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Chapter 4 – The acceptance

It took Hermione a few seconds to realise that soft, warm lips were against hers and that it was Harry who was kissing her.

As soon as she realised what was happening she eagerly kissed him back, bringing out a shocked sigh from Harry.

Harry slowly pulled away and looked into Hermione's eyes.

"I...I... I love you Hermione" stuttered Harry.

"Oh Hharry, I love you too" said Hermione with a huge smile on her face that lit up her eyes. "Now what are we going to do about this inheritance?"

"I think we should accept it, I mean if we were emancipated then I wouldn't have to go back to the Dursley's and we can use magic out of school." said Harry quickly.

"Okay that sounds like a good idea, it means you can practice your defence spells more ready for when you battle V-Voldemort."

Harry's face dropped at this, "I meant just being able to do everything with magic rather than just at school."

They sat quietly for a while just happy to be with each other and thought of being able to use magic outside of school.

"Are you both ready to continue?" asked Griphook from the doorway.

"Yes we are, and we both want to accept the inheritance from Sirius" replied Harry.

"Ah, I was expecting that and have prepared accordingly. Would you both follow me?"

Harry and Hermione got up and followed Griphook back down to the atrium and then to one of the carts.

"We are we going?" Hermione asked the goblin.

"Just to the inheritance chamber" Griphook said with a sly smile.

After about 5 minutes the cart slowed down to reveal that they were now outside a door that was covered in runes.

"Griphook what do some of these runes mean as I've never seen them before?" Hermione asked.

"They are from the forgotten Goblin dialect, now no more questions and follow me" Griphook answered sharply.

They followed the goblin into the room and were shocked that it had hardly any furniture except a large bowl in the middle of the floor, with cushions dotted around it.

"Now I need both of you to say your full names and which lineages you would like to claim. But heed this warning if you try to claim a lineage which is not yours legally, then you shall face the most horrible ordeal. Also Mr Potter once you have claimed the Black lineage you can immediately claim the Potter lineage." Griphook said with a gleam in his eye.

"Okay I'll go first, if that's ok Hermione?" Harry asked looking directly at her.

Hermione nodded her head.

"Harry James Potter, I claim the lineages of Black, Potter, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw." Harry said using all of his Gryffindor courage. Immediately the room temperature dropped and the room was filled with ghosts looking directly at Harry, who was looking very nervously around him.

"Mr Potter, it is my great privilege to meet you" said one ghost who was dressed in what looked like clothes straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

"Excuse me sir, but are you Godric Gryffindor?" asked Hermione nervously.

"Ah you must be Miss Granger, we ghosts have heard a lot about you, brightest witch of your age I believe they call you." Said Godric chuckling.

Hermione just blushed at this.

"Now Harry, what Griphook has failed to mention to you is that along with our titles, you also inherit all the properties, monies and assets that we and your ancestors have acquired. Griphook will also remove some spells that were put on you at birth to protect you from being found by the deatheaters that remained at large." Harry looked very shocked at this, but accepted that Dumbledore or somebody had done it to protect him.

"Now Harry we must be going, we know our lineages are in the best hands we could ever hope for, so now go to our rest. Just remember that help comes to those who ask for it." And with that the ghosts all disappeared.

"Mr Potter, I have here the rings of the lineages you have claimed today." Griphook explained whilst pulling them out of his jacket pocket. "Don't worry Miss Granger; Mr Black also left a ring for you. Now Miss Granger if you could complete your part of the ritual."

"Oh of Course, Hermione Jane Granger, I claim the lineages of Black, Hufflepuff and Slytherin."

The room again went cold and ghosts appeared staring at Hermione.

"Ms Granger you are just gorgeous" came a male voice from behind her.

"Sal, you're scaring her, behave." Said a kind faced woman next to him.

"Yes dear" Salazar said looking at Helga Hufflepuff, bringing out chuckles from both Hermione and Harry.

"Now dear" Helga began, again looking at Hermione, "I can see that you care for this man beside you" looking at Harry "but remember the path of true love never runs smoothly, look at Salazar and me. We had to keep our relationship a secret from everybody, even those that we cared about because of what would of happened and been said."

"I thought Tom Riddle was your heir though Mr Slytherin?" Hermione asked.

"He was, but he has been disinherited for what he has done to not just the wizarding world, but the muggle world as well. I may not have been far off from the same ideals as he, but I just wanted Hogwarts to be for purebloods, not get rid of muggleborns completely. Also on another note, mudblood was never meant as an insult to muggleborns but as an insult to those pureblood marriages that were within the family (A/N incest)."

"Hehe I am going to have so much fun with that bit of information next time I see Malfoy." Hermione giggled.

"Now we heard what Godric had said to Mr Potter and the same applies to you Ms Granger." Salazar said smiling at her.

"I had spells put on me as well?"

"You had them placed on you just after you arrived at Hogwarts, Helga could you see whose magical signature this is?"

"Ah, yes I can see quite clearly this is the current headmaster's magic signature."

"But, why would Dumbledore place spells on Hermione?" asked Harry.

"Professor Dumbledore, Harry" said Hermione correcting him instantly as normal.

"As a gift to you both for all the hardships you have faced and will undoubtedly face in the future, Helga and I will remove all these blocks and restore you, Harry, to what you should be like. Your scar is actually helping you-know-who retain his magical powers by taking some of yours."

Helga and Salazar clasped hands and placed their other hands above Harry and Hermione. They started chanting

"Strength of day,

Strength of night,

Give these heirs the strength of sight,

Motivate them to dissipate,

The magical energy that flows in the airs."

A bright white light emitted from the area surrounding the four. Hermione slumped to the floor, dragging Harry with her till they both went unconscious due to the weight of all the blocks being lifted from them.

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