"The love of my life, in front of my eyes, between her and her master create a divide." My spell released Juliet from the mummy's captivity. She turned around and gasped.

"Justin?" It was amazing to hear her say my name again. "Wh-How-?"

I cut her off. "I promised"

Juliet limped towards me, hugged me for a second, and then took a couple steps back.

"Justin-" She looked in pain.

"Juliet, what's wrong? Are you okay?" I took a step toward her and eveytime she took a step back.

"Justin, you have to get out of here." It was an order I wasn't taking.

"No, Juliet, I finally found you. I'm not leaving you no matter what."

"That's so sweet, but I- I can't do it. I don't have enough control right now." What was she talking about? Juliet always had incredible self control.

"What are you talking about?"

"Justin, I h-haven't had a-any blood in a y-year, and y-your blood smells t-t-too sweet to resist. I don't think I can take it." If she could I'm sure she'd be crying right now. I refuse to leave her side, especially now, since she once told me a vampire can't last much more than a year without blood.

"Juliet, I'm not leaving you. Nothing you say is gonna make me leave you. I'm gonna take you back to Waverly Place as fast as I can. Okay?" She looked at me with disbelief.

"Justin, please I-I-," she collapsed into my arms.

"Juliet!" I quickly transported the both of us back to her room at The Late Night Bite. I've never actually been back here before. I noticed there was one pink coffin, which had to be Juliet's. Next to it was a brick wall with chalk drawings on it. Hmm, I wonder what that was for.

"Okay Juliet, is there any blood around here?"

"Y-yes. Over th-there." She pointed to, what looked like, a water cooler. (? I don't really know how to describe it) I carried her over and grabbed a cup, filled it with blood and gave it to her to drink. Once she swallowed some, she grabbed the cup and began gulping it down, cup after cup. Once she was done, she turned to me and hugged me. I immediately hugged her back.

"Thank you Justin."

"For what? Saving your life? I'd do that whenever you needed it. Even if you hated me."

"But I don't hate you. I love you, more than you could ever know." I always loved to hear her say that.

"I love you too, Juliet."