Naruto landed in front of a densely covered tower, vines were draped ominously over the coned roof and mouldy yellow walls, the blonde shinobi strolled up towards the doors his two teammates slipped off his shoulders and landed on the floor with a dull 'thud!' on the damp forest floor. Naruto's hair shadowed his eyes as he faced the tower dark black flame marks rose from their place on his neck and crawled across his face like the snake they originated from, purple chakra raged around him, a flock of birds took to the sky to avoid the brutal bloodshed that would take place.

"come" it was barley a whisper, yet it echoed thought the forest, like a never ending tune of madness, a shuriken flashed past his eyes, he ducked under a kunai that was about to pierce his stomach and leapt away from the kage shuriken jutsu.

"well well look at what we have here!" a brown haired boy with a breath mask donned in a white jumpsuit wandered out of the bushes, the boys posture was full of arrogance and pride with confidence practically rolling off him in waves, Naruto scoffed "fool I am far more powerful than you!" Naruto turned his head slightly as if mocking the rain ninja "your weak not even able to give me a challenge" Naruto let out a bark of laughter as he ducked under a kunai "why don't you get your friends out here to help!" the rain ninja's face was turning crimson in anger, so much so he now rivalled a tomato "I DONT NEED THEIR HELP" spit flew everywhere as the rain nin exploded, his voice like a certain pink haired bitch (sorry Sakura fans), Naruto just grinned "why won't they come out then, are they weak like you!" Naruto stifled a laugh, this was just too good.

Suddenly the rain ninja flew through seals "water style: rain of needles!" just over 100 needles, made out of the water from a nearby pond lurched forward shooting towards Naruto who ducked under the needles and laughed, "idiot you just killed your own team!" the rain ninja looked behind Naruto to see his needles littering their bodies, blood flowed out of their dead copses and collected in puddle around them.

"See fool you're the last one alive" the now usual maniacal smirk framed his features he stepped forward

Five paces

Four paces

Three paces

Two paces


Naruto's shadow blotted out the sun as his muscled frame towered over the rain ninja "die" Naruto swept the ninjas legs out beneath him. The blonde then raised a glowing purple foot "goodbye" the foot was swiftly brought down, a sickening CRUNCH was heard as the ninjas head was brutally crushed, bones followed by large amounts of blood and gore spurted out of the man's head. Naruto grinned evilly as he twisted his foot eliciting a loud CRACK! As more bones broke, coating the sandals in a nice red texture "and that's that" muttered the blonde the curse mark receding as he walked toward the tower, he sniffed "weaklings!" with that he hauled his two teammates onto his shoulders then wandered up to the frayed double doors and kicked them open, blood trickled down the frame from the footprint that marked the door.

Naruto deposited his teammates in a heap on the floor earning a groan of pain Naruto let a small sneer of disgust flicker across his face as he plucked the scrolls from their place on his hip and threw them into the air, the two scrolls arced through the air as Naruto let them unfold, they bulged when the two scrolls made contact, smoke rose from the bulge, Naruto stared in interest.

(A small explosion of smoke later)

Iruka umino stepped out of the smoke giving a small greeting to the only conscious member of the team "hey Naruto, what happened to Sasuke and Sakura?" Iruka asked discarding his mind and body speech in favour of helping his student "they were attacked by sound ninja while I was looking for a scroll" replied Naruto, lying through his teeth, mentally relived as Iruka smiled "ah that's a common occurrence in the exams, actually happened with my team when we were taking the exams" Iruka's eyes gained a glazed look as he stared into space for what could have been a minute until Naruto brought him out of his reminiscing.

"Hello, sensei!" Iruka's head snapped up and he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck "sorry got lost in my memories" Naruto huffed "well, what are we going to do now, surely this isn't the end of the exam"

Iruka let a sigh escape his lips "no it isn't, follow me" the pair silently walked through a series of corridors all marked with arrow signs to tell where they were going. Finally they stopped in a large battle hall with two large red balconies lining either wall that looked like they could support about 200 people in all "this is where the preliminaries shall take place, since there are more candidates than we thought would pass the test we have to have a couple of primary battles to cut the number of participants down once again" during this explanation Naruto took in the surroundings looking for spots where he could freely form seals and the like "so how many have passed the second test already?" asked Naruto a small grin tugging at his lips "well last count it was about fifteen, twenty teams that passed but that was yesterday we counted so we dont know yet" the answer satisfied Naruto who now knew he had another chance at a fight. "Now to show you to your rooms" with that the Chunnin placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and mouthed "transportation jutsu" In a small puff of smoke they were transported out of the battle hall and into a large room filled with bunk beds lined in a military fashion "this is where you sleep" Iruka said laying Sasuke and Sakura down in a bed gently "see ya later Iruka sensei" Iruka smiled and puffed into smoke. Naruto scowled and hopped onto the bunk bed nearest him "now what am I supposed to do for two days in this god forsaken tower" the simple answer already occurred to him "train of course.

(sorry if this isnt very good I'm stressed for time at the moment because of exams and coursework, but when its all over ill make it longer and update more, but until then. Ja ne everyone!!