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As soon as Blair walked into the room, Evelyn knew her mother was waiting to talk to her. She should have known her casual comment at dinner that night would not go unaddressed. When she had mentioned that she didn't believe in love, Evelyn had seen her mother's face and she knew that she was in for a lecture, though she couldn't understand why. Her mother was three-times divorced; it wasn't like she had any idea what love was or if it even existed.

Blair sat down and turned to her daughter with a serious expression, "Evelyn, darling, I wanted to talk to you about your comment at dinner."

"Why?" Evelyn asked defiantly, "Can you really blame me for not believing in love? Take a look around, Mom. None of my friend's parents are still together. I don't know of a single person who is on their first marriage. How can I believe in true love when everyone I know, even you, has their relationships fall apart? Obviously your 'love' with Dad and your other husbands wasn't real enough to keep you together."

"I never loved them, and I never claimed to." Blair stated calmly.

"Then how can you believe in love when you've never even experienced it?" Evelyn questioned.

Blair shook her head and smiled softly at her daughter, "Now, I never said I haven't been in love, it just wasn't with one of my husbands. Eve, I thought you would have realized by now that here on the Upper Eastside most people don't marry for love. They marry for power or position or money. They marry because of pressures from society or for stability, but they rarely marry for love."

Blair paused and got a distant look in her eyes. She reached out a hand to smooth down her daughter's hair before continuing, "Real love is like being completely consumed. It scares the shit out of you to be with him, but at the same time you can't stand to stay away."

Blair looked off past Evelyn, completely lost in thought, "Love is when he walks into a room, and it doesn't matter how large or how crowded it is, you can tell when he's there; the air changes and all your senses shift to focus on him. When he looks at you and it's like he's piercing your soul, causing your heart to race. It's when he speaks to you and every hair on your body stands on end and cold chills run down your spine. When he touches you and it burns, sending sparks of electricity coursing through your body." Blair took a deep breath and finally looked back at her daughter, "It doesn't matter how long you haven't seen each other or how many years you've been apart, when you are finally together again all those feelings come rushing back. Your body, your heart; they never forget, not when you truly love them."

Evelyn gave her a perplexed look, "Mom, why aren't you with him; this guy that you obviously still love? Why haven't you tried to work things out?"

Blair sighed, "Because, Eve, life isn't like the movies. Sometimes the world doesn't let things work out. Sometimes fate doesn't work to keep you together; it tries to keep you apart. We tried to be together a long time ago and it just didn't work out."

Blair stood up to leave but paused when Evelyn continued, "But Mom, if you love him and you want to be with him-"

"It doesn't matter." She interrupted, "Love isn't about you. It's about him. When you really love someone, what he wants comes before what you want. Sometimes you just have to let him go off and be happy, even if it's without you. Even if it hurts, you have to let him go."

Blair spoke with a tone of finality and turned and walked out of the room leaving Evelyn to think about what she had just said. Seeing her mother with so much emotion and passion in her eyes caused her to believe that maybe love could exist and that maybe her mother knew more about it than she had originally thought.


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