Don't know how many people even watched this show but I was a HUGE fan. If anyone out there knows where I can get the series online you will be in my good graces FOREVER. I could write you anything you like.

Secondly, this story would make a bit more sense, also, if you've seen "A Night to Remember."

Finally, I own nothing. I'm just bored.


"I'm not taking another sick day. Not after what happened last time," Jamie's eyes were stubborn as he ran a tissue under his glowing, red nose.

Catie applied another layer of brown lipstick and tried to look disinterested. "The difference is," she insisted, "this time you're actually sick."

Jamie tossed his head and ran a hand down the back of his neck. "It's just a cold, Catie."

Closing her compact she turned with a glare towards her friend. "Since when do you risk your health for the geek squad? I mean, clearly you feel like shit why bother-" She stopped speaking as Jamie fumbled for a clean tissue just in time to capture a sneeze.

"-Gesundheit, putting yourself through even the smallest discomfort for them?" She eyed him as he blew his nose and groaned.

"Besides, Alex isn't going to want you infecting all the other superheroes."

"I won't," said Jamie firmly, sniffling. "I can be discreet." He held up a hand to stop Catie's protest. "They won't even know I'm sick." He concluded his declaration with yet another powerful sneeze. Catie smirked.

"Good luck with that."


An hour later Jamie stood under a darkening sky in the parking lot just outside the station doors, giving himself a pep talk. 'It's all a matter of composure', he thought to himself. 'And attitude. Keep up the attitude and no one will see anything else.'

He rubbed a fist under his nose and hunched his shoulders to adopt his characteristic, rebellious teen pose. A moment later a large clap of thunder shocked him into a defensive, half-crouch.

Behind him, laughter broke out.

"Relax Jamie," smiled Tyler walking by, "thunder can't hurt you."

Val clapped him on the shoulder in a teasing sort of comfort while Hank followed behind, scowling.

"Pouring rain always means traffic accidents," he growled as he followed behind the others to start the shift.

'Composure,' thought Jamie. 'Yeah right.'

He waited until everyone was out of earshot before coughing harshly into his elbow. He winced at the pain in his throat but, after testing to make sure his voice was intact, trumped forward into the station.

"Come on, come on in and sit down," Alex hurried the squad through the door, clearly in lecture mode. "Jamie, come on, get the lead out."

The final squad member narrowed his eyes as he stepped, languidly through, to a seat in the back of the room. Brooke raised her eyes to see a revived petulance in Jamie. In recent months, he had seemed to really come into being an EMT and he definitely hadn't rolled his eyes at Alex in at least a few weeks. Today, when Brooke managed to catch his eye and wave, he only half-smiled before slumping down in his seat. 'Looks like the Old Jamie might be back for a visit,' she thought.

"So you've all heard, I'm sure, that the weather service is predicting 5-6 inches of rain," started Alex once everyone's eyes were on him. "You all know what that means."

"Accidents," murmured Hank, thinking back to another high casualty day.

"That's right," Alex paused for effect. "And, of course, getting to those accidents and helping anyone involved is our number one priority. But tonight I have another task for you guys. Brooke?" he called to the back of the room and the girl stood with a stack of papers.

"We're getting inspected tomorrow morning. It's the semi-annual, semi-surprise inspection of the facility, the trucks, and our supplies. This means," she stopped speaking as a muffled sneeze erupted from the back of the room.

All eyes turned on Jamie as a blush spread over his cheeks. "Sorry," he whispered.

"It means," took over Alex with a look of scorn, "that in between calls tonight we have to work our way through this pigsty and make sure it's all up to code."

"I took the liberty of making some lists," Brooke said with a grin as she began to pass out papers.

"Brooke," Tyler muttered. "Always with the lists."

"Remind me to hack her computer later an uninstall Word," Val whispered back.

"I heard that," Brooke declared, thrusting her face in between them. "Which mean you two," she held out a page, "get kitchen and bathroom duty."

Tyler groaned, "Kitchen and bathrooms?"

Hank was laughing loudly behind them, tilting back in his chair when Brooke handed him a sheet. "Trucks Hank. Check off this list to make sure they're stocked. And while you're at it, you may as well wash the outside too."

The front legs of his chair came down with a snap. "Man, that's not right," he shook his head disdainfully at the pages.

Another clap of thunder sounded outside everyone turned to as the first sheet of rain began to fall.

"On second thought," said Hank with a smile. "I'll just pull it into the driveway."

"On third thought," said Alex leaning in with a sponge in his hand. "You'll do it right."

Hank took the sponge from his boss and pursed his lips. Now it was Tyler and Val's turn to laugh.

"Hey," chided Alex. "Less laughter, more cleaning. I'll be in my office." He went to leave but paused at the doorway and turned back, a twinkle in his eye. "What say I order pizza in an hour?"

"Now that's what I'm talking about," grinned Tyler as he and Val headed off towards the kitchen.

Jamie was still sitting with his arms folded when Brooke came to assign him a task.

"Storage room," she handed him a small stack. "Do some inventory, do some dusting, and mostly make sure nothing's expired. Inspectors really hate that one."

He stared blankly at the page for a moment, seeming to be lost in thought.

"Hey," Brooke snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. "Earth to Jamie. Are you all right?"

"Huh," he looked up a flashed her a charming smile. "Just peachy. " He waved his list in front of her face. "It's better than bathrooms."

Brooke raised an eyebrow. "Have you been in the storage room lately?"