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Summary: the war is over, and Harry wants to continue with his life, a new home, Auror training and maybe even get married and have children in time. But his hopeful plans for the future encounter a glitch, in the form of an Alternative world where his parents are alive and he has siblings.

The Mirror of possibilities


Training to be an Auror was hell!

That was all Harry could think about as he entered his room; he was so tired, training had lasted longer than usual.

With a heartfelt sigh he threw himself on his bed staring into space absently, feeling his body go limp with fatigue. But as usual he knew he won't be able to sleep until he took a warm shower, it helped him relax not just physically but mentally too. It was his routine after a day of training, but for some reason he didn't feel like jumping in the shower, eating dinner, then go to bed to get some rest before he had to wake up to another day of training. He just wanted lie down and relax.

He had started Auror training over a year ago, the summer after the Last battle, the Hogwarts battle, and all was going well. He was absorbing information faster than his comrades, and his magic was helping him more than ever, he seemed to learn everything so fast; spells curses and even physical defense.

Unfortunately for him he had been given to a trainer who was considered tough and unrelenting in the Auror department, so training took a new meaning for him and those other trainees who were unlucky enough to get to be in the same group with him, but today had been especially hard, for him specifically.

His trainer had decided to give him a longer training session that was extra grueling, and that was saying something as training usually left him unable to move.

The reason for this very special training session became apparent by the end of the training session when his trainer took the time after they were left alone to informed him that he had handed in an official request to the Head Auror, that Harry be moved another level up in Auror training, the last level.

That was good news! But … what then? Becoming an active Auror? He was only eighteen years old, well almost nineteen next week. But Aurors were usually at least twenty two years old when they graduated training.

He sighed again, well who cares; he was used to things being different for him. Everything was always different for him. Why not Auror training too!

"So what" he murmured angrily, trying to stare a hole in the newly painted ceiling, so what, he repeated silently, and it's not like he didn't deserve this. Because he did. He had worked hard to get to this stage. Sure he was younger than any of the other Aurors who were in their last stages of training, but still, he deserved it. And getting upset didn't usually help, so why not go along with it. It is for the best, and after all he did join Auror training to get ahead so maybe one day he'll be in a position to change and make a difference in the Ministry.

With a thoughtful expression he remembered what Kingsley said to him on the first day of training, or as he should call him these days, the Minister of Magic, after all he was officially voted the Minister last month, after working as the fill in Minister until things calmed down enough to have elections, He thought with a grimace.

Kingsley had looked at him and told him with his calm demure "what you achieve here Harry will be with your own abilities, you won't get special treatment. So I don't want to hear any nonsense about favors and a special treatment, that's not my way in managing the Ministry, got it?"

The Wizarding world may want to give him anything he wants, but Kingsley made sure Harry understood that if he becomes an Auror it'll be because he deserves it.

Harry grimaced when his eyes glanced over a day old newspaper thrown on his desk nearby, "Mini Dumbledore" another nickname; well at least he's no longer "The Chosen One". He should have known that even a year after defeating Voldemort, he'd still be news and his progress will be observed as closely as ever by the Wizarding world.

Harry had to admit, even if just to himself, that he was powerful, too powerful he sometimes thought, though not as knowledgeable as Dumbledore, yet; he had so much magic inside him and it took Auror training and the challenges that it brought with It to realize that. But still! "Mini Dumbledore" how absurd is that.

On a positive note, at least Dumbledore's portrait in his study downstairs found it amusing when he told him about it. He was now into calling him "Mini Me", Harry recalled with a rueful smile. and as Hermione put it after seeing his new nickname, all the while glaring at a chuckling Ron "someday Harry, you'll be The Wizard that others are compared to, till then keep your head up and be proud of your achievements"

Well, he was proud. He is proud.

Looking around him at his room, he grimaced, he'll have even less time to redecorate Grimauld place now than before. Kreacher won't be happy about it. Oh well.

Standing up, stretching his stiff limbs with a groan, Harry headed downstairs to the kitchen, he should let Kreacher know that the redecorating will be put on hold, even though there were just a few rooms left to arrange and clean. For the time being the house was more than livable. And the most important thing was that Sirius "mother" has been removed from the wall. Thank you Kreacher!

He chuckled, while he jumped the last stairs, as he remembered the deal he had struck with the house-elf; remove the portrait and the house will have residents again. And now when he thought about it, this place wasn't so bad, all it needed was some fixing up, and then he'll make sure the house was used for light purposes. Everyone approved of his redecorating decision; it'll make even Sirius chuckle if he saw how his old home has turned into the opposite of what his parents wanted.

Well almost everyone approved, Mrs. Weasley was still trying to convince him to moved in with them, at the burrow, but Harry knew he needed some space, he's been living with other people, in their houses and homes all his life; first the Dursley's then with the Weasley's, even at Hogwarts he never had a place of his own.

He needed a home of his own, he thought decisively. And this was it.

Pushing open the door to the kitchen, Harry stood still for a minute and took a moment to look at the place where many of the Order's meetings took place. None of the members would have recognized the place if they saw it now. It was no longer the gloomy and dark place it used to be filled with and air of constant tension and fear, now his kitchen looked the way a family kitchen should look like; airy, comfortable and calm.

Running his hand through his shoulder length hair, Harry stood in the middle of the kitchen looking around, he had to smile, and smile, he never thought it'll ever happen, but maybe things were finally going his way, he decided.

He was at peace; He had a family. He had a home.

He was happy.

Author's Note: My first story, I hope it'll be as good as some of the stories out there. My story continues after the end of the seventh book- "Harry potter and the Deathly Hollows". It's an Alternative world fic. I know there's a lot like it but I wanted to TRY to do my own. Hope you enjoy!

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