"Hello Bass" Blair said when she reached his table in the restaurant.

"Waldorf." He said with a nod, "Or wait, what is the surname you go by these days?"

"It's Waldorf, Chuck. I haven't been married in over twenty years." She scoffed as she took a seat across from him at the table.

"Excuse me for not being up-to-date on your current marital status."

Just then the waitress came and Blair ordered a glass of water while Chuck ordered his customary scotch.

"You're still drinking alcohol?" Blair scolded.

Chuck eyed her as he tried to play dumb, "What are you talking about, Waldorf?"

"Oh don't give me that, Bass. I know all about your medical problems."

Chuck scowled as he muttered under his breath, "Stupid low-class, Connecticut-bred-"

"Don't go blaming this on your doctor." Blair interrupted, "He's married to my daughter; he didn't stand a chance after she saw you at his office."

Chuck looked at her in confusion, "Why would she care about my health, or even know who I am?"

Blair looked down to straighten the napkin on her lap, "Oh, well she's been determined to find you and get us together for years now. Ever since she figured out that I-, well, that I never stopped loving you." Blair looked up at him with a slight smirk, "And she doesn't know you, so she's convinced that you still love me too." She said with a roll of her eyes.

Chuck's eyes were wide with shock. He blinked a few times before he was able to answer, "Blair…"

Just as he began, the waitress returned with their drinks, interrupting him. Chuck thanked the girl as she left and lifted the drink to his lips.

"You're really going to drink that?" Blair asked with a glare.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Your years of alcohol abuse and drug use have finally caught up with you, don't you get that?" Blair exclaimed, "Keeping up those habits is only going to kill you faster!"

"What does it matter?" He spat out angrily, "What do I have to live for? My money? My business? My family? I have no family. There is nothing, no one, for me to try to live for."

"You have me!" Blair cried, "You've always had me. Don't you get that?"

He glared at her, "Really Blair? What do I have? Quick glances at social gatherings? Scowls at charity galas? Thanks, but no thanks. Those fleeting moments aren't worth dragging out my life."

Blair looked down at her lap again as she whispered, "You have my heart."

"Excuse me?" He growled.

She looked back up at him with tears in her eyes, "You always have. Ever since I was seventeen, it's been yours." She smiled sadly as she shook her head, "It never mattered how long we were separated, I always knew my heart belonged to you. Even when we were a world apart, I could still survive because I could still feel you." She looked up straight into his eyes, "How am I supposed to go on if you're gone? If you hold my heart, how can I survive without you?"

Before he could clear his head to respond, she took a deep breath as she continued to look at him searchingly, "Why did you leave me?"

Chuck's face softened as he spoke slowly, "When I first left, I was angry, but I stayed away because I thought it would make you happy. You were finally getting everything you ever wanted. The social standing, the perfect husbands, the perfect children…"

"I wanted that with you!" Blair cried, "You could have given me all of that. The social status, the marriage, the kids, all of it." She paused and sighed. "I'm a horrible mother."

Chuck rolled his eyes, "I'm sure that's not true, Waldorf."

Blair chuckled softly as she looked away from him. "I always wanted them to be yours." She looked at him with just the hint of a smile ghosting her lips, "From the day they were born, Evelyn, Bartholomew, Charles; I wanted them all to be yours."

"You-,"Chuck stuttered as he looked at her with wide eyes, "You named your kids-"He trailed off, too shocked to finish.

Blair smiled softly, "No one really noticed with Evelyn. Bartholomew, Theo, he raised a few eyebrows, but most people didn't think twice about it. But Charles…well, by then my marriage was basically over and Charlie had such thick dark hair, and it was the anniversary of that night at Victrola. I just-, I couldn't help myself."

Chuck reached across the table and took her hand in his. "Blair," he whispered as his thumb stroked the back of her hand, "Come with me."


"Come stay with me, in the Hamptons."

"Chuck, I don't know. We're not kids anymore. I can't just run away to the Hamptons and play house with you." Blair reasoned.

"Then come for a few weeks." He pleaded, "Blair, I've gone over fifty years without you, and it hasn't been easy. Do you know what it was like to see you at events, to see you with other men, and to not interfere? Do you know how hard that was for me?"

"It was hard for me too!" Blair protested, "Do remember the party when you actually came up to me? When you grabbed on to my hand? Do you know how impossibly hard it was for me to walk away? Do you know how much strength it took for me to experience that electricity and not run back into your arms?"

"Why didn't you?" He asked in a whisper.

A tear spilled on to her cheek as she replied, "I couldn't. I had a family. I had my children. I couldn't just run off with you, as much as I wanted to. I couldn't abandon my children. I couldn't be like my parents."

Chuck nodded in understanding before he gripped her hand tighter and looked into her eyes, "Come with me now. Your children are grown up. And it's only a short drive from here to the Hamptons." Chuck reached forward with his other hand and wiped away her tear, letting his hand linger on her cheek, "Please Blair, like you said I don't have much time. We've spent the better part of a lifetime apart. Can't we just enjoy the limited time we have left together?"

Blair sighed deeply as she reached up to take his other hand in hers, "I guess I could use a vacation from the city. Maybe a few weeks in the Hamptons will do me some good."

She squeezed Chuck's hand and smiled at him as he grinned back. It had taken several decades, but fate had finally brought them back together.


Blair's 'vacation' to the Hamptons went from a few weeks to a few months to a few years. As Chuck got sicker and sicker Blair became his personal nurse. Sure, he had hired professionals to come and care for him, but Blair's care was the only thing that he really wanted.

Two and a half years after they were reunited, Chuck's body finally gave out and he passed away.

When Blair went to the reading of his will, she was shocked to discover that Chuck had donated a quarter of his money to charity and had left the rest of his wealth, and his company, to her and her children. She couldn't believe it when the lawyer told her. She had only been with Chuck a little over two years; why would he change his will and leave everything to her?

The lawyer looked at her in confusion and explained the Chuck hadn't changed his will in almost ten years; not since Erik had died. He said that after Chuck's step-brother had died he took all the money that would have been left to Erik and designated it to be given to Blair's children.

When the lawyer saw how shocked Blair was at this news, he quickly took out two letters and said that Chuck had written them for her. The first one was from when he had originally written the will, about fifty-five years earlier, and one from about a year before his death.

Blair thanked the man as he handed her the letters and left the room to give her some privacy. She opened Chuck's original letter first.


I know you must find it strange that I am leaving you the majority of my wealthy, especially considering the fact that we haven't spoken since we broke up. I know you are married now, and expecting a child, but you have to know that there is no one else I would rather leave my money to.

You loved me when no one else did. You saw me when no one else could get past my public persona. You believed in me when everyone else thought I was a joke.

I'm not leaving you this money to cause trouble, though I'm sure your husband isn't happy that your ex-boyfriend has left you over a billion dollars worth of assets. I'm leaving the majority of my worldly possessions to you because without you, without your support, I never would have amounted to anything. You are the reason I have all that I have. Without you I would have burned through my trust fund years ago and probably ended up in some sort of rehab facility.

I'm leaving it all to you because I love you, Waldorf. I always have. I know you're with someone else now and I'm happy for you, but that doesn't change the fact that I still love you. I've always been yours. My heart has always been yours.

If anyone deserves to inherit everything I've earned, it's you. It's always been you. You're the only one that ever mattered.



Blair smiled softly through her tears as she set the first letter down and moved on to Chuck's second letter.

Dear Blair,

I've always planned on leaving everything to you because I've always loved you, you have to know that. You're the only one that could ever deserve everything I've earned.

When Erik passed away, I decided to give everything I would have left to him to your children simply because they were a part of you. And now that I have come to know your children in the last few months I have realized that I wish they were mine as well. I wish we could have had it all together; the marriage, the kids, the grandchildren.

We've spent more of our lives apart then together, but those years together were always the best. They were what allowed me to get through the times without you. I always regretted not winning you back earlier in life, but these last years together have made me happier than anything else and it has allowed me to get just a glimpse of what our life together could have been like.

Don't worry now that I'm gone. I'm sure you will be just fine. You have your family to comfort and support you. And you'll always have my love. Remember when you told me you didn't know how you would survive without me? Well, just like I have your heart, you have mine; you always have. And I'll let you hold on to it until we're together again.

I can't wait until we are reunited once more.

All my love,


After she finished reading, Blair tried in vain to wipe the tears from her eyes. And as she sat there reflecting, she realized something. She realized that she had been wrong when she told her daughter that fate had tried to keep her and Chuck apart. Fate hadn't kept them apart. It was themselves; their stubborn pride and guarded hearts. Destiny had been trying all along to bring them together, and in the end it had won. It was like Chuck had told her back when they were merely teenagers, back before they had ever even officially been a couple, they were inevitable; nothing could keep them apart.