Chapter 1

From the outside, number 4 Privet Drive looked as normal as any of the other houses next to it. The only difference was a dark haired, green eyed boy sitting at one of the windows.

You see, Harry Potter was no ordinary teenager; he was destined from that fateful night 16 years ago, when the darkest wizard of the time came to his home and killed his parents. The wizard then turned on not even a year old Harry and performed the worst sort of magic possible the Avada Kedavra curse. The only difference this time was that the curse rebounded and hit the wizard who had cast it. The wizard was called Tom Riddle, although he was also known by a different name Lord Voldemort.

Harry was looking for some sign that everything was normal and his friends were still friends with him, he was still grieving for the loss of his godfather, who had died not 2 weeks earlier.

Off in the distance, a small speck appeared in the sky, the owl flew towards the window where Harry was sat. Harry saw the owl and opened the window. Harry carefully removed the parchment attached to the owl's leg and offered him a treat. Harry looked at the scarlet envelope with gold writing and not recognising the handwriting started to worry that Dobby had been up to his old tricks. On the back of the envelope was a wax seal with a set of scales embossed. Underneath the seal were the words Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Harry opened the letter slowly wondering why Gringotts was writing to him.

Dear Mr Potter,

It has come to our attention that one Mr Sirius Orion Black has died...

Harry thought that goblin that had written this must have been having a good day as they had wrote it very politely.

On the discovery of this, the will of Mr Black was obtained. I would like to request a meeting with yourself and a Ms Hermione Granger to discuss the contents of which.

Please respond by return owl if you are able to meet with me tomorrow morning (31st July) at 9am?

Griphook Baggeton, Head Goblin

Harry immediately jumped up from his seat and raced out of the room to find his uncle.

"Um Uncle Vernon, I need to go to London tomorrow for a meeting at the bank"

"Bank, what bank? You haven't got a bank account."

"It's the wiza…"

"Ok, ok just don't say that ruddy word under my roof, it just so happens that we have to go into town to get Dudleys' new uniform, be ready to go by 7.30"

Harry raced to the phone in the hallway and dialled one of his best friend's numbers.


"Hi, it's Harry"

"Oh Harry it's so nice to hear from you, how are the muggles treating you?"

"Same as normal I suppose. Look I've just had a letter from Gringotts..."

"About Sirius' will?"

"How did you guess?"

"I received a letter earlier on from them, seemed that Griphook was having a good day when he wrote it, I mean he even said please!"

At this both teens laughed.

"Have you sent a response to them yet?" asked Harry nervously

"Not yet I was actually just about to call you to see if you were going"

"Oh right, I've just spoken with my uncle and he said that he'd take me."

"Do you want to meet outside the bank at 8.50 then?"

"Yeah that sounds good; I'll go send our response now then"

"Ok, see you tomorrow Harry"

"See ya Hermione"

Harry didn't realise he was shaking when he put the phone down.

"Has Potter got himself a little girlfriend?" came a shout from behind Harry; he spun around only to find his rather tall and fat cousin behind him.

"And how would you know what a girlfriend is?" shouted Harry before running up the stairs to the relative safety of his bedroom.

"Hedwig, I've got a job for you girl" said Harry softly to his white snowy owl.

Harry pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote to Griphook that he and Hermione would be able to meet with him the following day.