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Author's Note: Harry is not gonna start off like the vampires of Twilight, drinking animal blood and things like that. He's going to be like a normal vampire, like the Volturi and their guards/followers. And although Harry will be able to resist blood, he's not immune to the smell of it, but he can prevent himself from going into a frenzy like it says in Twilight that all vampires go into. I thought it was a somewhat stupid idea of even a vampire several hundreds of years old will not be able to control themselves. I figured it would be something that is learned, just like when you're little you're taught by your parents (hopefully) not to hit.

Chapter One: Volturi

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Godric's Hollow

December 15, 1997

It was a burning pain... every nerve in his body on fire, worse then the Torture curse. With every slowing pump of his heart it got worse.

Harry heard a chuckle above him, and managed to open his eyes, Voldemort's blood red eyes stared down at him. "They were foolish to send you to me.... Boy," Voldemort hissed. He held the empty syringe that he had plunged into Harry's chest between his thumb and forefinger, letting it swing back and forth like a pendulum. Harry could barely make out the blurry image, see the pearly colored liquid that remained in the tube, that dripped from the tip of the needle. "Vampire venom, plunged directly into your heart Harry. What will the Order of the Phoenix do now that their Light Beacon has become something dark and tainted," A twisted form of a smile formed on Voldemort's thin papery lips.

Harry went to speak, but the pain that raced through him intensified and all that passed his bloodied lips was a blood curdling scream of agony. Harry gripped his wand tightly, the thin wood cracked and Harry looked up at Voldemort once the pain lessened slightly. "I'm not g-gonna die here T-Tom," Harry gasped and gritted his teeth so tightly he thought he'd break his teeth.

"Oh I know you won't die Harry. I'm planning on you living through the transformation. If you're turned, no one will trust you. Your flea bitten godfather and his mutt of a lover won't want you. Your friends and your supporters.... your fans will want nothing to do with you," Voldemort chuckled.

Harry felt pain in his heart, but was unsure if it was because of the venom, or the pain that Voldemort was right..... that no one would want him if he became a vampire. His friends and family would fear him. Lupin would hate him because vampires and werewolves were natural enemies..... What hurt the most was the idea of Sirius turning his back on him.

When Harry finally woke, his body no longer ached, but his body felt stiff and alien to him.

Harry woke up, eyes darting around the small graveyard, eyes falling to rest on the remains of the cabin his parents had hidden in from Voldemort. Harry sat up slowly and looked down at his hands, splinters of wood and bright remains of the phoenix feather that had been his wand fell to the ground, he had crushed it in his transformation. Harry felt broken, his wand was one of the last few things he had left, the only thing he brought to the final battle. Harry felt something wet and cold run down his cheek and lifted pale thin fingers up to wipe his cheek. He pulled his hand away, revealing dark red, nearly black blood, his tears. The transformation had.... worked, but vampires can't cry. 'Only to me' Harry thought bitterly taking another look around the graveyard.

Many of the old headstones had been broken during his duel with Voldemort, there were also patches of snow and the ground beneath that had been burned, and depressions in the ground where spells had blasted the dirt away. Then something moving caught Harry's eyes, a silvery smokey form of Jack Russell Terrier, Ron's patronus.

Soon dozens of cracks filled the silent air and members of the order, and Harry's friends appeared.

"Harry!" Sirius rushed to him first, dropping to his knees and pulling his godson into a tight embrace, cupping Harry's head carefully and tucking it under his chin. Harry remained still, watching in horror as his friends and the Order members came closer. "You're as cold as death Harry," Sirius said, pulling off his heavy cloak and wrapped it around Harry's shoulders and closed the clasp before cupping his godson's face. "Say something Harry, is Voldemort gone?"

Harry looked around, and pointed to the pile of ashes that rested in a drift of snow.

"Oh thank god," Sirius hugged Harry again.

"Harry? What's wrong son?" Molly Weasley asked stepping closer.

Harry's body stiffened visibly, and Sirius pulled away to look at him. "Harry?"

"...I-I'm so... sorry," Harry finally sobbed out clutching Sirius' shirt and buried his face in his godfather's chest.

"What's wrong Harry?" Sirius asked.

Harry took a deep breath, the unneeded air burnt his throat and he groaned taking in the scent of Sirius' blood just below him.

"Padfoot, let him go," Lupin said solemnly. "Harry's bleeding," He said.

Sirius pulled away. Harry kept his head down, but the others could see the blood on his cheeks. "Harry?" Sirius asked and carefully lifted Harry's chin.

Harry didn't fight it, pain filled eyes looked up at Sirius, blood tears streamed down his cheeks. ".... I got to close.... he.... it was so sudden-.... vampire venom," Harry gritted his teeth. "I didn't-.... couldn't stop it,"

"Oh no," Hermione sobbed, clutching onto Ron who wrapped his arms around her.

The next three years Harry spent spying on his family, he'd hide in the woods near the Burrow.

Harry kept his prey type very specific, and watched each victim for a few days, made sure they were not close to anyone, and checked newspapers two days after the kill, to see if there had been a report. No kill made it past page seven, Harry didn't know to be grateful or sickened by this.

Harry was currently sitting in the woods outside of the Burrow. The long tables were set out in the garden, and Mrs. Weasley, Fleur, Hermione and Ginny levitating or carrying things of food out while the men Sirius and Remus included placed chairs out for everyone.

It was Ron's birthday, he was turning twenty-one today.

Harry took in unneeded air, watching as his best friend leaned over his wife's shoulder, and planted a loving kiss on her cheek. Ron and Hermione still fought a lot, but they loved each other more then anything in the world.

Harry watched the party for hours, wishing he could go over and talk, to be a part of that family again, but to the Wizarding World, minus those who had seen him in the graveyard after Voldemort's defeat, Harry James Potter was dead. Harry didn't want to open old wounds that had started to scar over, by going over.

Finally, as everyone headed in for the night, Harry left, heading to feed.

It was rather easy to find his prey, a man he'd been following for days. Harry followed the man as he made the walk from his workplace to where he parked his car a few blocks down.

Harry pounced, grabbing the man swiftly and pulled him off the street and into an alley. "Don't make any sound," Harry whispered, pushing the man face first into the brick wall. Harry couldn't stand seeing the eyes of his victims, it had happened twice, and Harry couldn't finish feeding, those two men were still alive, Harry didn't injected them with venom, or drain enough blood to kill them. Before Harry could bite into the man's neck, he heard someone at the end of the alley.

"Aro was right when he said you'd feed tonight," A deep voice said. Harry looked through his bangs at the group standing at the mouth of the alley. Two men, one big and muscular, the other of average size, but Harry saw their blood red eyes and knew that they to, were monsters.

Harry let the man go. "Run, and don't tell anyone what happened," He ordered, and the man obeyed. "Who are you and what do you want with me?"

"Its time you stop spying on your human family and join your people," The smaller of the two said, even though the man was bigger then Harry.

"Who are you damnit!?" Harry growled.

"My name is Alec, this is Felix, we're members of the Volturi," The one said.

"Volturi? What do they want with me? I haven't done anything wrong," Harry said, stepping back.

"We aren't trying or going to punish you. Our leaders simply want you on our side," Alec said. " Don't make this difficult Harry, we can take you by force if need be," He said.

Harry growled defensively. Then he felt strange, his sight was the first to go, then smell, then touch, making him fall, unable to keep himself balanced. He heard footsteps.

"Do not fear, we do not harm ones with gifts," Alec said. "This is not lasting, it'll stop once you're inside the Volturi city," He said.

Then Harry couldn't hear. It was frightening, to be completely numb, unable to hear, see, taste, touch, smell. Harry wondered if this was what it was like to die.

Forks Washington

February 15th, 2008

Alice took a deep, unneeded breath as she came out of her vision, she blinked rapidly and placed a hand on the side of her head, and looked at her family who was looking at her with concern. "That was.... the strangest vision I've ever had," She finally said.

"Alice?" Jasper asked.

"I saw the past, but not the future," Alice blinked again. "I don't understand, I've never seen the past before,"

"Who was the vision of?" Carlisle asked.

Alice frowned at that. "Alec and Felix finding a new member of the guard, but I've never seen him since. This vision took place nine maybe ten years ago going by the clothing,"

"A Volturi guard member we've never seen?" Edward asked crossing his arms over his chest. "Maybe he's dead,"

Alice looked at him then shook her head. Her eyes widened a bit. "The only other visions I've been having for the past week have been about you and someone who's face I couldn't see. The faceless person was your chosen, I could tell that much,"

"But... Bella? You can see Bella's face in your visions," Edward said.

Alice shook her head slowly. "It's not her Edward, it's a male," She said.

Edward stiffened as the rest of his family took turns looking between the seer and the mind reader. Edward opened his mouth, then closed it, repeating the action a few times before looking away, and running his fingers through his hair. " I wanna know if you have another vision of this person," Edward finally said.

"You'll be the first to know," Alice said.

"I'm gonna go for a walk," Edward finally mumbled after another few minutes of tense silence.

Edward was gone before the others reacted. Esme sighed and took Carlisle's hand, her husband lifted her hand, and kissed their entwined fingers.

"What do we do about Bella though? She knows," Emmett said.

"We won't have to worry about her," Alice said quietly. "I had a vision about her dying a few months ago," She admitted quietly.

"How?" Carlisle asked.

"When she goes to visit her mother next month, when she's there, she's gonna be hit by a car. It'll be quick, painless," Alice whispered looking solemnly at her family. "I didn't want to tell Edward, because no matter what happens, even if he's there, he won't be able to save her, she wouldn't survive the change," Alice made a pained face. "I knew if I told him he'd try to follow her to death, go to the Volturi to try and be killed, but they won't let him. He'd met his chosen that way too. But this way, Edward will be happy, he won't have that guilt on his shoulders," She looked at Carlisle. "Am I wrong to keep this from him?" Her narrow shoulders slumped with guilt.

Carlisle smiled lovingly at his daughter. "It's alright Alice," He said placing a tender hand on her shoulder. Alice nodded slowly and looked down.

"I think we need to plan a trip. What do you think?" Carlisle said, asking his family.

"Willingly go to the Volturi?" Emmett asked, a huge grin forming on his face. "Sounds like a party,"

Rosalie rolled her eyes at her mate's eagerness at the chance to fight, then examined her nails. "If we leave within the month we can catch that fashion show I was talking about in Rome before heading there,"

Jasper looked at his wife, thinking quickly. "Are there any futures where Edward mets his mate here? In the States?" Jasper asked.

"One, but it's not for many many years," Alice said.

"If we go, will Aro let us leave with Edward's mate?" Jasper asked.

"It's an eighty percent chance," Alice said. "Two out of ten visions, Edward stays, but it's only if he's here when Bella dies," Alice said.

Carlisle looked at Esme. "I'll ask for vacation at the hospital tomorrow, and we'll take Edward and Alice out of school. We'll leave the day Bella heads to her mothers,"

"Alice, did you learn Edward's mate's name?" Esme asked.

Alice looked at her and gave a soft smile. "His name is Harry,"

Esme smiled.

End of Chapter One

Yes, the entire part with Harry was a vision of Alice's. Harry makes his first appearance in chapter 2. And The Cullens arrive at the end of the chapter. Harry's gift will not be revealed until a later chapter. This fic starts at the beginning of Breaking Dawn for the Twilight Saga, and is a Non-cannon AU for the Harry Potter Series after the Fourth book.

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