Brennan ended up taking Emma to the zoo like they had planned before but she was distracted the entire visit because of the ever present feeling that hung over her that when Booth had left her apartment he wasn't coming back to her. It was ridiculous really because they were partners and of course she would see him the next time they had a case but the feeling arose inside her that they would never be the same if this problem between them didn't get resolved.

The next day Brennan dropped off Emma downstairs at Lisa Ramirez's and headed into work as usual, she arrived at the Jeffersonian at 8:00 am and went straight to work identifying some remains that were in limbo. Looking for anything to do to keep her busy enough not to think of her confrontations with Booth and not knowing where they stood at that moment.

"High velocity gunshot wound to the victims skull and very distinctive marks on the remaining frontal bone." Brennan spoke into her tape recorder

At that moment Angela walked onto the platform. "Hey Bren. I see your day off of work didn't really do you any good." Angela said seeing that Brennan was tense all over. Brennan merely acknowledged Angela's presence with a quick hello without ever moving her eyes from the remains on the table. "Ok really sweetie what's wrong because your body is just screaming 'need help form Angela'… I take it things did not go well with Booth yesterday after you hung up?"

Brennan winced slightly at her mental recap of the day before. "Angela not now can we do this later." She tried to dismiss the conversation she knew was coming. But Angela was not one known to give in…ever.

"Sorry Hon but I think both you and I know that, that isn't going to happen so you can leave Mr. Skeleton right here and I promise that he will be there when you get back, because we need to talk." Angela began leading Brennan off the platform, and she could do nothing more than follow her friend or risk possibly dire consequences.

"Actually Angela the victim I am examining is female…" Brennan corrected as she was being led into her office, but Angela cut her off.

"Whatever Bren, but the sex of the dead person out there isn't the problem right now…so tell me what happened."

Angela sat on the couch in Bren's office and Brennan followed suit. Then she proceeded to tell her best friend of the events of yesterday and when she was done Angela had a disapproving look on her face.

"Ok sweetie I don't even know where to start, that isn't exactly what we talked about yesterday on the phone. What happen to finally letting him in?" Ange questioned

"I told you already, I was planning on as you said 'letting him in' but then he was acting strange around me and when he kept calling me Temperance I…I just couldn't take it and we got into another argument and he left." Bones said frustrated

"Yeah and you really had to bring up you two being just partners…that just makes things even worse. Knowing Booth you probably really hurt him by saying that Bren. You of all people should know how he values your friendship." Angela said trying at the same time to work up a solution in her head to fix her friends relationship with one another.

"But Angela that's just it…we are partners, I mean we are more than partners too we're friends and I value our friendship very much…but why should he get mad because of what I said. We are both friends and partners," Brennan heard herself speaking these words but she couldn't help feel inside that they weren't true at all. "and even though I know I probably should have told him about Emma…I still don't understand why he is so angry."

Angela sighed at her friend "Bren you can't possibly be that clueless I mean come on…" As she looked at her friend she saw that she would have to explain her reasoning.

"Bren, Booth isn't mad because of Emma…he probably already got over that because who could be angry over knowing that angel of a girl. What's got Booth pissed is that he feels betrayed by you because you didn't trust him with the most important thing in your life. You didn't trust him, which is what your guys relationship is pretty much built on. By you taking that away and then not even trying to correct how you have told me you've been acting…I can see why Booth is mad and even more than that hurt."

Then is when Temperance's mind went into overdrive thinking through what Angela had said to come to the conclusion that she was right. How could I have not seen that? I caused this. Booth has been a part of your life Temperance for five years and you have trusted him all this time. You have no reason to fear for Emma. Booth is the best guy you've ever known and you know that he will never let you down. Brennan was pulled from her thoughts as she heard Angela was saying something more.

"I mean if anything Bren look at the facts, you have every reason to trust Booth and being truthfully honest sweetie…I love you but I always thought it was a bit ridiculous to have kept him in the dark for so long." Brennan just sat there taking it all in. Everything that Ange was saying was truth. When Ange saw that Temperance was ok with everything that she had said so far she decided to take a risk in speaking her next words.

"I want you to think hard about what I'm about to say next Bren…just consider it ok."

Brennan nodded her head cautiously

"I know you like to pretend to be oblivious to some of the things that go on around you as a way of avoiding people, and you may be able to fool everyone else but you can't fool me…I've known you too long." Ange saw her friends arms fold into a defensive posture as she had figured where the conversation was turning. They had, had this conversation may times before.

"I know that you are very much aware of the sexual tension, romance, feelings…whatever you want to call it, growing between the two of you…"

"Ange…" Brennan tried to interrupt but Angela was determined to get out what she had to say.

"…and I know that inside of that crazy smart heard of yours you're trying to rationalize everything that is between you guys to have it make sense to you. But I'm afraid that when you finish your thinking and come to a conclusion you'll end up pushing Booth away even more than you have and I know that you don't want that."

Brennan had heard enough, it was hard already having to face those feelings she had for Booth every time she saw him. Did Ange really think that she didn't know what she felt for Booth? That he made her feel all kinds of ways that she had never felt with a man before. Which was exactly why she couldn't give into those feelings, she refused to ever let herself get that close to a man again after Emma was born. For both herself and Emma's sake if that man should leave.

"How do you know what I want Angela…because obviously your wrong. I don't have feelings for Booth. Why does everyone always think that either we have feelings for each other or we're together?" Brennan said agitatedly

"Because it's so obvious to everyone that you should be together Bren." Angela got up and went over to Brennan's desk, picked up the newspaper that was there and quickly flipping through the pages till she found the one she wanted. She brought the paper back over to Bren on the couch and handed it to her, while pointing at the headline for Bren to read. 'Hottest Partners in D.C put another behind bars' underneath the heading there was a picture of her and Booth from their latest case. Booth had the biggest smile on his face directed at her which was full of warmth. Just looking at him in the picture caused Brennan to get goose bumps. "See even the newspaper can see there is something between you and Booth. Whenever anyone walks into a room with you guys it's hard not to feeling the chemistry between you two." Brennan placed the newspaper on the table in front of her faced down still trying to block out her friends words. Angela just sighed and headed to the door seeing that her speech was doing no good. Before she left though she turned towards Brennan once again.

"It seems that you're the only one who can't or refuses to see that you guys would be great together. That man cares for you sweetie more than anything and I know you care for him too. And maybe you should think about Emma in this whole situation, because I'm sure she would love to get to know Booth…as sort of a father figure."

Temperance was about to say something else in return but Angela cut her off.

"Just think about it ok. Besides" Angela said with a growing smile on her face, Temperance could hear the mischief in her voice "you have an opportunity to take a ride on the Booth express which many girls in this city would just die to have, so you'd have to be crazy not to buy a ticket to that."

"Buy a ticket to what?"

Both woman turned to look up at the man who asked the question and was standing in the door way. Angela still had a smile placed on her face as she saw Brennan get up quickly and walk to her desk with a bright red face at her embarrassment to what Angela had said. The combined thought of riding on the 'Booth express' and its intended meaning, and the actual Booth showing up at the same time would do that to a girl.

"Nothing hot stuff," Angela replied, thankfully to Brennan who wouldn't be able to say much of anything at that time because of the current situation between Booth and herself mixed with Angela's comment.

To Brennan's surprise though it seemed she wasn't the only person that Angela could make feel uncomfortable as Booth smiled shyly at Angela's remark and a light blush appeared on his face.

"Aww you are just so cute." Angela said

"Yeah and you really need to stop doing that Angela, you do know that this falls under sexual harassment, right? And me being a federal agent I could have you arrested." Booth said but once again Angela found the upper hand

"Ooo handcuffs Booth? Kinky, but I'm taken and I don't think that Hodgins would understand. " Angela laughed lightly and held an evil grin on her face before exiting Brennan's office leaving a very flustered Booth in her wake with a full blown blush. Man if I wasn't so in love with Hodgins and Brennan wasn't secretly in love with Booth I'd definitely be all over that delicious hunk of a man. Angela thought

"Geez does she have to do that all the time." Booth said not really to anyone in particular, then he turned his attention to Brennan after he had composed himself. And as soon as their eyes met there was that tension again that Angela had been talking about, and it filled the room so that even though they were feet apart from one another they couldn't escape the building tension between them.

Brennan was the first to look down and as soon as she had done so Booth's face went completely blank of emotion. When he had woken up that morning and dropped Parker off at school he had thought that they would talk whatever it was that going on between them out and things would go back to how they were with the exception of her daughter in which he was planning on getting to know better. Though now standing in front of Brennan with his wounded heart, it seemed easier said than actually done. He could see that this situation wouldn't be resolved quickly and so instead went with bringing up what he had originally come there for.

"We've got a case."

We have a case…that's it Brennan thought. She was surprised because knowing Booth she would have expected that his next visit he would have immediately brought up their argument and try to fix it as soon as possible. She was also concerned about the way he had spoken which was not his usual happy self, but more gloomy and slightly agitated.

"Ok." Was all she said and as she took off her lab coat and grabbed her jacket she noticed that Booth hadn't helped her with it on as he usually did and she couldn't help but miss his touch. What's wrong with you she thought you don't need his help to put on your jacket get a hold of yourself. But despite her internal scolding as she and Booth walked out of the Jeffersonian she couldn't help but have that longing for his touch again as he did not place his hand on her back to guide her out. She found no rational reason as to why she felt this way but she couldn't deny the feeling that something was definitely missing there.


On the ride over to the crime scene they didn't have to worry about anything being awkward because the ride was a short one and the entire time Booth was briefing Temperance on the body that had been found in a particularly odd state. Though once they were at the crime scene the tension between them had reached a boiling point to where the interns and FBI agents on the field could feel that something was up between the usual dynamic duo, and it seemed that they were getting backlash of whatever that was. Booth was in asshole mood towards the agents and interns and at one point Brennan actually yelled at one of her interns for dropping a phalange, claiming that they could have compromised the chemical state that which the bone was found in. It didn't help the situation either that Booth, whenever speaking to Brennan, continued to call her by her first name rather than Bones. This was a hurtful but very clear indication to her that they were still fighting.

Eventually though they had finished up within two hours and were on their way back. This time the ride to the Jeffersonian was awkward being that traffic had started building up causing the ride to be considerably longer and neither was talking. Booth drove and was avoiding looking at Brennan. He wanted to say something and he knew technically he had no right to be mad at Temperance but his pride wouldn't allow him to be the first to speak.

He reached to turn to music on in the Tahoe, the silence finally getting to him, but Brennan simply couldn't take it anymore. This was her partner and she should be able to talk to him like any other adult without this ridiculous behavior.

"Booth…" she stopped not know how to begin, and when he turned to her with those hard eyes far from his normal soft overjoyed eyes, daring her to say something she struggled to find the words. Finally she just blurted out the first thing that came to mind, the only thing that she figured would get Booth's attention and maybe make him not hate her more than he already did.

"Emma loves apple pie…I don't know where she got the craving from but she can't get enough of it. She always wants me to buy it for her whenever we go out to eat…I tell her that she should give the other foods a chance but she never does."

Booth looked at her from the side and thought that her approach into conversation wasn't exactly what he expected but it was better than nothing, right?

He watched as she sat uncomfortably in the seat next to him, and he noticed how she fiddled with her fingers as she always did when nervous. The ball was in his court now, she had taken the first step.

He gave her a slight smile that he couldn't deny with how cute and innocent she looked sitting there.

"Well she's a smart girl." Booth replied without his eyes leaving the road, his voice still sounding a bit rough as he tried to sound mad still.

"You can't determine whether a person is smart simply by what they choose to or not to eat Booth." She replied out of instinct

Booth couldn't hold his front any longer and chuckled slightly at his partner's usual stubbornness to accept his reasoning "So are you saying that Emma isn't smart?"

"No never…" Brennan replied quickly acting purely off of maternal instinct to protect her young, even if it was just to protect her intelligence.

"Then like I said," Booth cut in "she's a smart girl." He turned and gave her one of his charm smiles as she open and closed her mouth not have a good enough reply, realizing that he had contradicted her logic.

For the moment their eyes met the bad tension that had been between them was broken and Temperance took a deep breath as the familiar feeling of comfort between the two returned in an instant.

Booth also felt this same sensation and was relieved, but his eyes still held some distance.

"I'm sorry about yesterday." Booth said as he looked between the road and his partner "I might have been angrier than I should have been, but I'm sure you can see as to why I acted the way I did."

Temperance nodded her head in understanding as he finished speaking, she knew that it would be her turn to apologize as soon as he was done. "I mean shit Temperance you're a freaking mother…you, the one who is always saying how I don't want kids or marriage has a kid." Temperance winced at his choice of words especially noticing that he still used her first name rather than his nickname for her "I mean really how can you walk around saying that you don't want kids of your own and you have a beautiful daughter like Emma waiting for you at home every day?" he asked as if he was appalled with her

"Well at the time I thought I was protecting her." She replied nervously

And there it was again, what it all came down to. Before Booth replied to her he had to make sure to caution his approach to make sure that another argument didn't erupt.

"From what Temperance? What were you protecting Emma from?"

Seeing that she was trying to think about her answer Booth hurried to stop her.

"Don't think about it Temperance," he said sternly "I want to know the whole truth, don't edit it in your mind for my benefit, I won't get mad I promise."

She looked at him before she decided to do as he said to make sure that he wouldn't get upset and then told him the truth.

"I was protecting Emma from everyone I guess." She paused "My work, our suspects, the Jeffersonian, the FBI, you." She said the last part quickly and hopefully he would let it go…he didn't.

"Me." He said more than asked with no show of emotion.

"Yes." She replied unsurely and then he didn't say anything for a while

Brennan tried to read his entire demeanor in order to see if he in fact was keeping promise. Then all of a sudden his face showed what he was feeling and it was hurt and confusion. Without warning he crossed over in the traffic smoothly and pulled up on the side of the road.

Brennan looked at him in surprise but didn't say anything waiting for him to speak first. She looked out the window to her right. There was a hotel there and she watched as some tourists walked outside of the building and into a waiting taxi with luggage. With them was a little dog on a leash that reminded her of a squirrel.

"Why?" Booth asked pulling her back from the outside world, he was still in driving position even though the car was off. She saw that he was having a hard time taking in what she had revealed. "Why would you need to protect her from me?"

"I…I thought at first that it was necessary for me to keep her away from our work in order to ensure that she was never placed in danger and that included you too. But it has recently been made clear to me by Angela that I was wrong in my thinking. I have trusted you for our entire partnership and I had no reason to think that you would put Emma in any danger. It was simply irrational thinking, but at the time it proved to seem more logical. Now I believe though that it was me being overprotective."

"Naw," Booth moved to comfort her "it was just your maternal instinct." He said this with a smile but it soon turned serious as he got her full attention.

"Listen," Booth took her hand in his and they both felt that familiar tingling sensation but Booth ignored it as he had to say what he needed. "I understand why you didn't tell me about Emma but I just needed to know if you trust me because our partnership can't exist if there isn't any trust." At this notion Brennan's eyes widened immensely, but Booth rubbed his fingers over her knuckles to calm her. "I asked you in the parking lot yesterday if you planned to tell me about Emma and when you didn't answer I took as though you were saying that you didn't trust me. I should have been clearer then." At that moment Booth looked deep into her eyes so that she couldn't move them from the contact if she wanted to.

"So I need to know Temperance…do you trust me?"

Without hesitation "Yes." And Booth could see in her eyes this time that there was no doubt to her answer and his mouth broke out into that handsome grin that he held only for her.

"Good." He said "And I trust you. And I promise you right now that I will always protect you and Emma as long as I am around." With that she saw that he meant it completely and there was a mutual agreement that passed between them. Booth turned the key in the ignition and pulled out into traffic again, not letting go of Brennan's hand until the last moment, and when he did both missed the contact.

"And Bones?" he asked glad to use his special name for her again.


"I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon."

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