It all happened so fast like time had stopped, fangs clamped down of firm tanned skin leaving 2 puncture wounds as the head next to the blondes retracted to its normal length "kukuku the power of the Kyuubi all mine" he murmured a small smirk plastered on his face as he watched 3 comma like marks appear on the blondes neck his eyes widened slightly when purple, crackling yellow and sunset yellow energies exploded around him causing the ground to rumble shockwaves to blast from the blond boys body and rocks to float around the area.

As the chaos settled Naruto lay on the ground sweating and unconscious "what did you do!" growled Sasuke his worry for his best friend rising "why I just gave him a parting gift" Orochimaru replied as he held his hand in a half dragon seal "soon he will come to me for power kahahahah!" echoed Orochimaru's cackle thought the area a reminder of the deaths to come.

4 days later

Sakura and Sasuke were attacked by sound ninja they tried valiantly but were always forced back by zaku's wind cannons lee also tried to help but it still didn't help he was defeated minutes later, next the ino- shika- cho trio intervened using the teamwork they developed all while this was happening nobody noticed the sickly purple chakra envelope Naruto.

In Naruto's mind

Naruto walked through his mindscape like a zombie drawn flesh his mind only focused on following the purple chakra to its source.

Naruto finally came back to his senses in a main room as it appeared a giant gate with the kanji for seal carved into it "hey anyone in there!" he shouted his voice echoing off the walls "kukuku hello Naruto kun" a voice thrummed from behind him making him spin around and draw a kunai only to face the one who bit him and sent him into this state "who are you" he said vehemence clear in his voice as the pale man smirked "I am Orochimaru the rouge snake sannin" he introduced with a mock bow "now onto other matters, it has come to my attention ever since my arrival here that when you were younger you sustained gargantuan amounts of physical and mental damage consequently causing your brain to withdraw upon itself in an attempt to sustain your sanity which worked perfectly, but also destroyed your ability to learn so in words that you can understand, you put double the effort and get half the result, get all that?" he asked as Naruto nodded slowly and began to speak "so, I know you wouldn't tell me this if you didn't have an cure for this so I ask, what do we do?"

Naruto actually felt unsure, were all his comments of becoming hokage just a thought in his current state of mind, he was brought out of his thoughts as Orochimaru spoke "for this cure you will get some extras that will be both good and bad for your wellbeing, you will get the snake contract the ability to shed your form and the ability to burrow underground with minimal effort the other usefull tool is the ability to stretch any part of your body and exert poison from your body " Orochimaru said as Naruto looked at him sceptically but nodded anyway.

"one question though" asked Naruto as Orochimaru nodded "why do you want to help me?" Naruto asked ,hidden bewilderment coming to the surface as Orochimaru smirked coldly "I will not have a weak counterpart unlike a certain fox that is I know I won't be getting out out of your mind" this insinuated a low growl from behind the gate

"now shake my hand and I will do the rest" commanded Orochimaru as Naruto gulped once more before reaching out with a loose hand and shook the pale mans taught one causing a bright light to envelope the room.

As the light died down Naruto disappeared and Orochimaru smirked softly "It seems I have found your grandson, Kenpachi" Orochimaru said as he reached up and peeled off his face showing the sorrowful face of mayuri kurosuchi who walked down the hallway in search of the brain room "time to present his lineage to him" was the murmur that broke the silence.

Outside mind

Memories flashed through his mind as he dug his fingers into the dirt to dampen the pain of the vicious sickly purple flowing though one of his coils the blonde's newly reactivated brain assimilated these images like a sponge as he tried to make sense of the images unexpectedly sound flashed through his head in time with the images


























Naruto then looked closer at these images and noticed they were using extremely powerful attacks "I wonder If these are my families memories when I come to consciousness I'll shall try using these" Naruto thought as he started assimilating the inner working of the attacks and also in the process of learning the name of his newly formed zanpaktou after he had he just sat there staring at the images with a happy smile happy to learn of his lineage.

Suddenly a loud explosion brought him out of his semi conscious state of mind and he quickly sat up crackling yellow energy billowing off his form like a tsunami.

Naruto turned his new 5'7 body and gazed at the sound ninja with piercing lilac eyes that radiated power like nothing they had ever seen, it was like looking into the eyes of a deity "what are you doing here?" he asked his voice, thick with so much power it brought dosu and kin to their knees but Zaku shook it off in favour of cockiness "come on we can beat him he's only one kid" Ignoring the cries to 'stop!' from dosu and the silent plead from kin he brought his arms forward "supersonic air cutter!" he shouted firing a bombardment of air towards the powered up blonde who grinned a bloodthirsty smirk "yes" the blonde hissed over the howling winds "a challenge, even if it's a small one" Naruto then disappeared over the distortion of air that the technique caused.

Once the technique had died down Zaku could be seen hunched over panting "see 'huff' blew him away" Zaku smirked but that soon disappeared as a large hulking shadow overlapped his form, Zaku turned his now terrified stare to the bloodthirsty smirk on Naruto's lips "thank you Zaku for you will be my dummy to test my power" with that Naruto flickered in front of Zaku and plunged his hand into Zaku's kidney Ignoring Zaku's scream of pain he charged the 'ki' as it had said from his memories into his hand and flattened it "hm so it's incredibly versatile" he murmured, sound ninja looked at him mortified (seriously they are called sound ninja for a reason) at what he had just done he swiped his hand upwards splitting Zaku diagonally in half, ignoring the rich metallic crimson liquid that sprayed the area, Naruto included.

Zaku's halves landed with dull and ungraceful THUD his face was a mixture of surprise, pain, shock and terror Zaku's teammates backed up, afraid of this, this MONSTER! That had awakened before them, they turned, they had to run!, hide! DO ANYTHING! To get away but Naruto was already one step ahead, his arms flickered in place sparking with yellow energy, with a large KABOOM! Their heads exploded in a mass of blood coating its perimeter in crimson, he smirked as he turned on his heel and walked back to the hollow tree then picked up his unconscious teammates ,he huffed, "some teammates"! he thought hopping into the trees the bloody scrolls strapped to his hip.

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