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Inside J's Airship…

We find a lone boy with raven hair, lying on the floor unconscious but no for long. The young trainer stirred around a little bit as he started to regain consciousness. He slowly opened his auburn eyes. "U…gh…" he moaned as he got up into a sitting position. The raven-haired brunette glances around the area. He was inside some kind of room. "W-Where…..am…I-ack!" he yelped in pain as he tries to reach for the back of his neck but couldn't.

The young boy heard some chain rattling as he glances down to see that his arms and legs were shackle up (The chains that is attached to the shackles is pretty long but not that long for him to walk up to reach for the door) and chained to the wall. "What…..the? What's…….going on?" he asked himself, looking completely confused. The only thing he remembered was that he finally earned his last badge from the Sunyshore City and was now qualified to enter the Sinnoh League. He was planning on heading back home to Pallet Town so he can train and prepare for the Pokemon League. During his travel back to Pallet Town, he remembered that he, Dawn, and Brock encountered Pokemon Hunter J and her minions. "J!" the young boy gasped.

Now he remembered everything. Ash and his friends did indeed encounter the evil and cold-hearted Huntress. J confronted the group because she wanted to capture his Pikachu for one of her clients. Ash wasn't going to let that happen as he, Dawn, and Brock prepared to battle against the evil woman. But before the battle can even get started, Ash suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from the back of his neck then everything around him went black.

'Dawn…….Brock…….Pikachu…..I wonder what happen to them when I pass out. Did they-' Ash snapped out of his thoughts when he hears the sound of doors opening. The young trainer looks straight ahead as he sees two metal doors open up, revealing J and one of her top minions entering the room as they approaches the weaken boy and stood right in front of him.

"J!" Ash growled with hatred within his voice. Ash wanted to lung at her but he couldn't due to his body is weakened (Hinted: Ash was tranquilized by one of J's men) and was chained to the wall.

The evil silver-haired woman didn't look imitated at all by the chained brat. She glared at the young weak boy right in front of her. It hasn't been too long since they last saw each other. J kneels down to his level and clasped his face. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the brat who caused me so much trouble, Ash Ketchum!"

Ash was taken back in surprise. "H-How d-did you know my name, you rotten thief?!"

J smirked. "I have my ways and plus I did a little research on you, brat. I know everything about you and I mean everything." the silver-haired woman said to Ash, leaning her face closer to the young brunette's. The young trainer slightly blushed to see her face an inch apart from his. He can feel her breath on his cheek while J could feel his breath on hers. The two stayed like that for a minute until J spoke up again. "I know your winnings and losses. I know the fact you are a hero, the Chosen One who saved the world countless times. I even know what kind of Pokemon you ever have and lastly I know all the people you cared about. Your friends and family. I know it all."

"All LIES!" Ash snarled.

"Oh really?" J questioned with an evil smirk. The young woman stood up and snaps her finger, signaling her number one minion to come to her. The man quickly pulls out a blue folder from behind him and gives it to his mistress. J opens the folder and flips a page when it shows a picture of Ash and his information. "If you think I'm lying then here let me show you then." she replied as she held the folder right in front of Ash.

Ash gasped in fear. He realized that J wasn't lying. The folder he was staring at, indeed had every background information about him. "W-What do you want with me?"

The silver-haired woman smirked evilly that she received his full undivided attention. "That's simply, I wish for you to join me as my apprentice."

Ash gasped in shock when he heard this. "I-I'll never join you, J!"

J kneels down to his level and clasped his face again but this time with great strength. "I don't believe you have a choice, brat." she spat, glaring at her 'soon-to-be' apprentice. "I hold all the cards." she said as she tightens her grip. "I know where your mother and your close friends are. I can easily pick them off one by one until no one is left. How about I'll start with your mother or maybe your two traveling friends, hmm?"

Ash's eyes widen in fear when heard this. Now there's no way for him to refuse her offer. If he does then his family and friends will pay the consequences. J smirked at the boy's expression. She moves her face closer to his as their lips were nearly an inch apart from one another. "The choice is yours. Either be my apprentice or else your love ones will suffer." J said to him as she slowly pressed her lips to his. Ash's eyes widen like dinner plates as his face turned madly red. He can't believe it that his arch-enemy is kissing him.

The silver-haired woman pulls back and smirked at the boy's expression then suddenly she lifted her hand and slapped Ash's right cheek hard. The young trainer fell to the ground on his side and groaned in pain. J stood up to her feet and licked her lips as she stared darkly at the fallen burette. "Remember brat, it's either you or them."

Night fall…

As night falls, Ash was left alone to make his decision. The young trainer pressed his legs against his chest as he lowered his head down in shame. 'Why does this always happen to me?' Ash pondered in deep thought. 'What can I do? I can't refuse J's offer if I do then I know no doubt that she will kill everyone close to me before she plans on killing me. If I-I join her then maybe she will spare their lives. I know that I will lose everyone's trust but it's for the best if they hate me as long as they don't get hurt, I don't care. J maybe an evil witch and can't be trusted, I have no choice but to join her.' Ash said to himself as he lowered his head in shame. 'It's for the best….'

Next morning…


The two metal doors of the holding cell room where Ash is being held opened up as J entered inside. The silver-haired woman took notice that the young boy was lying on the floor on his side, exhausted and hungry.


The evil young woman snapped her fingers as one of her henchmen entered the room with a plate of food and a glass of water. The man placed the food plate and glass of water next to the sleeping boy then left. J waited patiently for her 'soon-to-be' apprentice wake up from his sleep. The smell of the food near him did the trick as he slowly opened his eyes and got up to a sitting position. Ash yawned as he started to rub his sleepy eyes with his hand. Ash glances around the room and notice J approaching him.

"J!" Ash growled angrily.

"Well good morning to you too, brat." the silver-haired woman said sarcastically. "Have you made your decision yet?" she asked.

"…" Ash didn't answer. He merely looked away, not looking into J's gaze.

The Huntress didn't have time for games as she kneels down to him and clasped his face forcefully, making him look at her. "I don't have time for your foolish games, brat. What is your decision? Yes? Or No?"

"May I ask you some questions?" he asked her, in which she didn't answer. "What happen to my friends and Pikachu? If you hurt them in any way, you'll be sorry J!" Ash threatens the silver-haired woman.

J tightens her grasp on the boy's face. "You are in no position to threaten me, boy. If I wasn't a kind-hearted person, I would kill you right here and now."

"I rather die than join you." Ash retorted.

J completely ignored his comment as she went on to answer his first question. "To answer your first question, that spiky haired brat and that blue-haired girl are safe for now. I spare them." she replied.

Ash sighed in relief. "That's good."

"But for your Pikachu and your other Pokemon, I turned them into stone…."

"What?! Why you-"

"Shut up, brat!" J hissed angrily as she forcefully slammed Ash back against the wall. The young boy winced in pain.


The evil Huntress grabbed one of his wrists tightly while still having her grip on Ash's face as she glared darkly at him. "Don't try to resist me, brat. Your effort is futile."

"Let go of me." Ash growled as he struggle to break from the woman's grip but it was no use. His body wasn't occupying due to his exhaustion and hunger.

"Shut up, brat." J twisted his wrist slightly, making Ash yelped in pain. "Your Pokemon are fine for now but they can be easily disposed of or better yet be sold to the highest bidder if you try to resist me."

"Y-You won't get away with this…."

"It's too late. I already did, brat. Now be a good boy and shut up while I continue to answer your foolish questions." she hissed through her teeth.

"Why are you doing this? Why do you want me to be your apprentice? I thought you would only keep me as a servant or hostage for money?" Ash asked.

"At first, I wanted to get rid of you so you won't get in my way but something hit me. I remembered all the problems you put me through. It made me realized that you have great skill and potential that surpasses all of these morons on my ship." J explained.

Ash slightly lowered his head dejectedly. "I-I join you on one condition…."

"Very well." J looks pleased that the young boy agreed to be her apprentice. "What is it?" she asked, clasping his face making him stared at her.

"Please……don't hurt my Pokemon, my family, and my friends." Ash pleaded.

"Very well…." J leaned her face close to Ash's where their lips are an inch apart. "I will promise you those that is closest to you won't be harm in any way by me but if I see any signs of betrayal from you then your friends, family, and Pokemon will pay the consequences, got it?."

"Yes….." Ash nodded. He had no choice but to agree to J's terms if he wants J to accept his.

"A very wise choice, my apprentice…." J said to her newly accomplice as she placed her lips against his.

"Mmfph….." Ash moaned as his eyes widen in shock with his face turned madly red to see the silver-haired woman kissing him again.

J pulls back and smirked. "The deal is set. You are mine now, brat." J replied as she stood up to her feet and snapped her fingers. "Bob! Stan! Unchain him at once!" she ordered.

"Yes sir!" the two henchmen shouted as they hurried over to chained boy with two keys. (Each one of them has a key) Bob and Stan unlocked the shackles from Ash's arms and legs. Ash massaged his aching arms and legs. He sighed in relief then move on to his neck since he felt something weird about like something is around it. Ash touched his neck and felt something metal. He starts massaging around his neck then turned his attention to J.

"What is this around my neck?" Ash asked to his newly master. (It's the same black shocking neck collars from Y-GO GX that Zane uses when he was Dark Zane)

"That shocking-amplifying neck collar around you is called an 'Electrode.'" J explained.

"An Electrode? What does it do? Why am I wearing one?"

"For one reason to make sure you don't betray me if you do then you'll get a little shock treatment from it. I have the remote that can control the neck collar." she said as she pulls out a device from her pocket and show it to him. "At anytime I can easily turn up the shock treatment towards you at maximum if I chose. And trust me when I said this, the shock treatment will hurt like hell. It's 1,000 times stronger than a normal electric attack."

Ash gulped nervously.

"So don't get any ideas on rebelling against me. I can surely end your life if I feel like, got it?"

Ash simply nodded.

"Good and the second use of the Electrode will be explained to you once we start training so don't worry about it." she assured him. It seems she was hiding some information about the shock collar. What could it be?

"O…k…." Ash said unwillingly then his stomach started to growl which he made him blushed in embarrassment.

The silver-haired Huntress had the urge to roll her eyes. "It seems you're hungry, brat." Ash nodded. "Well there's food next to you." she pointed the plate of food and glass of water next to Ash. "Eat up. As soon as you are finish your food. My men will escort you to your room. You will receive several gifts from me. Starting in three days, we will start your training." she said to the young boy, who was busy gulping down his food while listening at the same time.

J exited out the room, leaving Ash with Bob and Stan to keep an eye on him. As soon as Ash finishes his food, he was escorted to his room. He thought it wasn't going to be a luxury room but he was wrong. His room was actually nice and big. It had a big comfortable bed, book shelves (Filled with books), a bathroom, a study desk and a TV. He also an opened closet filled with many uniforms and clothes. On the study desk, there were two Pokeballs separated from the other four.

Ash looks curious as he approaches the desk. He spots a white piece of paper next to the Pokeballs. Ash picks it up and starts reading it. (Note: You can tell it's a note of some sort)

Dear Brat,

I left you six Pokeballs on your desk but two are not empty. Within those two are your new partners in crime. Get along with your partners and train them well. Consider this one of my gifts to you. Don't screw up or else, got it?

P.S. - I didn't steal these two Pokemon. I actually caught them in the wild so don't go on accusing me on stealing them from trainers.

Your Mistress,


Ash placed the note back on his desk. He was curious on what kind of Pokemon did J gave him. Even though the note said that she didn't steal them. There was no way he can believe that. Before he could check out his new partners, Ash decided to find some new clothes to wear first.

Ash looks around his closet and notices a special outfit he liked as he tries it on. His new outfit composed of a long black sleeved coat with a red flame designed logo on the back (In the center), a white T-shirt with a black flame logo on it (In the center of the shirt), a pair of black pants with red linings, black shoes, and lastly a blue crystal earring pierced on his right ear.

The newly dressed apprentice walked into his bathroom and turned on the sink. He splashes some cold water and starts combing his hair. If he's going to start a new life as J's apprentice. He might as well need to change his appearance a little bit. He brushes his front bangs forward to give a bad boy look then grabbed a pair of scissors and starts to trim the back of his hair. (Since it was getting longer) Afterwards, Ash decided to highlight his front bangs with green coloring and decided to highlight parts of his hair as well. Once he was finished, Ash started to look at himself through the mirror for a moment until he heard something.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Ash heard knocking on his room door. The young trainer quickly but cautiously went to his door and answered it to see the number one minion standing right in front of him with a box. "A gift from the mistress." he said as he handed the box to Ash then walks off.

The young brunette closed the door as he read the card on top of the box.

This will conceal your identity. Be grateful.

Your Mistress,


Ash lowered his head dejectedly, knowing this was going to be his life for now on. Ash decided to set the box on his bed then opened up the box, revealing a black cap (Similar to Naoto Shirogane's cap) and goggles. (Just like J's)

Later that evening…

After Ash just finished his dinner, the young apprentice was lying on his comfortable bed in his room, glancing at the ceiling with the black cap and the goggles lying next to him. He was pondering on the situation he was in. He knew his life as J's apprentice will soon come. Ash got off his bed and walked over to his study desk and picked up the two Pokeballs that contains his new partners. The young brunette tosses the Pokeballs to see what kind of Pokemon he has to work with. In a bright flash, two four-legged creatures stood right in front of their new master.

The first creature looks like a cat. It has lavender fur, large ears with long tufts of fur below them, a red gem on its forehead and a pair of pupiless eyes with white irises and purple scleras. Its tail, which is forked a bit like a Buizel's, helps it to foresee possible futures.

"Peeee!" the purple cat let out a soft cry.

The second creature looks like a fox-like creature with plant, dog, and cat characteristics. Its body is tan colored. It has one shade of dark brown that is carried out on the tip of its paws, as its eye color, and in the center of the ear. It has sprouts growing all over it, making it look more like a plant. It has a longer sprout of its forehead. Leafeon has a leaf-like tail.

"Feeee!" the greenish plant-looking like fox cried.

"Hey you two…." Ash called out to his newly Pokemon. The purple cat and the greenish fox turned their attention to the young boy standing right in front of them.

"Pe-Pe-Esp-Esp-Pe?" (Who are you?)

"It's ok; I'm not going to hurt." Ash assured the two Pokemon as he cautiously kneels down to their level. "My name is Ash and I'm your new trainer."

"Leaf?" (Trainer?)

Ash nodded.

"Pe-Pe-Esp-Esp-Pe-Espeon?" (What makes me think we can trust you?)

Ash just smiled. "Because I can tell I can trust you two while you can trust me."

"Fe?" (Huh?)

Without warning, Ash wrapped his arms around both of his newly Pokemon. Espeon and Leafeon were taken back by this but were more taken back when they heard Ash was starting to cry. "I'm sorry……*sob* that you guys have to be dragged into this because of me…." Ash cried as wet tears flow down from his eyes.

"Esp.?" (What?)

"Fe-Fe-Fe-Leaf-Leaf-On?" (Tell us what's going on and maybe we can help you?)

Ash pulls back and smiled at the two Pokemon. The young trainer started to explain that he was force to be J's apprentice. If he doesn't do it then his friends, family, and Pokemon will suffer. Therefore, in order to protect them, he has no choice but to be J's apprentice.

"There, there you have it." Ash finished his story. "I'm so ashamed of myself." Ash said, lowered his head in shame.

"Pe-Pe-Pe-Espeon." (Don't be so hard on yourself.)

"Leaf-Leaf-On-On-Fe." (Yeah, don't be so down. You did the right thing.)

Ash raised his head up and stared at Espeon and Leafeon. "Really?" the two Pokemon nodded. "T-Thank you."

"Pe-Pe-Esp." (You're a kind person.)

"Fe-Fe-Leaf-Leaf-On." (That's why we will trust you, Ash.)

"Espeon, Leafeon……Thank you so much." Ash cried as he hugged the two Pokemon. The purple cat and the greenish fox start licking their new trainer affectionately.

"Guys…quit it that tickles." Ash laughed.

Night fall…

Ash sat on his comfortable bed as his newly Espeon and Leafeon were sleeping peacefully right beside their master. Ash smiled at his new Pokemon then glances down at the goggles within his hands. He stared at it for a moment until he lowered his head. "Guys……Please forgive for doing this…….I'm so sorry……." Ash cried quietly as tears fall from his eyes.

Within the next two days, Ash spent most of his time bonding, training, and playing with his new Espeon and Leafeon. The two Pokemon enjoy spending a lot of fun and quality time with their new master. They can tell he was a wonderful and kind-hearted person. It was a shame that he have to work for an evil witch so he can protect those close to him but he won't do it alone, Espeon and Leafeon will be there by his side to support him in any way.

In the next following day, Ash wakes up early in the morning since he knew today was his official first day as J's apprentice. The young brunette tidy up his room, making sure it was clean and organized. He got into his newly outfit and placed his black cap on his head while gripping the goggles within his hand.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Ash heard knocking on his door as he went over to the door and opened it up, revealing one of J's henchmen. He brought breakfast for Ash which surprised the young boy. Ash wasn't expecting such kind service to him right off the bat. He figured that his newly master, J must be trying to win over his trust. Ash hesitated at first but decided to accept the meal. "Thank you."

The man simply nodded then replied. "The mistress wishes for you to come to the training room down the hall in one hour."

"O….k…." Ash replied.

Once Ash finished his breakfast, he headed to the training room within the hour like the henchmen told him. The young trainer entered inside the room. It was a big and open wide training room. It had a lot open and free space to run around. Ash was surprised to see something like this within the ship. The young brunette turned his head to see his new master on the other side of the room.

"Don't you look handsome, brat?" J complimented, making Ash slightly blushed.

Ash didn't say anything as he lowered his cap to hide his blush. J smirked. "Now then Ash, or should I say Nao Kilesen, my apprentice."

"Nao Kilesen?" Ash said confusedly.

"That's correct. Now that you belong to me, your fake name and code name will be Nao Kilesen, the Black Raven." J said to her young apprentice.

"I see….." Ash whispered, lowering his head dejectedly.

"Now then we will start with some practice. Your real training will start tomorrow, got it Nao?"

Ash slowly nodded. "Yes……Mistress……"

Poor, poor Ash. He is now J's apprentice. Can he survive his new life as Nao Kilesen, the Black Raven/J's apprentice? Find out next time. Hope you like this new story. It is a Ash x J story but it will have multiple parings with Ash and several girls (He knows) in here as well. Please review and comment on this ^-^ Peace out ^-^

Here's Ash's current party:

Espeon - Lv. 45: Psychic Type (Female): (Psychic, Psybeam, Double Team, and Shadow Ball)

New moves: ?????

Stats: Speed: ** Power: ** Technique: *** Stamina: ** (For right now. It will get stronger when three years goes by)

Leafeon - Lv. 45: Grass Type (Female): (Magical Leaf, Bullet Seed, Double Team, and Shadow Ball)

New moves: ?????

Stats: Speed: ** Power: *** Technique: *** Stamina: *** (For right now. It will get stronger when three years goes by)

Give suggestion on the last four Pokemon Ash should catch to be in his party?