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Pairing: Aizen/Ichigo

Summary: In the 1600's a boy with orange hair is lying on his deathbed when a stranger comes and offers him a second chance at life. In return, he wants one small favor… AiIchi

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The village was burning. Men, women, and children lay dead in the streets while their homes burned to the ground. Screams of horror echoed all the way to the forest, but no one would come to their aid. Not when the next village over was several miles away.

One small cottage remained untouched by the destruction, and it was this that was the monsters' main target. A man with short brown hair stood in front of the home with a confident smile upon his face. He had finally found it; he had finally found him. Without moving his gaze, he snapped his fingers and two figures ceased the destruction they were causing and came to his side.

"Aizen-sama, are you sure this is it?" Ulquiorra, the shortest among the three men, asked in a polite tone. He was never rude or obnoxious, unlike the blue haired man standing on the other side of their lord.

"Who cares, I've been havin' fun. Even if ya do find him, we should still pillage every town we come across." Grimmjow smirked and crossed his arms. When Aizen had approached him for this task, he'd signed on immediately. There was no way he'd pass up an opportunity to rummage throughout towns, crush the very essence of society in his grasp, and watch as the humans' lives fell apart. There was nothing more beautiful.

"We'll see. For now, you know what to do," Aizen said, and looked on as the two approached the cottage. He watched with satisfaction as Grimmjow kicked down the door and screams escaped from somewhere inside. One of the occupants tried to stop the intruders, but Ulquiorra took care him with a swift jab to the throat. Aizen would enter in a minute or two to see if what he was looking for was really inside, but in the meantime there was no reason for him to get his hands dirty when he could have his minions do it for him.

"We should stay here, Aizen-sama! This place has so many fun people!" Aizen's gaze shifted away from the cottage and towards a silver haired man dragging a struggling blond boy at his side. "Look at how cute he is!" The boy whimpered as he was grasped by his hair and pulled up so he was at eye level with the brown haired man, who did not look amused.

"Go play with your toys somewhere else, Gin," Aizen muttered. He started walking towards the cottage, ignoring the horrified scream that tore from the throat of the captive behind him.

Aizen stepped into the small building, frowning in disgust when he got blood on his shoes. It seemed that Grimmjow had had a little too much fun slaughtering this family. He gazed dispassionately at the man who had tried to fight back, now lying very still with his side torn open. Nearby, a woman lay on her stomach in a pool of her own blood. Neither were important. They were only garbage dirtying his path.

High, feminine shrieks came from down the hallway, and he took only two steps before Grimmjow came forth with a little girl under each arm. One was crying uncontrollably while the other was beating at his chest and trying to bite the arm that restrained her.

"Found these brats, ya want them?" Grimmjow asked with a toothy grin. Aizen looked at the girls with disinterest. He could sense they were not what he had come for, and he had no use for them.

"Do what you want with them," Aizen replied. He walked past the blue haired man and across the small living room where he saw Ulquiorra waiting for him.

"Aizen-sama, there is only one left alive. He is in there." Ulquiorra pointed to a door partially open, the light of the burning buildings shining through. Ulquiorra bowed but Aizen paid little mind, his attention caught by the room ahead. He placed one hand on the door and pushed it open, and couldn't help but smirk at the sight that greeted him.

A too-pale boy with bright orange hair lay shivering in his bed, coughing every few moments. He looked to be in his mid-teens, maybe sixteen or so, though that didn't matter one way or the other to the older man. He'd found what he'd come for.

Aizen stepped into the room and shut the door behind him quietly, not that the boy was likely to notice given how restlessly he slept. Did he know that his family had been murdered? Did he know his hometown was burning, and the people he grew up with were nothing but smears on the side of the road? It didn't matter; the boy was now in his possession and had no way of fighting free.

Aizen walked across the room, sat down on the side of the bed, and placed a hand on the boy's burning cheek. He must have felt the bed dip or the cold hand on his face, because the his eyes fluttered open and gazed feverishly into Aizen's. He looked so tired, not only from the lack of rest but also from the illness that plagued his body. Aizen's smirk softened and he ran a hand through the boy's damp, sweaty hair.

"A-are you another *cough* doctor?" the boy wheezed, covering his mouth with his blanket. A sympathetic expression washed over Aizen's features, something he had mastered over the hundreds of years of his existence. He could act as if he sincerely cared about someone while he was inwardly mocking him or even planning his death, and no one would suspect a thing.

"Yes, my boy. I've come with a cure," Aizen replied softly, running his hand back down the boy's cheek.

"Good; I can't *cough* take this anymore. I know my *cough cough* family's been worried I'm not going to make it." The boy put one hand to his chest and erupted into a coughing fit, feeling more mucous and other debris burst from his lungs.

Aizen continued to stroke the boy's cheek, feeling sorry for how much the boy had suffered and for the suffering of those around him too. At least, he would have felt those things if he'd had a heart.

"This is a very expensive medicine, and I am afraid your family doesn't have enough to pay for it," Aizen explained, and saw panic rise in the boy's eyes. "Don't worry." He placed a finger over the boy's lips before he spoke once more. "I am willing to administer it for free in exchange for one small thing," Aizen assured him, and took his finger off the boy's lips.

The boy ran his tongue over his dry, cracked lower lip, and Aizen couldn't help but smirk as he watched, wishing to devour it into his own mouth. "What's the price?" he asked, breaking Aizen's concentration.

"You come with me," he replied simply, making no mention of his other plans for the boy. If he knew the whole truth the boy would most likely protest, and that would lead to a struggle. It would be easier if he came of his own accord. "I've already discussed it with your father and mother, and they've agreed," he assured him, and watched as those brown eyes suddenly filled with betrayal and looked down with disappointment.

"But..." the boy tried to protest, but he trailed off and his eyes drifted in and out of focus. It seemed that his fever was making him a little delirious. That was good. It would make things just that much easier.

"All the money they've spent trying to cure you has taken a toll on them. They said they love you dearly and want what's best for you. This is the only way you'll be able to beat this illness," Aizen said gently. The boy bit his lip, torn between the need to be healthy and the desire not to be taken away from his family. It was understandable. It's always hard for the young to move away from their parents. With one last cough, the boy finally answered.

"Ok," he mumbled, his eyes looking distant. He didn't notice the gleam in the older man's eyes as he bent his head down until he was at eye level with the youth.

"I must warn you," Aizen began as he moved closer until their faces were only centimeters apart, "it will hurt." He brushed his lips against the confused teen's, then pulled away and turned the boy's head to the side to lick across the smooth, pale skin. His canines elongated and he ran his tongue over the sharp points before biting down into the delicate flesh of the boy's throat.

"What are you – ah!" the boy cried when a sharp pain erupted from his neck. He brought his hands up and tried to push the older man off of him, but his hands were caught and pinned to his sides. He'd known something was wrong from the moment he'd laid eyes on this man – no – monster!

Aizen couldn't believe how rich and fulfilling the taste of this boy's blood was. He had never tasted anything like it in his whole nine hundred years. He knew it; this boy was the one he'd been searching for. It had taken centuries, but he had finally found him and he wasn't going to let him go.

The boy's gasps of pain began to diminish as his pulse slowed down. Aizen pulled his fangs from the boy's neck and slowly stood, cradling him in his arms. Fading brown eyes stared up at him lifelessly as he smiled down at them. He leaned down and placed a deep, passionate kiss to the boy's lips, smearing them with his own blood.

"Sleep, my little Ichigo. We have the rest of eternity together."

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