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This is a collaborative fic between me and the-writer1988, set in the parallel world post Journey's End where Rose and 10.5 are together in happiness :)

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Chapter 1 - Taken

"Rose, are you ready to go?"

Rose Tyler looked up from her desk to find the Doctor standing in the doorway of her office, bouncing from foot to foot impatiently with the car keys clutched between his finger and thumb. She held up her hand, spreading three fingers.

"Three minutes, okay?"

"Okay," he disappeared again. Rose resumed filling out the paperwork, pen hovering above the paper as she contemplated what to write.

"Are you done now?" the voice came again, head peeking around the door.

Rose sighed, but couldn't resist smiling. "Three minutes, okay Doctor?"

"Two minutes forty-eight seconds," the Doctor corrected.

"Whatever!" She waved a vague hand, looking back down at the paperwork as the Doctor disappeared again. She'd managed to write one line before the Doctor poked his head around the door once more, grinning widely.

"Done now?"

"Doctor!" Rose put her hand on her forehead. "I just need three minutes to finish this up, okay?"

"Two minutes twenty-one seconds," he informed her politely.

"I bet that isn't even right!"

The Doctor looked aghast. "Time Lord, Rose, part-Time Lord! Have you ever seen a Time Lord with a watch? I don't think you have, have you? You've got two minutes fifteen seconds to leave this room."

"And you have nought minutes ten seconds before I throw this book at you!" she picked up a rather hefty-looking book and waved it threateningly in his direction.

"Okay, okay, yeesh!" The Doctor held up his hands in surrender before disappearing again. For a moment Rose stilled, listening for his return, but he didn't. She lowered her pen to the paper once more.

"By the way, your Mum rang while you were in the meeting." The head popped around the doorway again. "I didn't listen to what she said but I thought you should know."

"Get out!"

He saluted and disappeared yet again. She barely had time to write the next word this time.

"One minute forty-five seconds."

The book hurtled towards him at breakneck speed, and he only just about ducked out of the way in time as it hit the wall just behind him, practically exploding on impact. He stuck his head around the doorframe again.

"That's a hell of a throw you've got on you."

"Doctor, get out of my office!" Rose practically yelled, pointing at the door. "Go do all your little science experiments your nerd department does!"

"Maybe I don't want to," the Doctor retorted, striding towards her.

"Doctor, I'm serious, I have to get this finished."

"Come on, we have three days holiday!" The Doctor was on the other side of the desk now. He looked down at the papers scattered all over the desk, heaving a sigh. In one swift movement he'd climbed onto the wooden desktop and sat on the papers.

"Doctor, get off my desk!" But the Doctor wasn't listening as he cupped her chin and pulled her towards him, kissing her gently on the lips. She tried to pull away but he wrapped his legs around her, holding her firmly in place. After a few moments Rose gave up struggling, letting him kiss her for a few moments more before he finally pulled away, grinning.

"Fifty-two seconds," he said.

"You'll be done in twenty." Rose grinned cheekily, pushing him back onto the desk and climbing on top of him, capturing his lips in yet another kiss.

"Ahem," a voice suddenly said from the doorway and they both jumped in surprise, looking at the doorway to find Michael Harrow, deputy boss of Torchwood One standing there with his arms folded, foot tapping.

"This isn't what it looks like," the Doctor said instantly, still pinned to the table by Rose. Michael raised an eyebrow. Rose quickly climbed off of the Doctor, helping him onto his feet and brushing him down as he adjusted his hair. She then grabbed her handbag and casually patted down her own hair.

"We were just going home," Rose said with a polite smile, nodding at her superior before slipping through the gap to the corridor outside. The Doctor gave him grin and an apologetic shrug before he too slipped out the door. Silently they both walked to the lift, stepping in and hitting for the ground floor before the lift doors silently closed, and they began to descend.

For a moment there was silence between them, before they turned their heads to look at one another. They both burst out laughing. Grinning like loonies they linked hands and strode out of the lift now on the ground floor, giving a wave to the receptionist, who waved back.

"Have a nice holiday," she said, beaming.

"See you next week, Kayleigh!"

They arrived back at the mansion just in time for dinner. They had barely walked in the door when Jackie appeared, hands on hips, glaring at them murderously.

"And what d'you call this?"

The Doctor blinked, confused. He tried to follow Jackie's line of sight through his head out of the doorway into the corridor to a painting of a fruit bowl on the wall.

"Err… a painting?" he asked tentatively. Rose giggled. Jackie fumed.

"I told you to be home by five!" she clobbered him around the head. "You weren't even listening, were you?!"

"Oi, no need to mouth off at me, I was busy!" he retorted rudely, Donna style.

Jackie was probably just about to explode with rage but was fortunately prevented as Tony came running over to the Doctor and Rose, hugging Rose tightly.

"Rose!" he said happily, before turning to the Doctor and hugging him as well. "John!"

"Hey little guy!" the Doctor said, hugging him tightly. "How was school?"

"Fun! Drew pictures!" he said, drawing back again and taking the Doctor and Rose's hands, thankfully pulling them away from the seething Jackie. "Come, come, tea ready!"

Hours later the Doctor and Rose were back in their own wing of the mansion, cuddled up in bed together.

"Didn't you ever get bored?" the Doctor was asking. "In the mansion before?"

She nodded. "Oh yeah. We can't go out without a guard, it's too dangerous. You know, Dad gave you that massive talk…"

The Doctor stared blankly. "… Talk?"

Rose rolled her eyes, smiling as she pressed a kiss to his bare chest. "We're only allowed in the mansion grounds and out to work, apart from that we always need a guard with us. So if I wanna do some shoppin' I gotta have a big armed guard runnin' around after me."

"We haven't been out at all since we got back from the parallel world," the Doctor pointed out. "Could do with some fresh London air."

"And I really want a new dress," Rose added.

There was a pause. They looked at each other.

"You are thinkin' what I'm thinkin', right?" Rose grinned at him.

"And what's that?" he asked, returning the grin to even wider proportions as he leant forward and began to gently nibble her earlobe.

"Maybe we could… I don't know… Sneak out?"

The Doctor raised an eyebrow, drawing back. "That's totally irresponsible, Rose Tyler. It's dishonest, dangerous and completely idiotic." He beamed. "Let's do it."

She giggled and leant forward, kissing his nose. He snaked an arm around her and pulled her close, entwining his legs in her's as he pulled the cover further over them both. She snuggled into him, and together they dropped off to sleep.

Getting out of the mansion had been ridiculously easy, though the Doctor and Rose had become very accustomed to escaping out of tight spots when they'd travelled on the TARDIS together. Within ten minutes they were walking down the high street where busy shoppers were bustling along with large amounts of carrier bags in each hand.

As they walked, hand-in-hand, the Doctor slowly became aware that everyone seemed to be staring at them. Rose was right, the Tyler family really were famous on the parallel world. Jackie had been keeping him locked up in the mansion for so long he hadn't really had any chance to experience day-to-day life here.

They browsed clothes shops, and quickly they both picked up on a Donna trait he'd taken on. Before when Rose had taken him shopping he'd usually assume the foetal position in the corner of the store, but now he was in the mix of things, suggesting outfits and rejecting others.

After acquiring some pick n' mix they wandered into what they deemed would be the last shop, busy with a number of people browsing racks. After a squabble Rose picked an outfit and went to the changing rooms.

Minutes later she minced out of the changing room in a red and green dress, low cut. She walked over to the Doctor and did a spin. "Do you like?"

"Red and green?" the Doctor looked aghast. "Are you insane? It'll clash! You'll look like a traffic light!" He paused, catching himself. "Donna?" he asked.

Rose laughed, and nodded fervently. "That's a no then!" She went back into the changing room. The Doctor resumed his seat on the couch, his long legs stretching halfway across the doorway. It was two minutes before Rose reappeared and he got to his feet, grinning and taking her hand, leading her back out into the shop.

"Back home then?" he asked.

"They've probably realised we've gone."

"Who cares," the Doctor said flippantly. Rose laughed.

Suddenly a man stepped in front of them, wearing a long dark brown coat and a black suit and tie, blocking their way to the exit.

"Come quietly, John Smith."

The Doctor blinked, utterly wrong-footed. "What?"

The man's hand slipped inside his coat and suddenly there was a gun in his hand, pointing straight at the Doctor's head. "I won't ask again."

Rose gasped, holding onto the Doctor's arm tightly as she looked around them, finding what she had previously presumed to be customers now walking towards them, guns in their hands. There had to be at least thirty of them, closing in on them both leaving no open space for them to escape.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's stop a tiny second here," the Doctor said, letting go of Rose's hand and holding up his own two in surrender. "Who are you?"

"We are The Organisation," he said shortly, and nodded to a point over the Doctor's shoulder. Within seconds the Doctor felt his arms being taken hold of, dragged roughly away from Rose before he felt the cold barrel of a gun resting against his temple.

"Let us go!" Rose demanded as she was treated the same, dragged away from the Doctor in the grip of two of the men. She looked around for help but if there was anyone they were hiding.

"Don't make me hurt you, Rose Tyler," the man who had spoken to the Doctor grated in a low voice that made her absolutely sure he was true to his word. He beckoned to the men holding the Doctor, turning on his heel as he did so. "Bring him."

"No!" the Doctor suddenly yelled, struggling to pull away from his captors. "I'm not coming with you!" Miraculously he managed to shake one of them off and pull away but he was instantly stopped in his tracks as something heavy smacked into his abdomen. He cried out in surprise and pain, faltering and falling to the floor and curling in on himself.

"Teach him a lesson," the man said, perfectly calmly.

"No! Please!" Rose screamed, trying desperately to pull away from the men holding her but she could only watch as they punched and kicked the defenceless and outnumbered Doctor relentlessly for what seemed like hours before they finally stopped and pulled away to reveal a blooded and bruised Doctor lying on the floor, gasping.

"Get him up," the man said and his henchmen obeyed, each grabbing an arm and hauling the half-conscious Doctor to his feet.

"Please, let us go, please, we haven't done anything to you…" Rose was now begging, tears streaming down her face as the Doctor struggled to stay conscious in their grip. "Whatever we did I'm sorry, we'll fix it, please let us go…"

"Boss," one of the henchmen said from the side, "the police are comin'."

The man simply nodded and walked over to the Doctor, grabbing his hair and roughly wrenching his head up, the Doctor's eyes opening slightly to meet his gaze.

The man smiled coldly. "He's got fight. I'll give him that." He pulled his gun out of his harness again, turned it on Rose, and fired.

The Doctor yelled in anger and rising panic as Rose's scream of pain reverberated in his ears. With strength he didn't even know he had in him he wrenched himself out of their grip once more and pushed his way over to Rose, falling to his knees beside her as she writhed in pain, holding her leg where she'd been shot.

"It's okay, it's okay, I'll…"

He was cut off from saying anything else as the man stepped up behind the Doctor and raised the butt of his gun, bringing it down on the Doctor's head. He sagged instantly over Rose, unconscious.

The sound of distant sirens could be heard wailing in the distance. The man slipped his gun back inside his coat. "Tie him up, gag him, get him to the van. And quick."

As the henchmen did their task the leader knelt down next to Rose taking her tear-streaked face in one hand and smiling that cold, emotionless smile.

"We'll be in touch."

And with that he stood up and walked away closely followed by the thirty men, two of them carrying the unrelenting Doctor between them.

Crying with both the pain in her leg and her heart, she first pulled off her cardigan, tying it tightly around the wound in her leg and crying out as the pain spiked. For a moment she just held the engagement ring he had given her on her finger, before she shakily reached inside her coat pocket and brought out her phone, dialling for Torchwood.

"Rose?" a voice asked on the other end.

"Mike…" she gasped, "Mike, oh god… oh god…"

"Rose? Are you okay?"

"They took him Mike, they took him…"

"Rose, calm down. Took who?"

"John." She groaned in pain as her leg pulsated vividly with pain. She wasn't sure she could stay conscious for much longer. She took a couple of deep breaths, trying in vain to regain the ability to control her own voice. "We went shopping and… they jumped out… and they hurt John… they took him… shot me…"

"They shot you?!" Michael's voice was quite plainly filled with horror. "Where?!"

"In the leg," she gasped, unable to bring herself to look down at her wound. "Please Mike, please, they took John…"

"We're coming. I've sent for an ambulance, we'll get him back, okay? Stay calm."

"Thank you," she whispered, and ended the call.

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