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Chapter 1

I can't even think straight. My thoughts are all blurry and my head is starting to hurt. There is all this chaos going on around us and I just can't believe that most of it is about is.

"They're gone Alex."

This keeps running through my aching head and I feel like I'm going crazy. This can't be true! How can they be gone?! I just saw them this morning! We had a quick breakfast together and everything! I didn't even rush out of the house in a hurry like I usually do. This was wrong. They couldn't be gone! They wouldn't leave us like this.

"It was a fire caused by leak. They were upstairs. I don't think they even realized it was going on until it was too late."

No. This couldn't be right. Please be wrong! Please just let this all be some cruel and unusual prank that the cops decided to play on me. I haven't been the greatest human being so Lord knows I would deserve it, so just let it be a prank, please?

"Please understand that we are being completely serious Alex, they are gone."

"What am I supposed to tell my little brother?"

I had told him that mom and dad had gone to heaven, they were going to miss us but they had to go. I couldn't think of a better way to tell him that his parents had died. He's only seven for crying out loud! Of course the police offered to tell him for me but I think it would be way better coming from his older sister. He was sad, he cried. Especially when I told him that they weren't coming back. I felt my eyes water as well but I had to stay strong, for him, I just had too.

"Alex you take care of your brother!"

I shook my head at the memory of my moms reprimanding. Now I really would be taking care of my brother.

"How old are you?" the lady behind the brown desk asked me as she continuously punched on her keyboard. They had moved Max to another room and gave him some toys to play with. I was left to deal with the hard part.

"Seventeen," I answered. My voice was so shaky I barely recognized it. I've been at the police station ever since they came to get me from school. I had begged to go home but they told me it would only make me feel worse, plus the place was completely destroyed.

The woman typed away. "Since you are not of legal age you and your brother will have to be place under guardianship."

"We have no other family members." I ran my hand through my brown locks in frustration. This was such a nightmare, I couldn't take it, and I felt like I was going to have a mental breakdown.

"We'll find someone."

"I can take care of him myself!" I shout.

She just ignores me and continues typing and she types for a good while before she stops and leans up in her desk looking over me skeptically.

"Did you know that you have an older brother?"

I scrunched my face up at her before the memories came crashing back. "Yes, my parents told me once."

She nodded before picking up the phone. "I wonder," she whispered to herself as she started dialing.

"Yes Mr. Russo……" she trailed off then as she stood up from her seat and walked down the hall leaving me alone to my thoughts. After a while I could hear her again, her voice sounding more and more strained.

"Please, they have nobody else," I heard her let out and I cringed. I hated this, every bit of it.

She finally came back after about twenty minutes and she seemed to be a little more content. "You two are going to stay with your big brother, Justin Russo. At least for the time being until we figure out what to do with you."

She couldn't be serious, could she?