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Aaron Hotchner was driving to the BAU after his weekend with his wife. He was only half glad to be going back to work. His last case was just awful, he and his other two colleges had the worst luck. He wasn't even sure if he should even return to work so soon since he was still healing.

He was about to park in his normal spot but there was already a car there. "Damn." When he looked for another one he had no luck the only one left was a spot farthest from the building that no one else would want. "Just my kind of day."

He got out of the car and started to walk toward the tall building when he felt something soft under his foot. He looked down and was horrified, he lifted his foot and smeared all over the bottom was shit. Icky runny dark brown and green shit. "Who in their right mind would let their dog crap on the sidewalk!?"

Then he pushed the button for the elevator and waited for it to open. He leaned against the door and reached down examined the damage. Then the door opened and he took his hand off the wall and felt something sticky and looked at his palm and there was a big glob of sticky gum. "What the? This day just went from bad to worse."

When the elevator got to his floor he started to walk towards his office in a very grumpy mood. He almost got to his office when he started to feel dizzy. "oh oh." Once the dizziness went away he went on with his day. He was only in his office for 20 minutes when JJ came in with a folder.

"Sir, there's a new case."

Hotch took a quick look at the case file. "Alright. Get the team for a press conference."

JJ stood at a board of photo's and told all that she knew about the victim. "This is Dean Walters." She pointed to a man with dark hair. "He was tied up to a board and tortured for days before the unsub drove a stake through his heart. All the other victims all died the same way. 7 men disappeared all in one month, and it had been going on for 5 months. But only one man from the 7 have been found the other 6 have never been seen again. So we have 5 dead and 30 still missing."

"A stake?" Came Mogan's voice. "Do the cops have a lead on the unsub who did it?"

JJ shook her head. "No. But there was a hairbrush at the crime scene."

"So the unsub is either a girl or Dean had a girl with him." They all looked at Reid. "What? I'm just saying. You know he might have….." Seeing the looks he was receiving he looked down and shut up.

"Any way, I already called the head Chief that was on the scene and told him that we were coming. And other than that we have no leads. We will be informed by the chef when we get there. "

"Good job JJ. Alright team, meet at the jet in 20." Hotch started to feel light headed again and grabbed his ribs. He wished they would just heal already, he forgot his pills at home and Haley had a home remedy for things like hurt ribs.

"You alright Hotch?" Gideon said as he placed a hand on Hotch's shoulder.

"Yeah, my ribs just still hurt a little bit. I'll be ok."

"You sure?" Hotch nodded and Gideon nodded and left.

Hotch grabbed his ready bag and headed out of the room and walked down the stairs and started to sway. He grabbed onto Emmy's desk hoping that the fuzziness in his head would go away. But once his did the room around him started to spin and the edges darken. The last thing he saw was JJ spilling a cup of coffee all over Morgan's desk.

Reid was close by and saw him go down. "Hotch!" He ran over to him and kneeled down. "Hotch?" He turned him on his back.

Gideon jogged over and told JJ to call 911. "Aaron? He's having trouble breathing!" He tugged on Hotch's tie and took it off and started to unbutton his shirt a little bit.

"What is that?" Reid pointed to a black thing showing on Hotch's chest.

Gideon unbuttoned it some more and his eyes widened. "What is that?!"

Morgan came over and looked down. "What the hell happened?" Then he saw it to. "What's that?"

JJ came over. "There on their way….Wait. Is that a….a corset?"

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