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Chapter One: A New End and Beginning

"What the hell? There is absolutely no clues anywhere to show where this guy went," Conan said to himself pissed; "I guess I'll go check the park." He walked over to Ran who was listening to her dad's moronic deductions. "Ran-neechan, the park was where this man was seen last, right?"

"Yes, Conan. Why do you ask? Oh, please don't do anything reckless. Just stay there!" She said sternly.

'I've got to go check that park! Sorry, Ran!' Conan thought as he slipped out of the room. He felt a sort of tension in the air that he just couldn't grasp. "Why do I have the feeling I made a really bad choice?" Conan said to himself as he crossed the street near the park. Walking into the open field, he could see no clues at all. It seemed that the man disappeared without a trace.

"No wonder not even Heji could get a clue, the place is cleaned spotless. Almost like it was cleaned on purpose!" Conan exclaimed after seeing the place. "Maybe, Further in I can find something." Conan ran past the open field into the dark brush. He took out his watch and turned the flashlight on. It seemed ready to die because it didn't shine as bright as it should. Maybe that was a good thing because as he was walking through he heard voices. He followed the voices and hid in a bush to watch a conversation of two people he wished it wasn't.

"Gin, do you think he won't be found? I mean people walk in this forest all the time." Vodka said anxiously.

"Don't worry about it; this body will be six feet under." Gin said in his sarcastic smirk.

Conan slowly crawled closer through the bushes to hear better, 'Gin killed him!?' Conan thought, 'Maybe this can take them down!' Conan crawled to close.


He fell to the floor shivering. He didn't move, he barely breathed, and he tried to make sure there seemed no sign of life!

"Come out; don't bother hiding I can just blow you out!" Conan heard Gin shout as he walked closer. The brush shock more and more as soon Conan would be found. He crawled slowly away but the feel of a cold metal object against his head stopped him. He turned to see Gin sitting there with his gun cocked at Conan's head. "Hi, where did you think you were going?"

"Heh, out of here." Conan responded sarcastic and sheepishly.

"We'll see about that," Gin cocked his gun and put it right against his head "You got away once Kudo, not again." He smirked even wider as he saw Conan's face.

"You… you… you," He gulped and then spit out the next word, "knew?" He thought there were either two options: Let him shoot or struggle possibly escape and then shot. Either way it wasn't gonna end good. Conan saw an opportunity as his legs were around Gins. With Vodka behind Conan grabbed Gin's legs with his and spun so that gin would fall over. Gin was pulled into falling on Vodka and Conan took the opportunity to run.

"Damn him, well are you coming!" Gin yelled running after him. He took out his revolver and began shooting. With the silencer attached, no one could know what danger Conan was in but he still ran. Ever shot just missed. Vodka then started shooting as well. Conan had to do something so he jumped onto a branch and spun to avoid the bullets. He gained speed and then shot himself off into the treetops.

"He's good," Gin mumbled to himself. 'Maybe we could use him.' He thought.

Conan's stunt ended up sending him nowhere that was land able and he fell back onto the path. Gin and Vodka caught up to him quickly.

"You cannot avoid us forever but I like your moves maybe you could work for us," he seemed colder than ever. "What do you say?"

"I want you to jump in a lake and make sure you drown!" Conan snapped. He began to struggle then Gin sat on his stomach and pushed his gun against his head. Conan was doomed.

"It doesn't matter; I will have you join our organization! Vodka grab the serum!" Gin barked. He took the syringe and hanged it in front of Conan's face. "Once I give you this it won't matter what your answer is. This serum can alter your memories it destroys all your personal memories; all your friends and family won't be known to you. You won't remember having a childhood, what we did, anything. Period. Hope it doesn't sting" He said sadistically and he plunged the syringe into Conan's neck.

"AAAAAGGGHHH!" Conan screamed loudly and piercingly as the syringe plunged deeper. Gin pushed in the liquid much to Conan's distress. Gin got off Conan but he couldn't move to get away. The pain was too much.

"In ten minutes you will forget everything you knew!" Gin laughed evilly. Conan pulled his arm up and looked at his watch. "Ten minutes huh, we'll see!" He said sarcastically. Unbeknown to the two Conan was actually aiming his stun gun dart at Vodka. He swiftly shot and pierced Vodka. He fell unconscious and toppled Gin. Conan painfully got up and darted away. Gin flipped Vodka off pulled his gun out and shot.

"Argh!" Conan exclaimed as the bullet hit the side out his stomach. He collapsed on the ground and crawled as fast as he possibly could before Gin cut him off "Going somewhere?" Gin said with anger.

"Not now." Conan sighed. Gin just stood there and watched as the serum obviously affected Conan. He slowly slide forward. 'What to do, What to do?' Conan thought. Then it hit him. He curled as much as possible and reached for his shoe. He turned the dial then lied stomach down. He clicked the soccer ball belt and let the soccer ball push him up as it crawled out. Gin flipped him around when he saw him move up and the soccer ball popped up and rolled to his feet.

"How cute," Gin chuckled "A soccer ball is your last defence! Pathetic." Conan bounced with his foot the kicked it straight at Gin. Gin had no time to do anything but to let it hit him dead center in his head. Gin fell to the floor out cold.

Conan struggled to get to his feet and limped out of the forest. Ever step he felt a surge of pain but he couldn't just lie there. Conan got to an alley opening and thought to himself 'At least if I collapse I'll be hidden." He limped a little more until the pain forced him to black out on the damp sidewalk. 'Forgive me, but at least I got my revenge; sort of, Ra... Ra… R… … Girl' He laid there collapsed with his wound seeping.

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