Originally this was just my one-shot One-Warning, then I started making several others and to prevent having over 100 fics in one yr (knowing my nightly muse) I've placing them all in this fic. All one-shots will be Ichigo in different yaoi pairing.

Pairing: Ichigo/Shirosaki

Summary: Orihime learns to stay away from Ichigo.

Warning: slightly mean to Orihime ( I do not hate this character, I actually do love her, but it fit best for the story).

The bell finally rang and all the students scurried out of the classroom to go outside for lunch. Several students were already gone and the only remaining ones were waiting for their friends to hurry up.

"Come on, we don't got all day." Renji muttered as he walked over and stood over Ichigo's desk who was trying to finish the rest of his assignment. The red haired boy reached down and grabbed the paper and held it close to his face to see what Ichigo had been writing.

"Hey, what's your problem!" Ichigo yelled and got up from his desk to grab the paper back. He snatched it in his hand and placed it back on the desk with his left hand over to make sure Renji couldn't make another grab for it.

"You're my problem, everyone else is out for lunch and we're waiting on you!" Renji yelled back at the orange haired boy and the rest of their friends sighed. It was just like these two to begin an argument over the dumbest things.

"Hey, there's no need to fight, I'll stay with Kurosaki-kun while you guys find us a spot and then we'll meet you there." Orihime insisted, trying to salvage the peace between the two.

"Come on." Rukia grabbed Renji by the arm and yanked him towards the door and was followed by Chad and Uryuu.

"You don't have to stay." Ichigo told her as he placed the rest of his assignment back in its folder. The ginger haired girl only smiled sweetly and sat down in the desk in front of his.

"But I want to; it's not good to be alone." She insisted and placed her hand over his.

Ichigo's Inner World

Zangetsu shook his head and wished at the moment he had earplugs as the screeching of Shirosaki's echo could be heard from every part of the sideways world. He wondered how Ichigo did not notice it.

"What the fuck does she think she's doing? Get your hands off!" Shiro yelled as he saw what was happening between Ichigo and Orihime and it only made him even angrier when she moved closer. His hands clenched into fists wanting nothing more than to smack the girl away. He remembered her very well. She was the one that Ichigo had risked his life for and almost died twice.

"That's it, if he won't tell her, I will!" Shirosaki snarled and disappeared from the sideways world, much to the delight of Zangetsu who enjoyed the peace and quiet.


"You ready?" Ichigo asked Orihime as they were finally leaving the classroom. The girl smiled happily and placed an arm around Ichigo's and began walking out of the room when he stopped.

"Kurosaki-kun, are you alright?" Orihime asked worriedly as she saw Ichigo's eyes roll back into his head and he began to sway slightly. For a moment she thought he was going to fall over, but he caught his footing and kept his head down with his eyes covered by his hair.

"We'll be fine once you leave us alone." A distorted voice came from Ichigo causing Orihime to take step back in surprise. That voice was so familiar. She had heard it one other time and that was when Ichigo wore his vizard mask, but it had not formed.

"Ichigo." She whispered and jumped when she finally saw his eyes, black sclera with gold irises. She took several steps back until she reached the chalk board and felt her back press against it. "You're not Kurosaki-kun." She said with a hint of fear in her voice which only increased when that distorted voice turned into a laugh and inched closer to her.

"You figured that on your own, maybe you do have a brain up there." Shirosaki grinned down at the girl.

"What do you want? Where's Ichigo?" Her voice cracked slightly and she felt herself shake slightly when he ran his fingers through her hair and then placed it under her chin so they made eye contact. She tried her hardest not to flinch, but seeing those demon eyes on him made her terrified.

"I know you like king that is why I am giving you this one warning to back off." His voice became harsher and his grip on her chin tightened. He tried hard not to laugh as he saw tears form in her eyes. With his other hand he pressed his fingers harshly across her eyes to get rid of the tears. "You need to understand this girl, King is mine and I don't share my things with other people. I am getting sick of how you look at him and how you tried to kiss him." Shirosaki spoke and noticed the surprise in her eyes which finally caused his to blurt out a laugh in her face.

"That's right I know. I saw it all, even if King didn't. You have no idea of how badly I wanted to strangle you right there, but you didn't touch him so I didn't have to touch you. He didn't save you because he had feelings for you; he did it because he knew you couldn't save your worthless self." Shirosaki jerked her head back and continue grinning as tears fell from her eyes.

"Remember this every time you look at him and start to having feelings or even think you have a chance with him, all his love belongs to me whether he knows it or not. I know him better than all his friends. I am everything he needs and craves for. All of his hates, fears-" He bent his head forward so his lips were close to her ear to get the point across. "-and desires." She felt a shiver run down her spine as he looked smugly down at her.

"This is your one warning girl, just like I gave to the other two shinigami, stay away from MY King." Were his last words before the blackness disappeared from Ichigo's eyes and his head fell forward against the blackboard.

Orihime moved away from him, still feeling slightly shaken. She looked at him and then averted her eyes. She wondered if he knew about how possessive his inner hollow was or if he had the same feelings for the hollow. She would never ask and would keep her distance from him. She knew that would remain friends, but that was all.

He belonged to someone else.

If your interested, the sort of prequal to this one-shot is Giving In, it will not be posted in here and remain a seperate one-shot.