This is my second fanfic, my first in the Stravaganza category. I hope you enjoy it. If you enjoyed this check out my other story "THE BOWLER TWINS IN NARNIA". It's a Narnia fanfic.

Prologue: The Boy in the Black Cloak

It was with a heavy heart that the city of Romula watched the boat float out to sea, carrying their dead king on it. He had been the best and only king most people could remember, holding out against the di Chimici family for years.

Their cold faces were warmed by the blazing boat as it was engulfed in flames and the Romulans knew that their king was well and truly gone.

Among the crowd was a boy no older than 14 years of age. He wore a black cloak with a hood that covered his face and hid his tears as he mourned the passing of his father. It seemed that his family was destined to misfortune for his mother had died when he was young and his Uncle had been kidnapped and never seen again. He had no relatives now that his father had gone with a good amount of the family wealth.

The flames danced around the lifeless body setting fire to it. The gold and wealth was slowly disappearing through a growing whole in the wooden boat. It was soon followed by bits of wood and the Boy watched as the body of his father was taken by the sea.

"All speakers please come to the rocky ledge at once," shouted a woman's voice through the crowd. It was Jacquelina Moressmo, secretary of public occasions and organiser of major public events.

That was his queue, he moved silently through the crowd of citizens, hiding his identity from all with his long black cloak. It was warm inside his cloak, but not even that could rid him of the horrible emptiness he felt inside, as if a chilly wind had blown right through him.

"First," announced Jacquelina. "If our dear prince Rodrigo wishes to say something on the matter."

The boy with the black cloak lowered his hood to reveal the short, curly locks of white blonde hair that fell around his face. You couldn't mistake him for anyone else as everyone else in the city had dark hair.

He slowly stepped up to the rocky ledge that set him a few inches taller than the crowd.

"My father was fine king," he started. "And he did not deserve in any way, shape or form to have such a terrible fate befall him. We will all miss him so much, I for one know that nobody could ever replace him for us."

Rodrigo stepped down and pulled his black hood back up as the obituary was read out to the crowd. The citizens of Romula were truly sorry for their late king, but there was nothing any of them could do about it.

He scanned the crowd for a moment, there was no sign of the Black Lionesses and their black and red robes.They were a band of people who did not care much for the city of Romula. They were a guild of architects, their main purpose being communication with Remora, the city of Stars. Rodrigo did not like them very much, but the people did so they stayed.