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Chapter 16

I wake up the next morning and it's Monday. I should be feeling bummed because it's back to school for me but I'm not. The magical tingle that I felt last night has grown into a full electric current and words cannot describe how excited I am. I'm giggling to myself and then I look across the room to my sleeping brother and I have to wake him up. I quietly slide out of Max's bed and tip toe my way to my bed, managing to slip in beside Justin.

"Hey," I whisper as I turn to him squeezing one of his shoulders. "Wake up?"

He groans but doesn't even attempt to open an eye so I continue to bothering him. I shake him.

"Justin come on!"

"No, Alex, can't it wait? I'm going to have to get up in a little while anyways for school, geez." He's annoyed, but I don't care. "What are you doing up early anyways?"

Funny, I hadn't even realized that I was up sort of early. At least 30 minutes ahead of time. Guess that's what excitement does to you. I ignore his question.

"Get up!" I beg.


I fake sob as I move closer to his body, draping my arm over his stomach. I place a kiss on his neck and he groans.


He shakes his head, a smile forming.

I kiss him there again and then move up to his ear, biting it. He groans again, letting out my name. I sshhh' him reminding him of the adorable sleepy head in the corner. He obeys and then I start kissing him again. I move back to his neck and spend some quality time there and he's not complaining, in fact quite the opposite.

When I move to his mouth he finally starts participating, his mouth kissing me back just as eagerly.

Max tosses in his bed and I freeze not wanting to be caught. One second of pause is all it takes for Justin to finally open his eyes.

"What?" he let's out. His voice is all husky and his face is contorted in confusion as he tries to figure out why my lips are no longer moving against his.

I point to Max.

"What? He's sleep."

"He moved."

"Alex," he's shaking his head at me now, a smirk on his face.

"What?" I whine.

"Nothing, just kiss me," he lets out. Then he's on top of me. His lips are crushed on mine and all I can think about is him, and being with him, and him being mine. It's amazing. He shifts his weight to the side so that half of his body is resting on the bed now and he doesn't have to worry about holding his weight up above me so he doesn't crush me. He's still semi hovering me though and I love it. Don't get me wrong I love being on top and being in control too, but I also love having him be the manly hot older brother that just has his way with me. One of his hands is propped up on the bed but the other is touching me all over and it feels great.

He breaks our kiss to look down at me, and his eyes are full of love and want. "You have no idea how much I missed you not sleeping beside me last night." He leans down and his forehead meets mine, and we're staring at each other so intently.

I smile up at him and bring my lips to his for a quick kiss. I sigh. "I love you," I whisper. I don't think this moment could get any better.

"I love you too Alex," he whispers in my ear before biting it playfully. Then his lips are back on mine and we are tossing in the sheets, fighting for dominance. One minute I'm on the top, the next he is. I could spend every morning like this. He finally gets me trapped for good and we're both laughing and I couldn't think of a more perfect time to tell him.

"My magic's back," I breathlessly let out, a grin taking over my face.

"What?" he's looking down at me in shock.

"Yeah, it's back," I reply shaking my head. "I don't know how but it is."

He sits up in bed then. "Wow," he seems to be in complete disbelief. He runs his hand over his face and he needs to shave. Not that the stubble bothers me. "Do you feel different?"

"Completely." I smile. "It's a feeling I can't explain," I giggle. "It's magical, you know."

"Well I imagine it would feel magical," he chuckles.

I laugh with him.

"Show me something," he lets out playfully. He holds his hand out and I grab it. He pulls me up into a sitting position and I move over, straddling him.

"What do you want me to do?" Honestly I can't think of anything that would be impressive to him at the moment and it sucks cause I'd love to show him what I got.

"Well I know what I want you to do," Justin chuckles darkly as his hands find my butt. "I'm just not sure how I could link it to magic." He winks at me and I blush. It's ridiculous the affect he has on me. I lean into him, and it's then that I hear laughter. This is not good.

Justin and I turn to Max at the same time and what do you know, the sneaky boy is staring right back at us, laughing. "You guys are going to kiss now, I know it!" he exclaims.

"Max!" I shout angrily, but he's still laughing so you know what I do? I turn back to Justin who's lap I'm still straddling and who's looking down at me, his right brow quirked in curiosity. I shake my head, and damn it all to hell. I lean down and press my lips to Justin's for a quick kiss.

"There, you happy?" I let out before hopping off the bed and making my way to the bathroom in embarrassment.

Justin talks to Max while I get ready, which goes even better than I expected. He knows that he isn't allowed to tell anyone about us. He just seems happy enough that we are together weird enough. I don't get it.

I talk to Max about getting our powers back on the way to school and you want to know the funny thing? He'd already gotten his powers a couple of days ago. I didn't believe him at first but I knew he was telling the truth when he fest up to conjuring those chocolate chips cookies from the pizza place the other night. I knew we hadn't ordered any cookies! That boy, he really surprised me sometimes.

I couldn't stop thinking about what Max asked me as I said goodbye to him in front of his classroom. He'd asked me why? Why had we gotten our powers back all of a sudden. It was such a good question I can't believe I hadn't asked it myself. Why now were we getting our powers back? It was just weird.

The good thing was that I knew how I was going to find out.

School was good. I was in a very good mood today and Harper could tell. She thought it was because of Dean but boy was she wrong. I didn't even have the heart to correct her. Dean wasn't there to say otherwise so I figured I'd wait to burst her bubble.

I picked up Max from school and his teacher handed me a letter to take home to Justin. Apparently Max's school was having an Open House Thursday night in which his parent's, meaning Justin and I, I guess, were suppose to attend along with Max. This should be interesting. I couldn't help but snicker.

I let Max practice his magic during snack time and of course he conjures up more cookies but I only let him eat a couple before putting the rest up. I grab a couple for myself as well. We start on our homework and when we're done Max watches TV and I continue packing up our stuff. We can move into the new apartment tomorrow and I am so excited. Two bedrooms equals more alone time with Justin to fool around. It's weird because I just had sex for the first time the other night but I honestly don't think I could get enough of it and I'm excited to explore it all with Justin.

He gets home around eight and the poor thing looks pooped. Max is super excited to see him. Justin manages to spend some bonding time with him before he collapses on the bed. I send Max to take a bath and force myself to make dinner when all I want to do is join Justin.

Time for grocery shopping has still not been made so I make ham sandwiches and we have some of Max's cookies with it and some apple slices. I guess I could have conjured up some delicious meals with my powers but that just seems so elementary of me now. It's weird. I used to do some pretty worthless, selfish, lazy things with my powers. Fun, but worthless, selfish, and lazy. Now doing those things just doesn't seem right, it's something the old Alex would have done. It's not something I see myself doing for now.

For the first time I realize that I have really changed in the last couple of months.

Things are done a little backwards tonight and poor Justin can barely keep his eyes open at the dinner table so I tell the bedtime stories tonight, both of them and Max is sweet enough to not complain. Towards the end of the story I hear the shower running so Justin's definitely showering. I get a little sidetracked picturing him naked. I'm such a freak.

Max actually falls asleep towards the beginning of the second story surprisingly. I take a quick shower and when I walk into the bedroom Justin is not there. I thought for sure he'd be knocked out by now.

I make my way into the kitchen and he's sitting at the table grading papers. He's insane.

"Justin," I sigh as I come up behind his chair, wrapping my arms around his neck. "You need to get to bed, you're exhausted."

He pauses leaning down to kiss my intertwined hands before continuing his task. "I have to finish these papers."

"No you don't. Your students will understand," I coax moving my hands back to massage his shoulders. He's so tense it's saddening. "You need your sleep."

"I have to finish these," he yawns.

"Justin," I start to protest but he stops me handing me a letter. It's an invitation I realize upon closer examination. I read the first part of it and my heart sinks.

"Faculty Ball?"

He nods.

This is great and I'm sure Juliet will probably be there. Just great.

"Do you have to go?"

"Sort of," he admits but he's smiling. "Why don't you seem excited about this?" he's eyeing me suspiciously and is he kidding? Excited? Why would I be excited?

"Um maybe because I'm not," I admit. "I don't want you out at some ball with a lot of sexy female teachers trying to sink their teeth into you. No way would I be excited for that."

He's laughing again.

"This is not funny!"

"I'm sorry but it sort of is," he let's out tiredly. Then he grabs my hand moving me so that I now stand before him. "You're so cute when you're jealous too, you know that?"

I groan pouting at him.

"Hey you have nothing to worry about," he smiles. "I'll be a good boy I promise."

"Justin I,-"

"Plus, I was hoping you'd come along."

What? I wasn't expecting that. It's impossible, but I can't help but find it sweet as well.

"And how would that work Justin? You bringing your sister as your date to a ball?"

"No one even knows I have a sister except Juliet so it will work perfectly. You'll just be my girl friend to everyone else."

Really? "And what about Juliet, genius?" I tease. "She definitely knows I'm your sister. And I'm sure she'll be there."

"We'll just have to avoid her I guess." He's insane, but gosh do I love him for it.

He yawns again, and just freaking go to sleep already! "Are you really not going to come to bed?" I ask.

"Not yet baby I have to finish." He's really not coming, and oh my gosh he just called me 'baby'. That makes me feel…I don't know…I'm so happy.

I turn to walk back down the hall when a idea hits me like a ton of bricks. I start thinking of words, trying to find a rhyme, then I do.

"Don't want to grade this, want to go to bed. So papers grade yourself instead."

Justin turns around and looks at me puzzled and I just smirk at him gesturing at his papers.

"There're finished. Now let's go to bed."

He looks over his papers and he's rummaging through them in amazement. I can't stop smiling.

"Wow, that was….really cool." He lets out and he sounds more awake than he has all evening.

"Thanks." I'm beaming proudly. I turn around to make my way to our room.

He chuckles. "That was a pretty good way to show me your powers." He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closely to him. I sigh.

"Wanna see more?" I whisper before mumbling a spell under my breath. I step away from him then and his breath hitches at the sight of me clad only in red lingerie.

He moans, taking me in before trapping me between him and the one of the hallway walls. His lips crush down on mine and I have no complaints. It's amazing that he was once so sleepy but yet found enough energy to kiss the hell out of me. His hands roam my body as his tongue dips into my mouth and I want him.

"You're so hot," he whispers in my ear before grabbing one of my breast and I whimper. Then Max pops into my mind, and great, now I'm worried about a repeat of last nights interruption. I push Justin playfully away and lightly tip toe to our bed, lingerie and all. If Max wakes up I'll die, no doubt about it, but thankfully he doesn't it.

I slide under the covers and Justin does the same after me. I turn to face him and he's frowning at me. I smile.

"You're lucky I'm so sleepy young lady, otherwise you'd be getting it tonight. Without a doubt, Max or no Max." I giggle at him. "You look so," he shakes his head leaning over to cup my cheek. "damn I want you so bad."

"We move tomorrow," I remind him. "You can do whatever you want to me then."

He groans. "I'll hold you to that," he huskily replies,. Man I want him so bad too. He has no idea.

I nod, sliding closer to him and leaning up to give him one last goodnight kiss. He accepts it eagerly and we sort of have a quick make out session before his groans start to get out of hand.

"Night," I mumble. I giggle and turn away from him.

Seconds later I feel his arm wrap around my waist. His body is glued to mine and I like this entirely too much. He places a soft kiss against my neck and I sigh. This is perfect.

"I want you," he whispers against my skin. I chuckle, my eyes now closed as I listen to his heavy breathing. "You might want to cover up some so I won't be excited."

He had a point there. The logical thing would be to cover up so that we could both get to sleep but then I remember who I am, I'm Alex Russo. Logical is not something associated with me and I don't see it becoming linked with me in the future. That being said,

"Nah," I whisper back to Justin as I press my butt against him. He moans and I can feel his semi-hard on press against my butt crack. He starts rubbing it up against me and I can't help but moan. It's going to be a long night.

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