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Chapter 15

Suddenly a orangey-red light erupted in the sky, followed by clouds of dark grey smoke causing crowds around the building to scream terrified. Events in their city seemed to get more criminal and drastic as the time passed. "Terrorist attack!" was screamed from every angle mixing with the crying and screams of terror making on inaudible yet piercing noise from below. The smoke cleared and below the police blocked all exits and attempted to get some reading from those inside. Gin and Vodka's car was stopped about a half a mile from the building as part of the quarantine zone. The pair just stepped out quietly and stared into the sky. The dark blue night was clouded with smoke painting it a solid black, the only lights seen were the embers glowing and the flickering of those in the building.

"What in the he-" Conan woke with a hard thumping feeling in his head. He slowly opened his eyes, squinting as his vision was painted in a red light from the blood in front of his eyes. He tried to move but the rest of his body refused, numb from the pain. He managed to turn his head and saw the little girl laying a little ways off. They had been blasted from the roof to a small overhanging rooftop of the ballroom. Maybe no more than 20 feet wide in both directions it was a miracle she landed here instead of over the edge. He twisted his head more, the pain rushing through him and returning operation to his entire system. Out of the corner of his eye lay the stranger in the white suit, his cape fluttering in the wind hanging over the ledge alongside his left leg. Conan slowly got himself propped up on his elbow then standing, wobbly.

The girl stood as well. When he looked upon her, a name came to his mind, almost naturally. Hiabara. He called out slowly, "Hia… Hiabara?" almost questioning how comfortable it felt to say her name. The thief got up as well, almost easily, and shook himself off.

"That was quite the surprise. Didn't expect you to be one to use explosives but…" Conan ignored him and continued staring at the girl who approached weakly.

"Do you remember?" she asked hope filling her eyes. They looked as if they had once been as hard as his were. He could only shake his head.

"If you two lovebirds are done I have some business with Tantei-kun I'd like to settle."

"Kaito." She called out. "He doesn't have any idea who you are. He's been-" she paused for a moment then continues, "brainwashed." Conan stood for a moment, his head throbbing in pain and images flashing by of him and this girl with other young children, most of whom he did not know. Kaito simply smirked, and went to grab his card gun but it was lost, along with Conan's gun, in the blast.

"Looks like you lost your weapon but I still have some," Conan said, holding up his fists and his eyes filling with an all too familiar hatred. He ran at the man and proceeded to attack him. Kaito was not a weak as he thought, weaving and bobbing through at his attempts to punch him. Conan pulled his leg out from under him and held him over the edge. Kaito simply released himself from Conan's grasp and fell.

"He just… killed himself?" Conan looked over the edge to see Kaito pull a string and a white hang glider appear.

"It was fun but I'll return when you remember how to play our little game." He said with a cheeky smile before soaring away. Conan turned away seething mad, then another girl ran up to the rooftop. She had long dark hair, a thin build, and radiated an easy yet incredible tough aura. Her eyes saw Conan first and she ran to him.

"You're alive!" Ran sobbed. She knew there was a reason she hadn't given up hope yet. Even when she was convinced that it was over, there was still a voice inside her that continued to say that Conan was alive. And her instincts were correct. Conan just pushes away. Ran turns to Hiabara, "Why did you run off, we needed to get out of here but you go to the roof?"

"I saw him and followed." They both turn to a Conan looking confused as ever. His mind was flushed with new images of this girl, her family, and all the times they had spent together. Then something clicked. All the pieces of the puzzle feel into place and for once, his history was no longer a mystery. He fell back and sobbed.

"What the hell happened to me?" He said. Hiabara just walked over and hugged him.

"It isn't your fault you know that right."

"Yeah but I'll get back at them for this." His anger ready to boil over. A helicopter flew in above and a man with a megaphone began to yell.

"Are you all okay? Is anyone hurt?" They shook their heads. "We're going to get you guys out of here. Grab the rope." A long thin cable fell in front of them. Hiabara reached up but wasn't able to grab it. Neither was Ran. The helicopter lowered itself and the winds began to pick up. Hiabara grabbed onto the rope and climbed up. Ran followed her lead. As Conan went to grab the rope, a gust of wind swept him away and over the edge of the building.

"CONAN!" Ran yelled, letting go of the rope and diving after him.

'This is it,' Conan thought to himself. 'My luck has finally run out.' He saw a figure falling after him. Ran wrapped her arms around him and whispered.

"I won't ever left you get hurt." It felt so right being in her arms, despite the situation, that Conan couldn't help blushing and hugging her close. Kaito, who had been watching from a distance, dove down, snatching both of them and gliding towards a bush before dropping the pair into it.

A few weeks had passed after the building incident. Conan lied through his teeth to get out of trouble with Kogoro. That night the two were found in the bushes, unharmed. Conan darted off to check for Gin and Vodka but they had escaped, leaving their car behind. Conan vowed he would get them back eventually. Eventually he would.

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