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Her throat went dry. The voice was undeniable; low, almost bored, laced with the slightest hint of surprise, which only she could make out. It was deeper, huskier than before, and it triggered a lurching feeling in her stomach, a feeling uncannily similar, and yet slightly different from the fluttering it caused her three years ago.

Sakura whirled around, green eyes flashing – a turmoil of emotions whirling in their depths – shock, pain, sorrow, hope, anger.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" the redhead croaked, pressing her hands against the crimson stream of blood trickling down her neck.

Sakura's green eyes narrowed at this, and she tightened her hold on the kunai she had pressed up against Karin's neck, unconsciously pushing it slightly deeper as Karin gave a pained cry, stamping down on Sakura's feet with her heels.

Sakura glared at her icily, but otherwise showed no reaction to the now whimpering redhead.

"Sakura, let her go," commanded Sasuke's monotonous voice.

Sakura clenched her fists, ignoring his wish for the first time in her life.

"What is it to you if I kill her?" Sakura spat, failing to keep the acrid bitterness from her voice. "You've killed so many people, what is it to you if one more dies?"

Sasuke arched an eyebrow, reading Sakura's thoughts like a book.

"Her life is of no value to me. But Sakura, you are not a murderer. And your purpose here was to fight me. She was just an obstacle, which you have overcome. Let her go, and face me, Sakura, as was your intention."

It was probably the most he had ever said to her in their life, and Sakura's heart cracked at the circumstances behind it. She shoved Karin's battered, beaten frame away from her, now turning to face Sasuke directly.

"Leave, Karin," Sasuke said shortly, before the redhead could protest. Karin sullenly complied, leaving the small clearing and slouching away into the trees.



Sakura's heart quickened.

She was with Sasuke. Alone. After all these years.

The sky was dark, ominous thunderclouds gathering above, shielding the sun from view. Sakura's foul mood worsened at this, as she squinted up. The sun reminded her of Naruto – cheery, bright, optimistic… and the sky… the sky was Sasuke. A calm, quiet Sasuke, now clouded over with darkness.

Naruto. Sakura remember the reason she had come in the first place, the reason she had sought out Sasuke after all these years.

Don't you worry Sakura-chan. I'll bring Sasuke back, believe it!

No, Naruto, Sakura thought. You rest now. Leave it to me.


His voice jolted her back to reality, the cruel, harsh reality, and Sakura struggled to keep her breathing under control.

He was very handsome; he always had been abnormally good-looking even at the age of 12, but she was a bit surprised at how much he had grown. He didn't look like an evil murderer, that was for sure.

His charcoal-black eyes were as dark as ever, if not emptier, colder. They were like endless caverns, and she was afraid to look lest she fall into them forever. His countenance was impassive, the aristocratic, fair face framed by locks of ebony hair, the strands hanging over his eyes elegantly. His hair was slightly longer as well, she noted. His clothes, however, revealed a large patch of bare, gleaming skin, muscles rippling underneath.

Even after everything, Sakura couldn't help but stare, drink in the visually pleasing sight he offered to her eyes, her poor eyes which had been starved of him for three years.

Stop it, her inner self scolded, and Sakura snapped out of it, disgust flooding her. He was a criminal, a missing-nin, a murderer. He had hurt her, hurt Naruto, betrayed them all, betrayed Konoha.

Hey, Naruto… Sakura… you have to save her no matter what… carry her and run…

I don't want to watch those dear to me die before my eyes again…

Sakura… thank you…

Those were his exact word, she still remembered perfectly.

A part of her, an adamant part, locked away in her heart, refused to believe that Sasuke was a bad person. Somewhere behind that cold-blooded avenger was the little boy who had lost everything and never knew how to give the love he had never received… somewhere behind those blood-red eyes, stained by the Mangekyou Sharingan, was her Sasuke, the boy she had loved.

Could she save him? Would she succeed, where Naruto had failed?

She clung onto the slim hope, knowing it was futile, her emotions which she had locked away for years flooding out, and overpowering her.

What had to be done, had to be done.

Rule number 4 : A shinobi must always put the mission first.

Sakura had memorized those rules perfectly. And now it was time to act.



"Sasuke," she said loudly, biting her lip to stop the 'kun' from slipping out.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed slightly – he had noticed her new way of addressing him.

"Sasuke, I think you know why I've come here," she said slowly, struggling to keep her voice steady, as she walked towards him, letting the chakra flow through her veins where it accumulated at her fist.

Sasuke said nothing, remaining perfectly still, but poised like a panther about to make its strike. He gazed at her, the bloody Sharingan seeping over his eyes.

"On behalf of Naruto and me," Sakura continued, now slightly more confident, stopping a few feet away from him, her eyes now piercing his own. "Come back to Konoha. We'll forgive you for everything, you'll be atoned for all your sins, if you just come back." She tried not to sound too desperate.

"I have broken my bonds with you and Naruto. There is nothing for me there," Sasuke said evenly, not betraying a shade of emotion.

"You know that's not true Sasuke. You still care for us, and we for you. You fulfilled your goal, you avenged your clan. Come back to us now, and try living a happy life."

"I will never be happy. And I have a new goal," was the stoic reply.

Sakura grit her teeth, green eyes smouldering. No wonder Naruto had such a problem, Sasuke was probably one of the most unyielding, intransigent human beings in the world.

This is going to be harder than convincing Naruto to stay away from ramen… or Kakashi-sensei to burn all his Icha Icha volumes, her inner self joked feebly.

"We'll make you happy Sasuke. Remember all the good times we had before…" she said, her voice now adopting a slightly pleading tone.

He snorted.

"That was just a waste of my life, hanging with you idiots."

Sakura fumed inwardly, her patience dwindling rapidly.

"Don't pretend you never cared Sasuke, because I know you did."

"Even if I had, Sakura, I care nothing for you now."

"I don't believe you," Sakura shrieked, her voice now rising a few octaves. She couldn't keep up this calm demeanour, not when her heart was threatening to burst.

She didn't know how Sasuke managed it, how he suppressed his feelings so well. She didn't know that his throat had dried, and that his voice wavered ever so slightly as he said his next words.

"It's true Sakura," he murmured, looking her in the eye, stepping a few steps closer. "I don't care about you one bit."

"Th-that's not true," she stated, staring back defiantly.

"I could kill you right now, and prove it."

His voice was soft, but his words pierced her like chidori senbon.

"YOU BASTARD!" Sakura screamed, now losing all self-control. "Then kill me, and save me from the pain that you've caused me all these years! Kill me Sasuke, if you have the heart!"

She launched herself at him, fist glowing with chakra. He stepped aside nimbly, avoiding her blow, but she expected that, and spun around on her heel, aiming with her foot, and then her fist. She missed again as he whirled around, his arm brushing hers, his hair whipping her face. He took out his kunai, slashing at her, but she blocked it with her own, slicing downwards with her fist, ducking the shuriken he sent whizzing past the top of her head. She retaliated by releasing a flurry of senbon at him, but he dodged again, kicking out at her, and she avoided by gracefully leaping over his leg.



They continued like this for some time, dancing around each other, leaping, jumping, weaving in and out, dodging blows, kunai clashing. By then Sakura realized he was merely toying with her, testing her skill. His blows and shuriken, though she dodged him, never had the precision and strength that one with killer intent would. A part of her hoped it was because he didn't want to kill her, that his hurtful words had been empty threats. Another part of her wondered whether he just wanted to torture her for longer, amuse himself before he broke her again.



After a good forty-five minutes of intense sparring, Sakura was quite exhausted, and leapt backwards, distancing herself from Sasuke. Except a few minor scratches on his arms and cheek, he was unscathed. She was panting, and slightly worse off, with one long gash on her arm, and an assortment of scratches and bruises.

She quickly healed her arm with her glowing green chakra.

He stood back and let her. She didn't see the slightly pained expression that crossed his features as he watched her, wincing in pain as she healed her cut. She didn't see the sad, regretful look in his eyes as he surveyed her wound, the blood trickling down her arm.

"You've improved, Sakura," he stated bluntly, as she straightened up, tucking a sweaty strand of pink hair behind her ears. She glared at him, trying to stop herself from blushing at the compliment, however matter-of-factly he may have meant it.

"…but you're still far, far weaker than me," he finished condescendingly.

The tiny, tiny bit of happiness she had felt at Sasuke's approval evaporated, leaving Sakura furious.

BASH HIM UP, her inner self raged.

"I thought you were going to kill me," she retorted instead. "Why didn't you?"

"You're already half-dead," he replied contemptuously. "Why waste more chakra on weaklings as you?"

The words were phrased carefully, deliberately meant to stab her heart, pinch her where it would hurt, in hope that she would just leave without causing him more guilt, more suffering than she had in the past hour.

She didn't know this, of course. She didn't know even a millionth of what went one in Sasuke's twisted brain.

"You call me weak, and yet you are the coward who runs away from his friends, runs away from his home, too scared to face the consequences of his actions."

Sasuke smiled grimly. Previously, she would have burst into tears and run away somewhere wailing.

"You've matured," he said softly, almost mockingly, walking towards her.

Sakura narrowed her eyes, noticing his change of subject.

"You didn't expect me to pine after you forever, did you?" she lied. "Not after realizing what a bastard you are."


He was smirking slightly, his eyes fading back to black.

Somehow, she perfectly understood the meaning behind that one syllable.

Yeah, right, Sakura, he had said.

"Presumptuous asshole," she hissed, glaring at him, slightly flushed.

He said nothing, but continued walking towards her, till they were barely a foot apart. She stiffened at the sudden proximity, and immediately pulled out a couple of kunai for protection.

"Then why are you here, if not for me?"

His dark eyes were boring into hers, and he shifted even closer to her, the fabric of his shirt now touching hers, his toes brushing against her own.

Sakura's heart rate quickened.

"For Naruto," she said, in as cold a voice as she could muster.

"Liar," he whispered, moving even closer, gripping her wrist with one hand, curling his cool, slender fingers around it. He backed her up against a tree, pressing his body against hers.

Sakura exhaled sharply, trying to stop her head from bursting, trying to stop her body from responding positively to his advances, trying to ignore the warm heat that seemed to course through her veins, and pool at the area between her legs.

"Sasuke! What the hell are you doing?" she hissed, blushing madly.

"You still love me, Sakura," he said softly, his whisper a caress against her cheek.

"N-no," she stammered, heart beating wildly.

Was he doing what she thought he was – after all these years – did he feel for her that way?

"Yes, you do," Sasuke whispered, his breath now fanning her lips, his bangs brushing her forehead. "And that is your weakness. It always has been and it always will be."

He released her wrist, pressing himself into her further. She gasped as she felt his cool fingers skim the side of her face, brushing a few pink locks out of her eyes, as they slid across her cheek and down her neck, tracing her collarbone.

He gazed at her, and for once there was something else in his eyes other than a thirst for revenge and a perpetual coldness. They were warm, filled with – dare she think it – lust?

He dipped his head down, lips brushing her collarbone, her neck – once, twice, thrice. She gasped, and then moaned slightly, the kunai slipping through her fingers and hitting the ground with a clang. She entangled her now free hands into his silky black locks.

She could feel him smirking against the skin of her neck, as he nipped it slightly.

"See, Sakura. You're defenseless now in front of me. Weak," he murmured, and she tightened her grip on his hair, yanking him up.

Her eyes were blazing, but so were his.

"Sakura, there's something I think I should tell you…" he whispered, his lips ghosting over hers, barely touching.

Sakura's eyes widened, and she felt her knees shaking. This could not be happening… and why now of all times? She had a mission, and he was distracting her in the worse possible way.

Sasuke knew her weakness, and was exploiting it to his full potential. He didn't even have to waste a drop of chakra.

Yet, he was Sasuke. Sasuke never played with girls, or even showed an inkling that he cared, and that is what made her so sure, so certain that he was being genuine. It exhilarated her, and her head was spinning.

"I did care for you then Sakura, and more than as a teammate."

Sakura's heart stopped, and she could feel ecstasy flowing through her veins.

CHA! Her inner self screamed happily, in victorious delirium. FINALLY HE ADMITS IT!

"You – you do?" she stuttered, all traces of anger gone. She stared at him out of wide, innocent green eyes, the eyes of a twelve year old infatuated girl.

Sasuke smirked again – but this time it seemed almost strained, forced. She wondered why.

"S-Sasuke-kun?" she asked, feeling a sense of relief, nostalgia almost, as the word slipped lovingly through her lips.

Sasuke bit his lips, closing his eyes. He suddenly look tired, exhausted, tortured almost, as if he was suffering all the pain in the world.

Suddenly, she felt something cold and hard being pressed up against her throat.

Sakura looked down at the gleaming metal sword, and gasped, her throat stinging and tears flooding her eyes. It had been too good to be true.

"Foolish, weak idiot," Sasuke scoffed half-heartedly. "I knew your weakness all along."

NO! No, no, no, nooooo!!!

"You gave into me, Sakura," he continued, bitterly, spitefully. It's like he was disappointed in her.

No, Sasuke-kun… no…

"You let me find you defenseless, you're letting me kill you…"

There was no doubt about it. His voice was full of disgust, anger, loathing – but not at her. The tears spilled from her eyes, as she stared at him in shock, the hurt evident on her face.

"Why Sakura?!" he exclaimed, raising his voice at her for once, displaying the pain that he felt openly. "Why could you never stand up to me, even when I treated you like a monster would?!"

The sword was shaking now, he was shaking, and Sakura bit back a cry as the sharp edge nicked her collar, drawing a bit of blood.

He was still pressed against her, almost lovingly, one hand wrapped tightly around her waist, another trembling hand holding the sword up to her neck.

It was the most strange, twisted position ever.

Sakura looked at him, looked straight into his pained eyes, which she noticed, for the first time, were shining with moisture, and replied.

"Because I love you, Sasuke-kun. It's always been because of that."

"I'm a monster, a demon, Sakura! I'm worse than the kyuubi trapped within Naruto, because I'm a demon myself!" he said, his voice thick with emotion, as he pressed the sword further, more blood spilling out.

Sakura mentally thanked Tsunade's medical training, as she healed her cells from the inside, paling considerably at the loss of blood however.

This is my last chance, she thought. It's now or never. Death can't be worse than rejection anyway.

Sakura leant forward, screwing her eyes shut, ignoring the pain as the sword pushed through her newly healed skin, and pressed her lips against Sasuke's.



He responded back with a passion that surprised her, made her dizzy, kissing her back fiercely. He dropped the sword, his free hand now combing through her pink hair, the one at her waist pulling her closer.

They kissed and kissed and kissed. Sakura and Sasuke, teammates, friends, enemies, lovers… the avenger, the betrayer, the criminal and Konoha's medic-nin and renowned kunoichi… they stood, in a tangle of limbs, lips crashing together with a mad fervor.

Sasuke pushed his tongue through her lips, prying her mouth open, and attacking it with his tongue. He ravaged her mouth, deepening the kiss and she enjoyed every moment of it. His hands began to wander in a frenzy, sliding over her hips, under her shirt, up to her chest, cupping the soft flesh there, squeezing, fondling.

Sakura arched against his calloused hands, moaning against his mouth, and they kissed deeper. They'd both wanted this. Sasuke had too, but had always maintained a perfect control of himself, kept his emotions in check, channeled all of his energy towards training and killing Itachi. But even Sasuke was human, and even Sasuke had his limits. After years, all the pent up emotions, the want and need for human contact, for love, which he had denied himself had found a release. She was his salvation, and he devoured her kisses, her touches, almost hungrily.

So they kissed, weapons lying seemingly forgotten on the ground, their history, the ninja war, her promise to Naruto, all apparently forgotten, shattered from the moment their lips touched.


Rule number 4 : A shinobi must always put the mission first.

Sakura sighed, every fiber in her body rebelling against her as she pulled away from him. He looked at her, arching his eyebrow again, his arms now slipping out of her shirt and wrapping them around her lower back.

For once in his life, Sasuke looked calm, content, happy. He had let down his defenses, the iron walls he had fortified around his mind and his emotions. Whether it was pure lust, or something more, Sakura didn't care, as long as he held her in his arms, looking at her with something akin to desire in his beautiful black eyes. Sakura savored the moment, running her hands over his toned chest, staring at him longingly for a few seconds. Then, with lightening-quick reflexes, she released the hidden poisoned senbon needles hidden in her arms bands, piercing his chest.

Sasuke's eyes widened.

"So this was it all along," he muttered with a wry smile. "I'm proud of you, Sakura. You're not that weak after all…"

"I'm sorry, Sas-" she began, tears streaming from her eyes, but stopped. Something was wrong – there was no blood, no expression of agony on his face. His body wasn't convulsing from the poison, his face was still calm, serene.


Sakura gasped, as Sasuke disappeared with a puff of smoke, and that all-too familiar sound.

All along… it had been a shadow clone.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sakura screamed, collapsing onto the hard, now sobbing madly.

She had failed. Once again. And she had lost him – though he'd never really been with her in the first place. She felt ashamed, cheated, betrayed, angry, grieved… it was killing her.



The real Sasuke watched the scene from above, concealed in a tree, panting slightly – that had cost him quite a lot of chakra, to hold out and fight with the shadow clone for so long.

The feeling of her lips still lingered in his mind, as the shadow clone's memories fused with his own. He stared remorsefully at the weeping girl, who now lay shattered on the ground.

He'd never meant to kill her anyway – in fact all he wanted was for her to stay away from him, forget about him… she'd never be happy otherwise. But he'd broken, and succumbed to her. And now he'd hurt her even more than before.

"I'm sorry, Sakura," he whispered, sadly, morosely, before turning around and leaping back into the depths of the forest.

The clouds above rumbled, and released a downpour of rain, which pelted against Sakura's figure, and Sasuke's, as he ran away from her, away from the girl he loved.

It gave him a sickening sense of déja vu, as he remembered leaving Naruto, fainted, lying in the rain, as he walked away from him as well.

But Sakura meant so much more to him than that…

The thunder roared and crashed, and a flash of lightening, bright as his chidori illuminated the sky, and illuminated the tears which were now rolling down Sasuke's cheeks.

Hurting the ones you cared for the most was the worst possible feeling in the world, and it killed him. But maybe, just maybe, if Sakura would finally start to hate him for his betrayal, maybe if she saw him for the monster he was and stopped loving him – then she could be happier… and then it would all be worth it…

For once, Sasuke thought he could understand, just a bit, how Itachi may have felt the night he murdered the Uchiha clan, sparing only Sasuke.

For once, Sasuke understood what it meant to love.




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