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Chapter 30 – Happily Ever After?

"Now, Tony, when you go inside, you're gonna have to be quiet," instructed Jackie to her small son. "The twins are sleeping, so don't wake them. Just look, okay?"

The little boy nodded.

"Good," said Jackie, patting him on the top of his head. "Come on." She led him up the hallway towards the room the Doctor and Rose shared with the twins. They had already informed Tony that the Doctor was awake but the boy hadn't seen him either since they had kept him away from the house until Rose had returned home. Tony hadn't minded. He liked staying in other people's houses.

Reaching the door, Jackie slowly pushed it open, peering inside. The Doctor and Rose were lying on their bed, huddled up to one another, their arms wrapped around each other's bodies. It looked as though they had just woken up. The babies had been placed in the crib at the end of their bed and it was clear they were both sleeping. Jackie took her son's hand and led him into the room, smiling lightly at them.

"Hey, Doctor, how are you feeling?" asked Jackie.

"Better now that I've seen Rose and the girls," he replied, quietly, keeping his voice low so that he didn't wake the twins.

Jackie smiled. "Good. Decided on any names yet?"

Rose nodded. "Yeah. Just decided. The one on the left is Abigail and the one on the right is Gabrielle. We could have just called them baby girl one and baby girl two of course."

"Ah, lovely names." Jackie lifted Tony up in her arms so that he could peer over the cot to see his nieces. "Tony, meet Abigail and Gabrielle Tyler."

"Why don't they have John's name?" asked the boy. "I've got dad's." He seemed to have forgotten that he hadn't seen the Doctor in ages, especially awake.

"We're not married yet," replied Rose. "When we're married, we'll change it."

"Why are they really small?"

"Because they are babies."

"I thought they'd be bigger and they are too pink," he pouted. "Can I play with them?"

The Doctor shook his head. "They're too small to play with."


"Hey, why don't you ask John what I couldn't tell you?" asked Rose, her eyebrows rising mischievously, glancing at her lover beside her.

The Doctor leaned up on his elbows. "What do you want to know?" he asked. "I am awake now and my brain is fully working!"

"Was your brain ever fully working?" asked Rose cheekily.

The Doctor's mouth fell open. "OI!"

Rose laughed, squeezing his left bicep. "I'm only joking, you know that." She looked at her younger brother. "You've got something to ask?"

Tony, who had been put back on the floor, trotted over to the Doctor, standing right in front of him. "Why do Scottish men wear skirts?"

"Tradition," he replied.

"Okay." Tony seemed to accept that simple one-word explanation. "Mum, can I go play?"

Jackie nodded, taking her son by the hand and leading him out the room. "Come on, we'll go find something for you to do."

Rose twisted her head towards the Doctor. "How did you do that? He kept bugging me about that and you sum it up in one word and he accepts it!"

The Doctor grinned. "I'm good with kids."

Rose huffed, crossing her arms across her chest. "Alright then, mister-who-is-very-good-with-kids, next time Abigail and Gabrielle cry, you can change their nappies."

The doctor checked on the Doctor everyday for about a month before reducing his visits to once a week. The Doctor was progressing well and his legs were stronger and more able to support his weight. He could even go for a short jog now if he wanted too. And his appetite was astounding, how he managed to not get fat shocked Rose. He put it down to the half alien part of himself. Eating three main meals a day was not something he had done before, but considering the way he had been treated at the hands of his captors, it wasn't surprising he felt like that. Making up for lost time it seemed.

The Doctor had been referred to a therapist in case of mental trauma due to what he had been put through, but after three two-hour sessions, the therapist had declared him fit and well, save for his unhealthy obsession with bananas. At every session the Doctor had bought one along and also seemed to start talking about them in every topic she seemed to bring up. Rose had figured this was the Doctor's way of rebelling against being forced to the counselling. Other than his banana fixation, the therapist had signed him off mentally capable of going back to work; however Pete had ordered him to take another five months off to make sure he had maximum recovery time and to reconnect with Rose, and oh boy, they were doing just that, frequently.

Rose was still on maternity leave until the twins were six months old so they would return to work together.

During the second month of the Doctor's return to the waking world, Torchwood started to release press releases and details about the Doctor's kidnap and subsequent rescue, informing the public of the plot, and the people involved. Pete also released information regarding Kayleigh's betrayal and change of heart, leading to the Doctor's rescue. He announced at a conference that he was giving her honours for giving her life to save the Doctor and the rest of the Torchwood team, preventing Garav from killing them all. Her name was inscribed on the Torchwood Wall of Heroes.

Despite betraying Torchwood and the country, Kayleigh had redeemed herself the day she had sacrificed her life to save everyone else. An award was needed, not condemnation.

Six months later

"Is it normal for human children to start crawling at six months?" asked Rose. "Abigail started today and Gabrielle will probably follow soon. I know in some cases they can..."

The Doctor smiled, kissing Rose on the lips as they lay together in bed. The twins had been moved into a room next door to them. "I'm part Time Lord. Part alien. Abigail and Gabrielle... well... they would be one quarter Time Lord and three quarters human. Time Lord children learn things quicker. They'll probably start walking next week and talking next month."

Rose's eyebrows rose. "Really?"

"Yeah. Oh, what you human's call the terrible two's... well, that starts for Time Lords at nine months old and carries on for about two years..." He trailed off, seeing Rose's aghast look.

"You've got to be kidding."

"No..." he replied, sheepishly.

They fell silent for a while, just gazing up at the ceiling, content in each other's arms.

"I feared raising them alone, you know," said Rose quietly. "I thought you'd never come back..."

"Rose..." the Doctor began, "I would have done anything to get back to you. I love you so much. I would never have given up fighting for you. I would have died trying and I nearly did, but I made it. I fought through it all. I could have given up ages ago and stopped my heart, but I had faith that you'd find me and get me out." He reached out and stroked her cheek. "I love you Rose Tyler."

Rose pressed her lips against his. "I love you, Doctor." With ease she pushed him onto his back, climbing on top of him. He was so beautiful. She melted inside whenever she looked into his eyes. And he was all hers. She leaned down, taking his lips in hers. She moved her body up and down and he began to respond. She smiled.

"Don't stop," he whispered against her lips.

"We're going to have to remove our clothes at some point," she replied.

"I know."

"We're not going to get any further if we don't," teased Rose, nibbling his ear lobe, before moving back to his lips once more.

They should have gone back to work at the six month mark when Rose's maternity leave officially ended, but the Doctor and Rose had decided to tie the knot a few weeks later and Pete had extended their leave by another month, allowing them to finish preparations and go on a honeymoon. No one complained about their colleagues extended leave, for everyone at Torchwood believed they deserved it.

Standing at the top of the aisle was the Doctor, dressed in a black tuxedo, hands behind his back, nerves wriggling inside him. Music started and he turned to look at Rose, who was wearing a pure white wedding dress, her left arm slipped through her father's as he escorted her up the aisle.

Rose hugged Pete as they reached the Doctor, then she stood beside him, waiting, a veil hiding her beautiful face.

And the ceremony began.

They spoke their vows, detailing their love for one another, promising to never leave each other. They exchanged rings, repeating their words of love to one another.

"Do you, John Smith, take Rose Marion Tyler to be your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and in health until death till part you?"

"I do."

The vicar looked to Rose. "Do you Rose Marion Tyler take John Smith to be your lawfully wedded husband through sickness and in health until death till part you?"

"I do," smiled Rose, looking towards the Doctor through her veil.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

The Doctor lifted up the veil covering Rose's face, smiling brightly as his wife. "I love you Rose Tyler-Smith."

Rose hooked her arms around his neck. "I love you, Doctor."

And they kissed, sealing their love for one another forever.

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