The Mirror of possibilities

Chapter eighteen


"Wait. Who won the championship?"

It was evening and there was an Order meeting later on but at the moment everyone was sitting around the kitchen table talking, creating such a cacophony of voices, laughs and shouts that Harry relaxed instinctively in this very familiar setting.

"The Chudley Cannons won of course." Ron's ears were turning red with offended pride as Harry continued to laugh as he had been doing since he realized that it wasn't Ron's imagination that his team will one day win but an actual truth, the team actually won in this universe. Even the twins who were sitting on the opposite side of the table with Josh, and Fran sitting beside him were staring at him strangely not understanding his sense of humor.

"What's so funny kiddo?"

"Yes, please I need a good laugh. I had a horrible day." Remus added as he came behind Harry with Sirius and James close by his side, wondering why the solemn boy they were so used to was laughing like a maniac.

Harry wiped his eyes and turned his head to grin at Sirius while running a hand through his long hair to get it out of his eyes.

"The Chudley Cannons won! Can you believe it?"

"It's the second consecutive year that they've won if I'm not wrong." James said hesitantly looking at the grinning face so like his own, before turning to Ron to confirm this "right?"

"Yes. Of course. this should've been their third win, but because that Himsley player cheated knocking the seeker off his broom in the … "

"Okay Ickle Ronniekins, calm down." Fred said smiling and patting Ron on the head mock condescendingly.

"It was a yes-no question Ronnie dear." George continued joining his brother patting Ron on the head as he tried to escape Fred's hand only to find George on his other side.

"Sod off both of you!"

Harry laughed softly watching their by play, before turning as he heard a soft snort from his right where Ginny was sitting quietly beside Fran. Their eyes met for a second before she looked down to play with her empty cup.

"Ohhh what is this?" Sirius said in his left ear as he claimed the chair beside him while Remus and James went to sit on the other side of the table. "Do you like our redheaded Weasley girl?" he finished with a suggestive eyebrow raised.

"What!" Harry spluttered in shock "No! I don't!"

Sirius laughed uproarsingly at his reaction before turning to Moody who called a question at him from down the table.

Harry turned watching everyone around him talking and laughing, so many people alive and unhurt. His eyes glanced over Ginny where she sat silent, head down still staring unseeingly into her tea cup. He had no idea what he was going to do about her and he hadn't mentioned his suspicions to Dumbledore yet. He had no idea how long Tom Riddle had possessed her or why Tom didn't drain her life force as he tried to do back in his world. The one thing he was sure of was that inside this Ginny, Tom had resided for years.

Merlin only knew how long Ginny has been fighting on her own, not able to cry out for help with no one noticing or knowing the war she was facing everyday on her own. No one knowing that between them sat a shell of a girl who he knew as brave, strong, and so good hearted. His heart clenched in despair and grief with his thoughts going to his girlfriend. Was she worried about him? Did she even know what happened to him or did she think he was dead? What about his friends? Ron and Hermione would turn the world upside down to find him and help him return home but would they be able to do it or was it a losing battle as Dumbledore tried to warn him it might be.

He missed his best friends. Seeing his best friend happy about quidditch and arguing that his team was going to win the Championship this year and even seeing them unhappy and arguing in his kitchen was better than being surrounded by these people who hadn't faced trolls head on with him or wandered around the castles at the wee-hours. Seeing Hermione in lecture-mode now seemed like a blessing, a thing to look forward to if he saw her anytime soon.

"Are you alright Harry?"

Remus's quiet tone snapped him out of his depressed thoughts to see him examining him closely with James beside him watching him from the corner of his eye as he listened to another Order member talk about the Ministry's latest regulations.

Nodding slowly, Harry smiled at him. "I'm all right. A bit out of sorts that's all."

He was out of sorts not only thinking of Ginny and his friends, after yesterday he could say that the Order or to be exact, him and Dumbledore, had managed to get their hands on another two Horcuxes. In addition to Salazar Slytherin's Locket, they now had both Rowena's Ravenclaw's Diadem and Helga Hufflepuff's Cup. Harry was still astonished at how easy it had been for Dumbledore to talk the Goblins at Gringotts into letting him into the Lestranges family vault. He had a suspicion the Headmaster used bribery and previous knowledge of some of their wrong doings, not that Harry was complaining. It beat sneaking in and riding out on the back of a dragon. The end result in this instance was them waiting outside the vault while a very grumpy Goblin got in and handed them the Horcuxe. It took them five tries till they had the right one. Now they just had to find a way to destroy them. A Basilisk fang would come in handy that's for sure and that had to be next on his agenda as he didn't want to even consider what will happen if Ginny-Tom decided to open the chamber of secrets…

"Harry, you coming?"

the call was issued as a side by Remus as the Order started leaving the kitchen heading to the meeting that was about to start and with a sigh Harry stood up slowly knowing he was expected to attend by Dumbledore who had cornered him earlier and asked him to listen and give advice if he found anything similar to his world that might help them.

The Headmaster was drawing him in further but this time Harry accepted it. He had offered and Albus needed all the help he could get.

"Harry, mate can I have a word with you? It's important!"

Ron had followed him out of the kitchen where the rest of the members making their way were watching and listening to them.

"Sure what is it Ron?" Harry asked as he avoided being hit by passing members to look at the fidgeting boy standing uncomfortably beside him.

"Not here." Then with a sudden frantic look he whispered "Later when the meeting is over, in private."

Raising an eyebrow in surprise Harry nodded slowly, seeing the relief flood Ron's face made Harry's eyes narrow. He had a bad feeling about this. Leaving Ron he headed into the meeting that passed in a whirl of talk and arguments. He managed to slip a word here and there but his head was too preoccupied with Ron's fearful eyes and the way his shoulders kept twitching like he was being watched and scared about who was doing it.

And it didn't help that a lot of the Order members objected to him being there, including his 'family' and the Weasleys.

When Albus announced that the meeting was over for the night, Harry got up and headed immediately for the kitchen, not finding the Weasley's there he changed direction and went upstairs to look for them in the bedrooms, but none of the Weasley kids or even Josh and Fran were there.

"Where are they?"

Harry stopped abruptly in front of James and Sirius where they stood talking in quiet tones with Kingsley. Eyes narrowing at his abrupt and worried question James answered "Fran and Joshua went to the Longbottoms with the Weasley's to stay the night; they'll be coming back here tomorrow evening." Then added "Everything alright Harry?"

Flushing at being stressed about nothing, he shook his head before explaining "I needed to talk to Ron tonight but it they're at the Longbottoms its safe. Right?"

"Yes it's one of the safest houses we have for order members; they have more protection charms than anyone else what with Neville and Sean being there for the summer."

"Sean? Who is he? And why haven't I seen Neville since I came here." Harry asked.

Kingsley answered him quietly "Sean is Neville's younger brother, he's entering his second year at Hogwarts."

Harry blinked in astonishment, a brother for Neville. Now that was just plain weird but then again, he never imagined meeting his parents and having any siblings either. This world was so different, with so many people alive and new people that didn't even exist back home.

"Yes, Frank and Alice don't bring them here often but tomorrow night you'll probably meet them. It's almost the end of the summer and the kiddies are going back to Hogwarts so we usually arrange a big dinner the weekend before school starts. They'll be staying here until they go back to school." Sirius explained at Harry's continued silence.

Nodding Harry bid them goodnight as he headed to his room. He'll just have to wait to talk to Ron until tomorrow night.


Harry walked through the neglected field that stretched around him empty of any breathing living thing and approached the neglected house that sat by itself in the middle of the field, like a dot of life in the middle of so much dead yellow land. the house emitted such an aura of neglect, horror and the worst kind of magic that any kind of being, human or animal, magical and muggle would probably feel it and run away.

Unfortunately, Harry didn't have that privilege. the Marvolo Gaunt's Ring Horcuxe resided in the Marvolo house and he needed to destroy it by himself. But now, a day after the Order meeting, he was rethinking his decision especially now that he felt the dark magic surrounding the house. He should've brought back up just to make sure someone else knew where the ring was.

He shivered as he approached the house slowly, carefully making sure no traps lay in his way.

Dark thoughts filled his head as he stood in front of the crumbling house still standing solely by magic. He raised his wand and cast a detecting charm on the house to check for malignant spells and traps and when it came back showing nothing he blinked more worried than before if that was even possible. he took a step up to the cracked front door hanging lopsided and looking as if a breeze could topple it over, However looks were deceiving as Harry found out when the door refused to open with strength alone and he needed to use an "Alohamora" to make the door unlock and swing open noiselessly and with a smoothness that actually unnerved him even more.

Entering slowly, the house inside looked like a hurricane had destroyed it. It wasn't the cobwebs and the dirt that usually settled into an unused house that unnerved him, it was the broken table, the upturned boxes, the broken windows and broken sofa. The house had been destroyed before it was locked up. Apparently Tom wasn't fond of reminiscing and definitely did not have much love for his blood family, even the Slytherin part of it, Harry thought sarcastically.

Taking another careful step into the house, his spine stiffened and his hand closed more tightly around his wand as the door behind him slammed shut with a loud dust-filled bang. His eyes flicked around looking for danger but there was nothing. It was unnerving. He expected dark curses, hurdles in his way, something, anything!

Deciding to make haste, he started moving and looking around the house, his eyes widened as he came to a room filled with skeletons. However, it wasn't until he finally checked the bedroom in the back of the house that he knew immediately he had found the ring.

Opening the door it swung open easily with no squeaking hinges, the room was a girl's room but it wasn't full of pink, princesses and frills. It was black and grim. The small bed in the corner had black low-quality sheets on it, the desk had clean books arranged neatly, dark-magic books, there were two pens and a stack of sheets that had a snake symbol magic-drawn on each of them. No pictures, no sentimental things were found in this sterile room.

The surprising thing was how neat and clean the small room was. Tom had made sure to leave a spell to keep his deceased mothers room well kept. But above all else, Harry's eyes were drawn to the green box sitting in the middle of all that black bedding. The Ring.

Making sure there were still no traps waiting to kill him, he grabbed the Box and opened it carefully. inside he found a beautiful green ring. He knew he found the Horcrux. The ring was strangely attractive to him and his eyes were bound to it.

His hands clutching it were shaking with the emotions he fought to deal with on a daily basis and now found himself thinking of all of the people he lost. He thought of the ones who died while fighting alongside him, and he thought of the people he knew and cared about that died in the war. He couldn't tell the people around him in this strange world and explain to them about his life, his losses and his feelings. they never experienced his kind of loses or knew of the war they fought. They wouldn't understand the loses he had dealt with. But he knew with a frightening certainty that if he wore this ring, he will see the people who understood him perfectly, the people who lived his life with him.

Fingers still shaking, he closed the box with a loud snap that sounded especially loud in all this quiet. He closed his eyes and rubbed them hard. Shit. Now he understood Albus. The ring's compulsion was so strong, playing on your losses and emotions. And he had lost so much, so many people which made the rings compulsion so much more effective on him. thank Merlin for his strong mind and ability to question and fight compulsions.

Tucking the ring in his pocket, he cast a quick spell sealing his pocket to make sure the ring wont fall out of his pocket by accident. he turned and opened the door wanting to leave the house as fast as he could but by force of will alone he made himself walk carefully towards the exit. It was a good thing he did or he would've walked in to the snakes.

So many snakes! Thousands to Harry's horrified eyes. They filled the living room and entrance hall, preventing him from taking a step farther to the only exit out of this damned house.

"Shit. Shit. Shit"

He didn't realize he was saying and repeating it aloud or in Parselsmouth until all the snakes stopped slithering and muttering words about killing and poisoning or strangling him. Stopped talking in a strangely quiet uniform way and turned as one to him.

Blinking Harry stared back at them, his head working, thinking of a way out, but all he could think about was the realization that Tom's mother's room was sound proof. Tom made sure his victims didn't hear the snakes until he left the room.

Snapping out of his shock at seeing so many snakes, in colors and shapes he didn't know even existed, and instead concentrated on them then with narrowed eyes said "who rule this house between you?"

The tittering and slithering started again. Making Harry's hand contract on his wand before a big snake slithered forward from between all of them "I give orderzz here wizard. Are you our mazter come to free uz or are you an offering to feed uz?"

"Feed you?" Harry muttered looking at the red skinned snake, so thick it could swallow him whole. Where had they been hiding. Did he walk by them and not see them!?

"Yes with you're flesh wizard."

The other snakes started approaching him with mutters that made the hair on his body stand up, jeez they wanted food.

"No. No I am your master or how else would I speak the language of snakes."

"We are hungry mazter. We haven't fed on human flesh in so long. Will you free us to feed?"

Clearing his throat he made a quick decision "of course, I'll need to cast my spells." Taking a firm tone he added "Now make me a path so I'll be able to cast them on the door to free you."

Harry waited watching as they made a path so narrow and surrounded by snakes he was worried to walk through it. Rubbing his wand with his thumb to calm himself, he walked through them, eyes flicking to make sure he wasn't attacked. Reaching the door he opened it with a quick spell and stepped outside to sunshine.

Turning he saw the snakes converge on the door, trapped. Closing the door with another locking charm and to calls from the snakes inside for food, he shivered again and then backed slowly from the house. He couldn't leave the house like this with all of those snakes.

Anyone stupid enough to approach it will be in danger if he managed to enter the house. He closed his eyes as he thought of those skeletons and if they were teenagers from the village making bets about who was brave enough to go into the house? Were kids curious enough to try to break into the house through a window? Was Tom evil enough to leave an entry point for non-magic people stupid enough to enter to try to explore the house only to meet those snakes.

He knew the answer to that. Yes. Those villagers made had made his mothers life hell; why not punish the descendants who were stupid enough to break into the house. Opening his eyes he looked at the house and home to the Marvolos and with a decision he knew he might come to regret if Voldemort found the house burnt down before he had finished collecting the Horcuxes, he drew a circle on the ground around the house with his magic, containing the house and its residents inside the circle. Before closing the circle he placed the box with the ring in it inside the protective circle.

Standing opposite the house he pointed his wand at the ground and with enough force of will to make it happen he whispered the spell for Fiendfyre, watching as a fire exploded out of his wand in the shape of one big fiery dragon aimed directly at the hosue.

The house exploded and burned, nothing was left but ashes. The ring took the longest to die, the screams from a human throat made Harry swallow convulsively but he stayed there, watching the result of his actions till the end. Then with another muttered charm Harry cancelled the spell, sweat dripped from his forehead from the control and concentration he had applied to make sure the fire does not leave the confines of the circle and spread out into the nearby village. With a last quick look at the black spot left where the Marvolo's house used to be, Harry turned around and left.


A dust and sweaty Harry entered Grimmuald place quietly, hoping to be able to reach his room without being seen, but as with young men his age, grown ups seemed to have a detector for when to catch them.

So it was a grim faced Sirius and Dumbledore who met him by the staircase going up to the bedrooms.

"Where the hell have you been?" Sirius exploded "What happened to you? Do you even know how worried everyone was?"

Blinking at the outburst, Harry just took the destroyed and blackened ring from his pocket and handed it to the grim faced Dumbledore who automatically took it. Seeing the astonishment and then grief on his face, Harry said softly "Sorry Headmaster. It's better this way."

"Please call me Albus my boy." Was the soft reply.

"What is that?" Sirius asked annoyed at being ignored "Are you okay?"

"Fine, just tired." Frowning at them he asked "Why were you looking for me anyway, it's still early," glancing at his watch he added "it's only 7:30 am, why are you even awake Sirius?"

Dumbledore answered before the younger man could splutter an answer "I came to see if you could visit young Ron Weasley in the hospital. I'm afraid he had an accident."

Eyes widening fearfully, flashing back to the way Ron wanted to talk to him so urgently "What! what happened ? What's going on?"

"I'm afraid Ronald had an accident. His sister says he tripped and fell down the stairs in the Longbottom's mansion."

"Ginny said he fell?" Harry repeated what must've been an irrelevancy to both the adults who looked astonished then worried about him.

"Maybe we should make sure Harry is alright while he's visiting in the hospital wing Albus?" before turning to Harry he added softly "Where were you? What happened?" swallowing tensely. "Were you attacked?"

"What! No!" Harry answered "and I can protect myself."

Heading to the fireplace he asked "Is the floo to your office open Head... Albus?"


Not waiting for them or answering Sirius's call of "Don't you want to shower and change first." He flooed to the Headmaster's office and then raced down the stairs towards to the hospital wing.

Harry entered the hospital wing only to find the Weasley family clustered around a pale and quiet Ron.

None of them seemed to notice him immediately but a second later he saw Ginny glaring at him with eyes so narrowed Harry had trouble meeting them even from where she stood by the wall a distance away from her family.

"Harry." the surprisingly relieved exclamation had him looking at Ron who had pulled himself up in his bed dragging his bandaged leg "Thank you for coming." Then with a shake of his head he shook his mother's hands from his hair where she had been trying to put order to his hair.

"Come in Mr. Potter." Mr. Weasley said turning his attention to him and away from Ron, his wife and the quiet conversation between his other children.

Harry walked in ignoring Ginny's stare even though he could almost feel her eyes on the back of his neck. He had no idea why but this was only the second time he felt this aura of darkness from Ginny, with the first time being in St. Mungo's. Why today of all days?

Approaching Ron's bed he returned the acknowledging nods from Mr. Weasley and Charlie "How are you feeling Ron? Heard you had an accident at the Longbottoms."

Swallowing, Ron's eyes darted to his family before meeting his in a grim stare that made him feel like his best friend had followed him to this Universe; he dispelled those thoughts as he concentrated on Ron who had lowered his eyes smoothing his white bed sheet.

"I'm fine, just tripped and unfortunately for me I tripped right down the stairs."

He grimaced meeting Harry's tired eyes briefly, making the feeling of wrongness in Harry get worse but before he could utter the question on his tongue Ron's eyes flashed to him before turning to his mother who was watching them "Mum can you guys give me a break" rolling his eyes in exasperation he added "Merlin its noisy in here, hey!" then louder "HEY!" getting his brothers annoyed attention he said "a little silence maybe! My head is gonna explode, go eat something. I am fine! Harry will stay with me for a while, right mate?"

Molly's eyes turned from Ron to him in quick glances and he shrugged when she focused on him "I don't mind Mrs. Weasley why don't you guys go relax a little, eat something."

"But Harry honey you don't look that good either, maybe we should call Madam Pomfrey to look you over?"

"No thanks Mrs. Weasley, the dust is from working out. Nothing serious." Harry said with a charming smile that drew a snort from the twins and an eye twinkle from Mr. Wesaley.

Before Molly could say anything more or utter other objections to leaving Ron, Mr. Weasley intervened with a quick "Yes you should spend some time with your friend Ron" stopping his wife from talking by wrapping an arm around her shoulders "Molly dear I ache, I left the hospital only a couple of days ago and I do need to eat."

"We'll take you to the kitchens" Fred said from their left as George added from the right "I can see us eating a strawberry tart right about now."

"That does sound good?" Charlie overruled his mother before she spoke, all of them walking to the hospital wing along with her.

"Are you sure Ron? I could stay." Molly added turning around despite her husband and sons pressure to leave.

"Yes mum I'm good." Then added quickly "and take Ginny too she needs rest too."

Turning to Ginny, Harry watched as the twins half joked half coerced her to leave the hospital wing despite her protests and squirming not to follow the rest of the family, as they were leaving, Fred turned and winked at Ron before his eyes glanced quickly to Harry, closing the door behind them.

Harry and Ron stayed quiet listening to the twins loud voices and Ginny's low protesting voice till they couldn't hear it anymore.

"What is it?"

Harry knew Ron had conspired with the twins to leave both of them alone together, so taking the direct approach he knew would make it easier on Ron to tell him what they wanted to tell him in private.

Ron startled at his question though making Harry doubt himself, after all this was not the same Ron maybe he did want a little peace and quiet and used him to get it.

"Is it that obvious?" Ron said grimacing in pain as he straitened to sit up more fully.

"To me? Yes." Harry said with a smile "It kind of is. Are you all right? You seem in pain?"

"Nah I'm good. Bruised and some internal injuries but the alternative could've been worse if Fred hadn't seen me fall and cushioned the rest of the fall down the stairs" Ron stayed quiet for a second staring absently at his sheet before saying softly "I could've broken my neck."

Harry fidgeted, his hand automatically running through his hair in helplessness, he did not know how to react to that statement so "But you didn't. So that's good." Lame Potter, real lame.

But Ron looked determined now shaking his head he said "I don't know how well you know my family Harry. Back there in your 'home'" he started "but Fred and George, they are this prank geniuses. Always were, since school."

At Harry's nod and fond smile, Ron took courage "One of their inventions is called expandable ears, they … "

"Let you spy on Order meetings?" Harry said with a raised eyebrow.

Face reddening in discomfort Ron raised his eyes to meet Harry's directly "That night you were invited to the order meeting, well Fred, George, Ginny and me listened in to your meeting." Harry did not lose eye contact with him and he watched as Ron's face turned blotchy but he kept the stare too, defiantly "We heard about Ginny and the diary. What happened in your world."

Harry felt dread rise in him as Ron continued his hands turning to fists as he glared at Harry. "You talked and I remembered."

Harry cleared his throat but still his voice immerged in a whisper "remembered what?"

Ron's eyes now left his, and he seemed agitated shifting and wincing in pain when he did "remembered when I went into her room two years ago to surprise her on the morning of her birthday, but she was so busy writing in this black diary she didn't even hear me. when I approached her she startled so badly and her eyes …" swallowing hard he finished " they were not hers."

Seeing Harry's bland uncommunicative stare he stuttered "I know it sounds stupid. But they were not her eyes, they were dark, filled with… hate!" shaking his head "I thought I imagined it, but when I heard you talking about the diary and Ginny, I just started thinking."

Silence filled the room, Harry having lowered his eyes contemplating what to do next before he asked "How did your accident happen."

When Ron didn't answer immediately, he looked up at the red head as he answered chokingly "I wanted to check, to be sure so I talked to Fred and George to keep a look out and keep her busy. They thought it was a big joke. Ginny possessed!" a chocked laugh left him, he raised his head and Harry almost flinched at the tears on his face but met his eyes with calm ones trying to instill some calm into this anguished alternative of his best friend "I found it, it took some time to find of course. She hid it in her mattress. Made a pocket for it. It was hidden real good."

A pause then taking a deep shuddering breath "She came in just as I was turning to leave and saw me holding the diary and she … " Harry flinched inwardly imagining the scene as Ron continued lost in his story "She was terrifying. I never thought I'd be this afraid of Ginny but she wasn't my sister. She turned wild, her eyes were flashing at me. I swear for a minute I even thought they flashed red!" grabbing his hair he continued "She jumped me when I slapped her wand away instinctively. I managed to push her off me." At this Ron traced his face like he was looking for something "she sliced my face open with her nails, Madam Pomfrey healed it, I told her it was the fall. I left her room fast, running, to get to my parents, to tell them. I had no idea how I was going to explain it or what I was going to tell them but I knew I had to show them. It even felt wrong in my hands, I don't know how to explain it." shaking he looked up at Harry "you know? It was just dirty."

Staring at the bedcovers with his hands clenched, tremors running through his body Ron continued in fierce whisper "she pushed me down the stairs. She pushed me!" Horror stricken eyes met his. "My own sister, if Fred and George hadn't been coming up the stairs and acted fast I don't know what she would've done, she went crazy."

Harry nodded slowly then letting Ron get his breath back he asked "why tell me and not Dumbledore?"

Ron answered simply "you helped my sister in your world. You know how! We, Fred George and me, discussed it last night and we want you to help her. She's possessed so it's not her who pushed me, I know that." He met Harry's eyes "I don't know when it happened but Ginny had been becoming a loner more and more we thought it was how she is, how she was coping with Bill's death. But now when I think that Ginny had been fighting 'him' for this long. Oh Merlin! What kind of family are we not to notice!" Ron said blinking to get rid of the tears filling them with a determination that reminded Harry of his best friend's stubbornness "No we fix this now! I don't want her in St. Mungo's, you helped the other Ginny you'll help my sister too!"

Met with this statement of fact, Harry nodded slowly reluctantly "Do you still have the diary?" He had no idea what he was going to do, destroying the Horcuxe now after so many years of possession could kill Ginny, or destroy her mind. Were they only two years or more? Was she in there at all after all these years? Harry didn't think so but to tell Ron that was out of the question.

"We hid it."


Harry left the infirmary deep in thought, he had left Ron with his family that had returned a couple of minutes later with food and sweets, but Harry could only now flash to Ron's fake smile. he was such a bad actor. then to Fred and George's serious eyes as they met his with their smiles fixed on their faces. The obliviousness of the rest of the family now clear to him.

Ginny's eyes and expression was the worst, she had watched him now in assessment, eyes narrowed but with a snarky dangerous smile turned on him as he bid them goodbye and left, as if daring him, telling and showing him how impossible the hope the twins and Ron had in their hearts was.

Ginny was no longer in there, it was Tom filling her mind and body instead of making his own body, and that made his heart clench in grieve for the strong girl he knew hid inside her own mind and for the family that cared for her so much and already lost one of their family members. What will happen if they lost their girl too.

Walking stiffly, he arrived at the hidden entrance of where Ron had whispered the Twins had hidden the diary after his accident. He knew this passage, it was the one-eyed witch statue by the stairs, it led to Honeydukes. Tapping the hump with a wand and speaking aloud the word 'Dissendium' the hump on the statue opened to reveal the hidden passageway.

The Diary was hidden inside, running his hands on the wall where it was supposed to be, Harry felt the bump, muttering the un-sticking charm he grabbed the bag, looked inside to see the familiar black diary, looking old and frayed, but still with the Dark Lords childhood name engraved and clear on it. he took a step back into Hogwarts and closed the entrance deep in thought.

"Well well, if it isn't the dimension-traveling previously-dead Prophecy-boy."

The cruel words snapped from behind him with the feminine drawl closer to the Malfoy heir way of speaking than the redheaded Weasley standing with a wand pointed at his heart.

Looking at him steadily she walked towards him with a strangely quiet and graceful footsteps. Ginny smirked at him, her eyes now red with no hint of the brown she was born with.


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