heavy head. "Y-yes?" she piped hoarsely with all the strength that she could muster.

"I would like to speak with you" it was him, her dilemma had come. Staring at his calm façade, she knows that an intense sentiment was veiled inside. She won't deny the fact that she was attracted to him but her mind tells her she has place to return to…

"S-sure, Madara-san." Since when she stammer like Hinata?

"Are you mad at me?" he asked and he noticed that she was still awkward in his presence.

"N-no." Decided to return in her time, he still deserved to know the truth.

"Through time, I began to learn more about you, and soon, I developed…an interest in you, an interest that continued to grow every time I am with you." He said and looked directly into her eyes, a blush that she tried her best to hide—but it was far too late. He had noticed, and she could tell, by the way that he was smirking, and that there was no point in trying to hide it now.

"All I'm asking for is a chance." He added.

"I think I should tell you this earlier, Madara-san…"

"Tell me, and I will listen."

"I won't be able to stay here anymore because this isn't the place where I belong."

Sakura noticed the slight narrowing of his eyes and clenching of his fist. "You are leaving…" he said in hoarse voice.

"I am sorry, Madara-san." It is the only thing that she can say, and then she can saw the gentle and understanding in his eyes.

"Just stay by my side for a while and tell me when you are leaving."

This time it was Sakura who did the embrace and said to him "Thank you for everything…"


The new moon had come, the time for Sakura to leave. Giou Kanata came to her one day before the new moon. He gave her some time to speak with someone. And she thought that it was all over but everything had just started… Everything seemed to be interesting, considering how many time he had used his time-bending ability and for him this was the most destined…

Madara was on his way to the Sakura Park, and the reformed had came to him. He saw Sakura there standing and patiently waiting for him. When she saw him approaching, she waved her hand and smiled at him.

"I am delighted that you came, Madara-san." She stepped closer towards him when he didn't say anything. "Are you alright?" worried evident on her voice, and then suddenly Madara pulled her into embrace.

"I told you many times to call me just in my name." He said velvety.

"I am sorry, Madara."

"I will wait for you." When she was about to protest he just put his index finger to stopped her. "I will find you even if it took me forever."

"You might wait for me for eternity."

"Just don't forget that I love you."

"You're hopeless, forever is just a word…." She said and smiled at him and for the last time Madara kissed her gently and her eyes widened slightly in surprised but she let him, because it would be the last time.

"It is time for me to go; this will be goodbye, Madara." She said and suddenly Giou Kanata was on her side and little by little she was disappearing.

"Never say goodbye, this is not would be the last time that you and I shall speak. I promise…" He said and finally Sakura disappeared from sight. even though he hid it, deep inside he can feel the sadness that tears into him…

When Sakura opened her eyes, tears were flowing from it and all of it felt like a dream. She was now in her own room and nothing had changed. Perhaps it was a dream, but then she felt something cold against her skin. The silver bracelet that Madara gave her.

It was not a dream after all.


Days, weeks, months and years had passed since that happened but for her it felt like yesterday.

Today was the summer festival. Naruto was clad in dark gray hakama and chihoya, courtesy of Hinata, and Sasuke in his dark blue ones with the proud Uchiha clan symbol on his back.

"Sakura-chan! Hurry up everyone is waiting for us!"His blond friend yelled, and then Sasuke threw a small piece of stone that was on his pocket.

"You're too noisy, dobe." He said.

"What was that for, teme?"

Suddenly, they heard Sakura coming towards them, Sasuke was awed by his heart sister's beauty, and she was clad in dark red yukata and holding a matching uchiwa fan.

"Ready to go boys?" she said and smiled at them.

"At last, Sakura-chan, let's go!" Naruto said.

"Nee-chan, someone wanted to see you at the Hotaru Park." A little girl said to her and curiosity kicked in her, who wants to see her? Thanking the child by giving her some candies and Sakura went to the Hotaru Park to see who wants to meet her.

When Sakura arrived at the site, the full moon was reflected through the water and a swarm of fireflies elevated the beauty of the place. She felt a pang of familiarity at the place. She heard someone walking towards her and though she cannot see the person she can feel the calm chakra. But when she was able to glimpse of that person's face, she was unable to find her voice to speak…

"You are…" she whispered and saw his smile for her…

[MP1]The Uchiha and Senju Clans already existed before the founding of Konoha.

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