Sorry, this isn't an actual chapter. I don't know if fanfiction allows this, but I just wanted to let you all know...

Your awesomeness has inspired me to start a Deviant Art account. The link is on my page - my DeviantArt name is Telcontar-Greenleaf, so you can search that on google too. I'm gonna be illustrating Confrontation, and I've done two pages so far, the title page with Sasuke and Sakura and one page showing the Nejiten confession. Please go visit if you want =)


The link for the SasuSaku image (from Chapter 1) is



And for the NejiTen (from Chapter 15)



I've also made pictures of the kiddies from the Epilogue, namely Team Lee, Team Kiba and Kakashi Uchiha and Temari. The links to these pictures are:



www(dot) telcontar-greenleaf(dot)deviantart(dot)com/#/d2rkd81


And finally some pictures with Team Gai! Namely one of Neji and Lee fighting over Tenten (from Chapter 6), the trio fighting with their chains (Chapter 16) and the trio as ANBU (Chapter 24). If you want to see these, follow the link below:



Anyways, thanks for everything guys!

Love you all!